When did you first discover the cuckold craving within you?

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When did you first discover the cuckold craving within you?

  1. Were you cheated on and discovered that it turned you?

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  2. Or did you just realize it out of the blue?

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  1. Hunter powers

    Hunter powers New Member

    I was cheated on my 11th grade year of highschool. Well , that’s when I found out. We had been together off and on all thru highschool but caught her cheating on me 11th grade year. I was mad at first because the bitch was cheating lol. But we got in depth and I got her past all the “ I’m sorry I made a mistake “ crap , she admitted that she loved me and was happy with me , but she just wanted to be full. To have something bigger in her. I gave her another chance and eventually began pushing questions More I thought about it the more it turned me on. We role played it during sex and found that she got off better calling me her exes name and so did I. Unfortunately I never got to watch her with him. Only a few pics and videos. He wasn’t extremely hung. Maybe 7” and pretty thick. I use to love her being with him then coming to stay with me. It was the best having her afterwards
  2. funstuff

    funstuff Member

    When I started dating wife she was engaged to someone else. She was going to break it off with him one day while I was at work. I called her to see how it went and she was out of breath and sounded like she was struggling a bit and giggling. She told me he was still there and she would call me back. I thought that is sounded like she was having sex with him. For some reason I popped a rock hard boner and it would not go away, rather awkward at work. I was Shocked at my bodies reaction thinking I should be mad but the boner just would not go away. I asked her about it later and she denied it. However several weeks afterwards when I asked again she confessed that he had indeed been fucking her when I called. She was not going to answer because she saw it was me on caller ID. He picked up phone and handed it to her and started fucking her extra hard. Thereby she had not choice but to talk to me for a minute while he fucked her. In the long run all is good. We have been married 35 years and she has had her share of adventures over the years. Always keeping our life exciting. Still wonder to his day why it turns me on but no denying that it does, a hard dick does not lie...lol
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  3. My hubby one day asked me to order pizza dressed sluttily.
  4. emmet

    emmet Member

    I was young, perhaps 12 or 13. I cant be sure the age but it was at an age where you had a crush on a girl yet you were really unsure what to do about it. Too immature maybe or too shy but your mind and body were really telling you that girls were something special and your sexual feelings were screaming at you. So I did have a crush on the girl around the block from me. Her name was Julie and how I would love to have a relationship with her.. It was hard to get to know Julie because it was rare for Julie to play with the girls on my block but when she did it was like a mega star was in town. It was special, it was Julie, and I loved her like a innocent immature kid might. I was really shy and Julie never knew me nor paid attention to me but to me she was the one and someday maybe, just maybe, she might acknowledge me and want to go out with me. In my mind that was going to happen. She was so innocent, so pretty, so perfect. She was mine in my mind and I felt someday we would be together.
    One day I was outside in the driveway with my friend and some others and I noticed my Julie walking down the street. It was odd because she normally isn't on our street and she was also accompanied by two of the bad guys in the neighborhood. They were the trouble makers or the bad ass's as they were referred to. I watched as they walked three abreast down the street with Julie in the middle. I just couldn't understand why she was with these guys. I turned to my friend standing next to me and asked him how is she connected to these guys. He looked at me as if I were clueless to what happens around here and he says they go down to the sugar shack (a makeshift fort in the woods near us ) and she lets them feel her up and she sucks their cocks. Oh my god.. I couldn't comprehend what he just said. I couldn't believe I was told that. Not my Julie. I felt such a tight knot in the pit of my stomach I wanted to throw up.. I felt so ashamed yet I felt such a sexual embrace overcome me. I had a nervous shake and felt so sick that I had to leave everyone and go home. That information overwhelmed me physically. I have never forgotten it. I never ever would have guessed Julie would do anything like that.
    This I believe was why to this day I love to think of my wife sucking another cock or getting fucked by someone else. The though of my wife doing that gives me such a knot in my stomach as Julie did yet gives me such a hard-on and brings me to the most magnificent orgasm. Thinking someone else has just fucked my girl makes my whole body shake and I just love the feeling.
    I think the incident with Julie was the seed that was planted and as I got older and into relationships that seed grew and is the reason why I am here at this site and enjoy sharing my wife.
  5. bricbat

    bricbat Well-Known Member

    I can't pinpoint a certain moment because my attraction to being a cuckold evolved over the course of my whole life.

    Literally some of my earliest memories are that I experienced feelings of jealousy in real life and in dreams that made me feel anger, abandoned, and also that I didn't want the jealous feelings to stop because I enjoyed feeling that way. I leave it there and let the Freudians make a Dx based on Oedipal . . . whatever.

    As I grew older the feelings of jealousy eventually fed sexual urges. And here we are now. I don't know what's a bigger turn on for me--the actual sex part, or the eroticism of being lied to, betrayed, subject to infidelity, having scandalous secrets kept from me, etc.

    Whatever it is, it's a deep rooted part of my psyche that's been there since the day I was born, like it's congenital.
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  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I had a similar problem but the opposite. In my teens through mid-twenties, I had two long-term girlfriends before my first wife. Both of them would reliably cum hard (moaning, yelling ("Cum with me!"), thrashing, vagina opening in the back) in five to ten minutes, sometimes less. I couldn't usually pop it that fast, or if I did it was too quick to satisfy really me. They would say things like, "What takes you so long?" or "Tssk" as I was still humping, or worse, lay there motionless and looking bored.

    When I met my first wife, I thought I had struck gold. She remained excited as long as I was in her cunt, and usually didn't cum from my dick. But after I finished dumping my load in her I would lick her clit (which I loved) anywhere from five to thirty minutes until she had an intense orgasm.

    Small sample size? Luck of the draw? I don't know?
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  7. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member

    wow! wow
  8. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Active Member

    I would have like to experience a woman like that at least once. Do you have a pretty large penis? Did they make comments that size had anything to do with it?
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    No, my dick is average. But interesting that you ask. The first girlfriend was pretty tight and did comment that it was a little uncomfortable and mentioned that the only other guy who she ever fucked was thinner and she liked it. The second girlfriend was quite a bit looser, especially when she came. The far end of her vagina really expanded, the walls got hard, and it felt like the end of my dick was rattling around. With my first wife, she was pretty tight and no complaints, she just said that she always had a difficult time orgasming with a dick in her, so she liked that I'd eat her as long as it took.
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  10. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Active Member

    Yeah, I guess it just comes back to the simple fact that everyone's anatomies are different....men and women.
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  11. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Anatomies are different and the randomness of who we get for sex partners. When we first decide we'd like to fuck someone we don't know what their anatomy is or what their kinks are. If fate was that you had met my first long-term girlfriends and was fucking them, you'd be talking about women who are too quick-on-the-trigger, if I had met yours I'd be wondering about the effectiveness of my dick.
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