Where is my cuckold in Manhattan?

Discussion in 'Classifieds and Personals' started by dominatrixNY, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. dominatrixNY

    dominatrixNY Member

    I am a cuckcake, cuckoldress, dominant, mature female from Europe and I am currently seeking a new wealthy cuckold. I am real and very serious and am only interested in meeting a man who shares this interest. I have sophisticated tastes in clothing, dining, and travel but also like to let my hair down and party. I am definitely a spoiled Goddess and live quite well... part of our relationship will involve making sure I continue to live the lifestyle I enjoy. If this type of relationship appeals to you, let me know and apply with a nice email and let me know more about you. This is only for wealthy VIP, in Manhattan, New York. I love to cuckold you with a hot, sexy and young bull. Or we can go "bull hunting" in a club, roof top bar or lounge and pick a bull together and go back to your hotel room.
    Apply to be my wealthy cuckold and spoil me submit to me and worship me
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  2. Jaycuckash

    Jaycuckash New Member

    Hi there cuckold here would be very interested just need some more details on the arrangement. Hot athletic, attractive 24 year old white male.
  3. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I just think you are awesome sauce!
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  4. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    I think any well off cuckolds should jump at an opportunity like this, a rare chance to live this lifestyle. My ex was the most stunning 26yo, cuckcake/ slutwife/ homewrecker/ sugarbaby/ gold digger type with the biggest natural tits and through lots of yoga/pilates, the tightest pussy in the world. She LOVED milking my credit card much more often than my blue balls. She cost me a fortune trying to spoil her, make her happy and trying to keep her from leaving me. It was the most intense 3 years of my life, sexually, emotionally, financially and although she left me for another, wealthier man its still a moment in my life now 10 years ago that still sexually excites me a lot when i think back at it and still to his day I love occasionally masturbating to old xxx pics of her. In a way, it was a gift that keeps giving.

    If you can financially afford to be with a woman like this I think it will reward you back tenfold, if i could have afforded it after she left me, i would have loved to meet a women like this. The fact that she says she is of mature age is a bonus in my eyes.
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  5. michigan cuckold

    michigan cuckold New Member

    Hi I'm interested
  6. dominatrixNY

    dominatrixNY Member

    Apply to be my wealthy cuck for Manhattan
  7. dominatrixNY

    dominatrixNY Member

    Arrange to go bull hunting with me in Manhattan, New York. Send me a PM
  8. dominatrixNY

    dominatrixNY Member

    I am now still in London, than Paris and Milano and than i go back to Manhattan, New York
    Where are all the cuckold in Manhattan, New York_
    Your Goddess Allegra

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