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  1. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    Hello, a new member here. Just asking for some advice on what may seem quite a minor matter.

    My wife and I have been together for ten years, married for five. For the last few months she has been having an affair, with my enthusiastic support.

    She and her lover are, shortly, to go away for the first time together. My wife and I always communcate - normally by text - rather a lot when we are apart. Everything from an initial 'Good morning', through 'How is your day going?', 'What are you up to?' to 'Good night; love you'. Nothing unusual in that.

    My question is, when she is away with her lover what will be the hotter:

    - for her not to text me at all, but to concentrate entirely on her lover?
    - or for her to keep me informed, but not all the details. Telling me she has just woken up (in bed with her lover); that she is just about to go to dinner (with her lover); and not to reply when I ask what she (and her lover) are up to, because she is too busy (with her lover).

    (I do not expect all the details all the time, she needs to be paying more attention to him than that implies; she can fill me in on the details when she returns.)

    So, I just wonder - what do other husbands find hottter? What do wives find hotter? And why?
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  2. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    Most wives I have been with send the cucks texts/emails that are suggestive and that seems to make the cucks happy. Sometimes pics are sent as well.
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  3. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    The more I think about it the more I think that is what I want. Just enough to know what is happening.

    And I mean it about her devoting her attention primarily to her lover when she is with him. Neither of us want him to think we are just using him to give us sexual kicks.
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  4. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Personally would prefer the latter; that is knowing a little bit. One of the hottest things that I would like to happen is to call my wife and her answer while getting railed.
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  5. Silverback

    Silverback Active Member

    Definitely hotter for her to text you throughout the day. I can see your point, but I think going all day is going to prove too angsty. Keep that connection going, even when you are apart, and when she's with her lover. You don't need to go so into your head for so long. Much better to take advantage of texting for a number of reasons. First, IMHO, your wife texting you will demonstrate her connection with you, not only to you, but to the FB as well. It should be part of the deal. It's pretty important to most cucks to maintain that communication stream. I'm not saying it has to be constant, but it's great to get a text every hour or two, or an interval you agree on. Once that communication breaks down, it can be difficult to get it going again. Another advantage is that it acclimates you both to the situation. Hopefully you do occasionally get some specific info. Finding out later that fairly monumental events have occurred in succession without your knowledge can be a lot to take in. Much nicer if you are included a bit in the planning stages, as well as incrementally throughout the day. It's just better if your hotwife is used to keeping you in the loop she thinks nothing of telling you intimate details, rather than withhold them. They tend to build up if withheld. If she texts you something like: " His cock is so beautiful, I want to suck it all night!" you can celebrate with her. If she mentions later that the rubber broke while they were fucking so they decided to continue raw, you can take that in and chime in whether she really should continue to go raw. Much better than when she comes home from a week away and tells you " After the rubber tore on the first night of the trip, I just decided what the heck and gave up on the condoms for the rest of the week." That might well sound hot to you now, but it's a fairly big step for a hotwife to make without at least consulting her husband.

    Hopefully communication while cuckolding can bring you closer together rather than act as a wedge to split you apart. Spending the day out of the loop, fantasizing scenarios is too stressful and can be destructive to a relationship. At the end of the day, I'm assuming you want your relationship with your hotwife to be prioritized in some very real way. Your wife's willingess to keep that communication open with you is a treasure and a great indication of her desire to include you. Support it. Reward her for her communication! Giving her too long a leash might give her the idea that you really don't care, which really wouldn't be the case, would it? This is a woman who wants to be loved, and communication is the way she is going to expess and feel that love. I hope I haven't given you too much of my opinion here, but it's the way I feel. Thanks for the post, and Good luck!
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  6. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    The first few times I did this I kept my husband (then fiance) informed about what I was up to. I usually just sent a quick text; I mean the guy was my fiance for goodness sake and I was getting plowed by another man! I usually just sent a quick thank you when we finished to my hubby, if he's willing to endure the intense jealousy and anxiety over this the least I can do is send a quick thank you. If the other man was at our house he could probably figure out when it started based on my moaning and hearing the bed slam against the wall repeatedly.

    As he became more accustomed to it and it became more normal the texting stopped. It was absolutely shocking the first time I had sex with another man and now it's just too common. He's had to endure that experience too often for it to be noteworthy at this point. Occasionally he's curious about some details but he just waits until I get home.

    For my own perspective I find the sex is better if I'm not on my phone texting to another man. It's best for me to just ignore my husband altogether. My husband isn't the one inside me. If I want to take an hour an enjoy a fit, well-hung boy, I'm not taking the hour for my husband I'm taking that time for me. When another man's penis is inside of me, this has nothing to do with my husband and so I give myself entire to the one with a penis inside of me.
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  7. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    It will be interesing to see how it progresses. As they are going away for the first time, I think I probably want some communication. But that is not always the case with other scenarios.

    There have been three occassions where my wife's lover has visisted of an afternoon, whilst I am at work. Whilst I knew about the first two in advance, there was no communication whilst they were fucking. I just had to try and concentrate at work, which was a tad difficult. I could not wait to get home and see her lying, well fucked, with her lover in our bed.

    The third occassion I had no idea he was visiting her until I saw his car when I got home. (We had agreed in advance that I did not require prior notice.) The shock and thrill of realising what had been happening without my knowledge was both wonderful and rather scary. And an experience we both wish to repeat - she found it much naughtier, closer to cheating.
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  8. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    Try to let them enjoy their vacation. This is their time, not yours. Try to remember, you're the one she loves but for this brief moment he takes priority, not you.

  9. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    It is; when she is with him she belongs to him, not to me. I will reclaim her afterwards.

    But it is the first time she will have gone away with another man; the first time she will have been fucked by another outside of our house; the first time she will have spent the night with another man. I want (and she wants me to have) some involvement, however limited. And the decision on how much to tell me is up to her. We have agreed, that I will respond but I will not initiate. If she is too busy with him, then I will have to wait.
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  10. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    I find hotter if she ignores me, doesn't text or call and ignores my texts and calls. It drives me crazy to be waiting for her to come home and wondering what they are doing.
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  11. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    Well, it has been an interesting weekend so far.

    Yesterday, her lover came over about lunchtime. She greeted him naked. And remained naked the entire day. Hands, both his and mine, often wandered. Twice he took her hand and led her upstairs and fucked her. Once I did the same.

    Then, when it came time to go to bed, she and he headed off towards the spare room. The noises coming from there were unmistakable. After they had finished, she came into our room and was fucked for the fifth time that day, before returning to him.

    They are still up there, and still asleep I would guess from the lack of sound.

    In case anyone has wondered, she has definite exhibiionst tendancies and quite often walks around the house naked. This is just the first time she has done it with another man here. She was both nervous and excited before he arrived, just excited once she had relaxed into it. He was not expecting to see her like that (though he knew he was going to be fucking her - every time he sees her he fucks her) but did seem to enjoy it.
  12. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    L and I have an agreement that although I'd like to hear from her, she's under no obligation if they're busy spending time together. For overnight stays, I don't really expect to hear from her unless something unusual comes up. Sometimes it affects the guy's performance if she calls me in front of him - many men are willing to fuck a married woman, but don't get the hotwife thing. Then it's best to imply that she's cheating and just stroke his ego a bit - that he's nailing another guy's wife.

    L has spent a week at a time on several occasions with one of her lovers. In those cases we both think it's only reasonable to keep in touch throughout the week. The guy's on board with what we do and hosts both of us at his place now and then. There are still some days when I don't hear from her, and I know that they're up to something special and L just doesn't have time or it would spoil the mood. She's an early riser so she's usually exhausted if any activities go late into the night. She loves to tease me with short texts, but I prefer phone calls for more details. Too bad that's not always practical.

    I honestly feel that the time she spends with her lovers is her time, and she deserves some privacy. We've found we both have more fun going over the details in bed when she comes home, so a little mystery during her time with other men is icing on the cake. And, it's great for our sex life.

  13. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Beautiful advice. I think a lot of us guys forget about this and hassle them too much for info, etc. Being overbearing or obsessive about getting every detail can absolutely a deal-killer for some women.
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  14. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I really try to give L as much room as possible. She deserves it, and I think it makes her more confident and independent as a hotwife. I don't want her to constantly feel "married" when she's with a guy. That said, I can be a bit obsessive about the details when she gets home. But she knows I've been dealing with a hardon for the entire time she's been out, and is great about making use of it in the way she knows I love.

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  15. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    Well, Sunday was a little quieter than the previous day. The two love birds did not surface until late morning (I learnt later that they had talked for a couple of hours after she returned from being fucked by me). Having, of course, fucked rather noisely - I could barely concentrate on reading the paper downstairs. And after that all three of us went to lunch in a rather good pub, half way between his home and ours.

    My wife was mostly well behaved, though she did admit to being disappointed that he had not cum in her mouth all weekend. He was confident that could be remedied (youngster that he is). The weather was not great, so we were able to find a secluded place to park. The two of them got into the back of my car, and I watched whilst she showed what a great cock sucker she is.
  16. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Such an awesome sentence in so many different ways. You're a lucky man to have a wife like that!
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  17. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    Well, it has arrived. My wife and her lover have left for a long weekend. She was very excited this morning; almost giddy. Not that surprising, I said, as she had not seen him in almost a fortnight. The smile told me I had missed something. Apparently he came over for a couple of hours on Monday afternoon, whilst I was at work. He fucked her twice in our bed. By the time I returned he had left, she was dressed and our bed was made. It turned her on, she admitted, that when I was fucking her later that night I was the second man inside her that day and didn’t know it.

    When he arrived, she went straight into his arms. They kissed passionately and his hand was up her skirt. A big change from the somewhat diffident behaviour of a couple of months ago; he knew that, for now at least, he owned my wife. He was disappointed that she had knickers on and told her to remove them. She promptly (and eagerly) did so.

    And then they left, my wife’s knickers remaining in the middle of the floor as she smiled at me over her shoulder and then at the lover whose hand was guiding her out of the door.
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  18. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    Yay! I hope they have fun :)
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  19. Dufty

    Dufty Guest

    Lots of great advice above. For me I love to get just enough texts to keep me guessing. She is very good at giving me just enough to keep me on edge and thinking of her the whole time. Of course Clarepear is right and the texts must never get in the way of her enjoying the experience of getting fucked by her lover.
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  20. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    When my wife and I started in 1971 there wasn't any cell phones or text messages, the first time she went away for a weekend it drove me crazy, but I got thru it and I continually told myself that this was all about her and her enjoying being a sexual woman. So of course when she returned late Sunday evening I could hardly wait to reclaim her and have her tell me about her weekend. It was well worth the wait as I listened to her fill in the details of her adventure with her "boyfriend" and his uncle. Over the almost 35 years that we enjoyed this lifestyle she didn't call when she was away, it made filling in the details for me a great experience. All I can share is that is what worked for us, my wife focusing on her "boyfriend" at the time and telling me all about it when she returned.GTR
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