When your wedding ring becomes a sex toy

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by mrsmr, May 8, 2017.

  1. mrsmr

    mrsmr Member

    Year's ago, wife discovered my wedding ring felt awesome inside her when I popped it inside her when we still made love... now she makes me take it off and push it just inside her pussy lips, just so you can barely see the gold. Then her lover pushes it deep inside her with his dick and fucks her like crazy. They both like the way it moves and scrapes around makes them both cum multiple times.

    She never gives it back untill the next morning. A real turn on.. she'll take it with her when she goes out sometimes, when this happens, I know she'll be having a good time.

    She even swollowed it in front of me on time, took 2 days to get it back LOL but that's a long story part of our lifestyle if anyone wants to hear more about that side, I'll post. So anyone else USE their ring as a sexual enhancement tool????
  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I always wear mine when fucking other men. That really excites me.
  3. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Guest

    There is something incredibly erotic to me, when my wife uses her left hand (with her wedding ring on) to grasp a lover's cock, as she goes down on him, or guide's his cock inside of her married pussy! That image always stays with me!
  4. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Except for the thought about retrieving the swallowed wedding ring, that was different but I could see where it could be hot.

    But mine didn't come off ONCE for Decades.
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  5. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Pathedick is right. We definitely don't want to talk about that part here. Leave it to imaginations for better or worse. (in other words, we don't discuss scatological subjects on these forums.)
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  6. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    She always wears Her ring...

    and once in a while makes Her lover cum on Her ring...
  7. mrsmr

    mrsmr Member

    There's just something about knowing that your wedding ring help make him come inside your wife that's a real turn-on
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  8. Gazdenied

    Gazdenied Member

    A couple of times my wife has given me a full condom with her wedding ring in it. I find that really hot. It was the same guy and he told her to put it in before giving it to me.
  9. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    Regarding wedding rings, Michelle and I went through phases. At first, she always wore her rings, partly from sentimentality but also as a deterrent from guys getting attached. Early in her hotwifing she found that guys were more turned on than put off by her being married. She said it added to the slutty/naughty factor.

    When she began getting into a regular relationship with her ‘main bull’ (and he made sure she was still available to other guys) and started getting into BDSM with him, he preferred that she be ‘ring free’. Being her top, Doug didn’t feel it appropriate that she wear a symbol of her fidelity to me when with him. It wasn’t an outright demand, and if she’d protested he’d had lived with it. To understand the situation, all the men she sees believe I don’t know what’s going on, so their activities are always clandestine. Despite that, Michelle and Doug agreed that since she was becoming his ‘property’ she should wear her wedding bands less and less, so she purchased some fashion jewelry and started substituting it for her wedding bands, until gradually she rarely wore them. Because of my profession, I stopped wearing my wedding band years ago for safety. I was never much of a jewelry person, anyway. So family/friends didn’t think too much of it.

    Later, it was her idea to occasionally escort (men referred by current male friends she was fucking, so low risk and discreet) with the help of her bull. Her being married was also a good selling point, because men knew that she counted on discretion as much as them. She quickly found that most guys like it better when she wears her wedding bands. So, her bull purchased an inexpensive cubic zirconia engagement/wedding ring set to wear for ‘clients’. While not too over the top (I think the engagement ring’s stone is about 2 carats), they are noticeable (and elegant) and guys that have a thing for fucking a married woman seem to really like them. And at around $50 it doesn’t matter if they are lost or damaged.

    While neither her real, nor fake, rings are outright sex toys, they’ve absolutely contributed to her hotwifing. One of her guy friends does like occasionally getting a hand job from her, letting his cum run over the rings, and then he watches her lick them clean.
  10. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    We began to play a game where when we went back to the bedroom I would take off my wedding ring and lay it on the nightstand beside the bed.

    It became a ritual. As she stood naked in front of him, at the edge of the bed, she would take my ring and put it on his finger.

    It was awesome to watch them together on the bed gently making love. It was hard to watch her reacting to him as they kissed very VERY passionately.

    It was just a game. One time he left wearing my ring. He teased me by calling me and telling not to fuck his "wife".
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  11. cuckold_wittol

    cuckold_wittol Active Member

    I wanna hear about it....
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  12. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    I ALWAYS wear my wedding ring.......makes for a little more excitement don't know why.
  13. Lakeslad

    Lakeslad Active Member

    My wife is the same - indeed as part of our arrangement she always makes sure the men fucking her know that they are getting married pussy. It turns us both on.
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  14. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    Yes it's a constant reminder !
  15. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    I am not sure about placing a ring or for that matter anything else inside her vagina since retrieval can be a daunting task if there is not anything outside to pull the object out. Visits to the emergency room or worse yet having to go into an OR for object retrieval would definitely spoil the mood. We know people this has happened to and apparently it is not very uncommon.

    However, we have found her wedding and engagement rings to be big attractors when out. It seems many men like to have a married woman and are more drawn to married ladies than they are to single ladies. We have done the whole bar thing where we go in separate and I stand back as she is approached and hit on. She loves it because it makes her feel desirable and wanted. I enjoy it because it makes her happy and the sex afterward is usually very hot.

    We had one guy we hooked up with and her rings were huge turn-ons for him. He wanted to hold her hand while he was inside her and look at her rings, he wanted her to grasp his cock and to see her rings wrapped around his shaft and he even jacked off and came on them during the three days we hooked up while out of town. He took lots of pictures and always wanted the rings prominently displayed and sent me copies afterward.

    I think for him seeing her rings, reminding me of how he was using her "married pussy" was all a part of the arousal and turn on for him as a way of asserting his dominance over me and another guy. So, in a way her rings were definitely sex toys in a manner of speaking.

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  16. capn.steve

    capn.steve Active Member

    I always enjoyed wedding ring games and teasing. One time My first wife Maria was going out on her first date with a guy. He picked her up at out place and the plan was they were going to dinner and a concert. She'd given him a few BJ's previously, but this time she planned on going back to his place afterwards to fuck. She liked to be upfront about everything, but did it in her own way. She was stunning in her new hairdo, stiletto heels and outfit. I greeted her date at the door. His eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw her blow he a kiss as she passed, walked up to him and kissed him right on the lips. She grabbed his hand and pulled his arm around her back, and held his hand against her ass as they started to walk away. I watched as they turned down the hallway. There as a knock a few seconds after I had closed the door. Maria was standing there with her date. He was smiling. First she looked at him, and then with a smirk, she pulled off her rings and handed them to me. The only thing she said was "Don't wait up, I'm going to be late!" Then they turned and left me standing there, mouth agape.

    Another time, she had a mid-day fuck date planned while I was at work. When I got home, I found her still in bed. The room smelled of sex, the bed was a tangled mess of blankets, and there was a big wet spot on the sheet on my side. I didn't have to ask her how her date went. On my night stand were five opened condom packages and the used condoms, all sitting in a puddle of cum. I must have grimaced, it was a gross mess. She saw my reaction and giggled. Not only was it a mess, but five condoms! I asked her, and she said "Well one of them broke. If that haden't happened we only would have used four!" My mind was reeling with the thought of him fucking her four times. I started to clean it up. As I was picking up the rubbers and throwing them in the wastebasket, I realized they were sitting on top of her rings.

    There were other occasions she used her rings to tease me. Sometimes I'd get home to an empty house and find a table set for one. There would be a note to me on my plate, with a heart drawn around my name. The note would explain that she was out with Andy, dinner was in the oven, and to expect her to be late. Sitting on top of the note would be her rings.

    Another time she was going on a girl's night out with a couple of friends. They knew she had permission to play. One time as she was on her way out, I took her aside and mentioned she'd forgotten to leave her rings, figuring I was being helpful. She told me in what I thought was a too loud voice, no, she hadn't forgotten to take them off, but "It's easier to pick a guy up if you're wearing your ring. Guys will assume that a married woman out dancing is just looking for a quick fuck!" She and her friends had a good laugh over that.

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