When did you first discover the cuckold craving within you?

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When did you first discover the cuckold craving within you?

  1. Were you cheated on and discovered that it turned you?

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  2. Or did you just realize it out of the blue?

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  1. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    Let me expand the question a little bit here:

    - Were you cheated on and discovered that it turned you?

    - Or did you just realize it out of the blue?

    Or is there some other way the cuckolding lifestyle, beautiful and rich as it is, finds its way into our hearts and souls?

    I've actually tried to make this as a poll as well - hope that's gonna work :)

    What do you think?
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  2. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    A bit more: I discovered it rather late – I was 31 in a relationship that was going a little bit down the drain.

    We’d just been to Disney World in Paris for a few days where things were non-sexual and tense. And just upon arriving back in her apartment, she immediately went to her office room and was in what appeared to be a hushed conversation. I didn’t hear a word, but my imagination got into motion, and I honestly thought she was chatting with a new lover. ... and in a strange way it turned me on :) THAT was my first realization of the wannabee cuckold inside me :)

    It turned out not to be the case – she was not chatting with a lover. None the less, our relationship ended (undramatically) and we both moved on. But the seed of cuckolding had been planted – or rather recognized - and it got deeper and deeper :)

    But it should take me more than a decade before I found myself in a real cuck-marriage.

    And it was worth the wait... :)
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  3. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I voted but it was of course MUCH More complicated than that as DETAILED in my Older Thread (not the Sissy Gurl one ) about my becoming a Cuckold and my Decades of My Cuckold Life on the Humiliation Forum for anyone interested enough and Bored.
  4. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    I cannot compete with Pathedick's deep and meaningful articles, for sure, but here's how my inevitable road to becoming a cuckold continued:

    I got married the first time and that was a very active marriage that didn’t, however, include cuckolding at all – I didn’t even think about. It was still a bit dormant, so to speak.

    Not until after our divorce (we’re still good friends) where I lived alone for a couple of years and truly began to explore a multitude of sexual aspects within myself in a rather profound way.

    And cuckolding came up again – as well as a bunch of other experimental sexual aspects – openmindedness and exploration are good buzzwords for that period. I even started a sexual thing with my Disney World X-gf mentioned above, and all was dynamic.

    But THEN I met my 2.nd x-wife to be, and THAT set things in motion, I dare tell you... :)
  5. Mexcuck

    Mexcuck Active Member

    First option exactly. My ex girlfriend had cheated on me with another guy and it turned me on. Eventually she ended up dumping me a few months after I found out and going for the other guy.
  6. obedientcuck

    obedientcuck Well-Known Member

    TL;DR version: i realized out of the blue and it grew over time.

    The seed for cuckolding came out of the blue for me, and grew over time. As pre-teen, i intensely desired female sexual domination. It formed my entire sexual identity. At football practice one day, a coach showed off the top player’s prowess to another coach. He lined up two of us shoulder to shoulder opposite the top player – i’ll call him “the stud” to avoid real names and because that’s certainly what he grew into. We were supposed to block him, and he was supposed to get through us - simulating a linebacker blitz.

    The stud stood a head taller than us, and while we nervously sized up his powerful tower of muscle and bone, he was so full of confidence he gazed above and beyond us, unimpressed with our ability to resist him. A split second after the whistle, the stud plowed into us with his forearms at 45 degree angles on both our chests, and he explosively thrust his arms outward blasting a path through us. He effortlessly hurled both of us three to four feet backwards helplessly landing on our asses like rag dolls.

    He dazed us with his crushing hit and depositing us helplessly on the ground. As i lied on my back recovering from the thumping he’d given us, i looked way up to the stud towering over his conquered opponents, standing nobly poised and supremely victorious. In that instant, the stud planted the seed of being a cuckold in me. i felt curiously aroused being so easily dominated by him. i envied his superior physical prowess, and soon realized that i could intensify the curious arousal by fantasizing about the stud sexually dominating me. A few years later i joined the wrestling team and when we sparred the stud pinned me effortlessly 100% of the time. i felt so aroused being dominated by him, and unless i'm mistaken he seemed to feel a bit aroused dominating me.

    Of course, it didn’t stop there. A few years later, he came to football camp with the most gorgeous young woman any of us had ever seen. This girl looked too stunning to be real, and so very out of place for the suburban female talent in our area. Simply put, no other guy in our area could attract such a goddess. i started fantasizing about them both dominating me; the stud overpowering me and turning me into a slave for himself and his gorgeous girlfriend to use and abuse.

    The final step in loving the cuckold experience came a few more years later when a gorgeous high school girl from out of state moved into our suburb. For weeks and months i worked up the courage to ask her on a date. She agreed, and i was beside myself. We dated for months and i got only as far as kissing and some feeling her up. Nothing i could say or do would induce her to go beyond this. Then one day the stud met my beautiful young girlfriend. While it took me weeks and months to screw up the courage to ask her out, he asked her out minutes after meeting her, and she said yes – initially intending to see where it would lead.

    She tried to keep it from me, but the stud told me not knowing i was already dating her. The instant he told me i felt the taboo arousal of being overmatched by the stud – being absolutely no competition for him. Her reaction when i talked to her about it no doubt came as a surprise. She expected the usual “him or me” ultimatum, but any female would choose him over me; his superiority as a specimen over me rendered that a laughably feeble ultimatum.

    Instead i told her how the stud and i were friends; that she and i weren’t exclusive; that i was happy for her to get the attentions of such an awesome guy; and that i wanted to continue dating her too. That arrangement went on for a while, and while i was stuck in the “bit more than friends” zone, she let me progress to eating her out.

    Eventually, i learned that the stud was fucking her on a regular basis. As high schoolers, i suppose they were using condoms but i grew seriously aroused that he was getting what she denied me and “to show my place” i could be eating the residue of his cum out of her pussy. It kicked my submissive fix into overdrive and i've been addicted to being cuckolded ever since.
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  7. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    Your two choices don't cover all the possibilities, but for me, I remember my girlfriend telling me about an ex-boyfriend and how big his cock was. I believe she was trying to give me the reason she might be "stretched out". She apologized but I found it was really a turn on and asked for more details. She seemed pleased to tell me about it and then found that whenever I started masturbating I'd think about this big cock stud taking my girlfriend. It developed from there and although my wife's first time cuckolding me is a long story, the fascination of being a cuckold started way back to that first girlfriend.
  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    When I first met my wife and started going out, she was honest that she had other lovers, men and women, and that she could never be monogamous. We fell in love, started having sex, and fell more in love. It didn't bother me that she had other lovers and it didn't turn me on either. She married me on the condition that she could continue being non-monogamous; for me it was no problem, she gave me all that I needed and was Worth It.

    I did want to meet these people who were important in her life - two couples, two single guys, one single woman - and eventually I watched, then did MFMs, couple swaps, and FMFs and now I'm into seeing my performing.
  9. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    From someone of MANY words, I think ONE Best suits this post. BEAUTIFUL.
  10. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Guest

    I'd have to credit the old Penthouse Letters, and Penthouse Forum magazines for planting the seeds long before I knew what a Hotwife or Cuckold was! Those "letters" about husbands watching their sexy wives seducing or being seduced by other (often younger and/or better hung) men, surprisingly turned me on!

    It took years for me to admit to my wife how much the idea of her having a lover turned me on, and it probably took another year or more for her to understand those feelings, and how she could benefit from the sexual freedom I was offering, before she finally seduced another man for the first time! It wasn' until years later, when I found the old Smutgremlin's Original Hotwives Forum, that I learned the terms Hotwife and Cuckold, and learned more about this lifestyle.

    We've grown over the years, from failed swinging experiments, to succssful MFM threesomes, to the hotwife lifestyle where I became more of a voyeur than an active participant, to more recently a harder true cuckolding relationship where she often goes out without me!

    Now after a short break, my wife has a regular boyfriend again, that she is seeing regularly! While it's still a cuckolding relationship, because her sex with him cums first and foremost, we seem to be moving towards a more poly style relationship, where she is loved by and loves two men.

    Now after nearly 30 years in this wife sharing lifestyle, I have to say it all started because Bob Guccione figured out that wife watching, naughty/slutty wife stories sold magazines!
  11. Bartleby

    Bartleby Well-Known Member

    I discovered that I loved it when I was cheated on by my wife. She confessed one saturday evening. I was not angry at her and told her that I would have done the same if I had the opportunity. I was afraid to lose her and asked her not to turn this into an emotional affair. She could cheat on me as long as she does not tell me.

    Next thing she tells me is that she wants to spend Sunday afternoon by herself. I knew I could not bring up some silly excuse to tag along. That would have been a violation of our relationship agreements. I let her go and realise while she is gone that she is probably fucking right now (she was) and that this thought really turned me on. Two days later I tell her that my idea was bullshit and she should cheat on me to her heart's delight.

    I first thought that this was a big discovery of a new kink on my part. Then I did a bit of soul-searching and I realised that a lot of teenage memories and also sex stories that I have written contain cuckold desires. I will give some examples:

    -at high school, I always admired the guys who were lucky with the girls while I remained virgin. I wanted to suck their cocks. I think I started to enjoy the humiliation of girls making fun of me and boys bragging on with their sexual exploits while I had none.

    - After I split with my first serious girl friend, a good friend of mine took over and became her boyfriend. (they are still married.) I really wanted to wank thinking about them fucking but it was not possible, because he was too unattractive to enter my dirty mind.

    - For a very long time now I have this fantasy that I would love to watch someone fuck a woman and then lick his semen off him and her.
  12. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Thank you; it's all my wife's doing. I never had any cuckold fantasies. Audrey is the one that opened my eyes to the silliness of monogamy.
  13. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    I know I for one would love to find out how she opened your eyes . If you feel more comfortable you can PM me
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  14. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    She's a Special Woman and you are Blessed to find her and Vice versa
  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I'll try to give you the information that you want here (much of it is a repeat of things scattered in other threads), but PM me so I don't hijack this thread if you have questions or need a further explanation. I'll start with some background:

    Me: I was a very regular guy, divorced with two grown children, fairly successful in my profession, and sexually active but nothing out of the ordinary, and no thoughts of any kinks. Had girlfriend before I was married, but both my ex and I were serially monogamous before, and faithful after we got together. My ex and I had a good, even great, sex life. Pretty much once or twice a day, the routine being that she sucked me until I was erect, I would take my time in her pussy enjoying it until I came, then I'd lick her clit until she came. After we split and divorced, we still would get together for sex because it was good, easy, and familiar.

    Audrey: Younger, never married, no children; smart, fit and good looking. Is excited by a good looking girl as much as any guy, and really "needs" a woman from time to time. (She had many lesbian lovers in college, only two guys.) Her upbringing was very traditional. Two stories that she has told me from elementary school age. When another girl once asked a teacher what a "mistress" was, teacher answered that it was the girlfriend of a married man. Audry thought that sounded great. Second, Audrey always wondered why people paired up and didn't have more than one spouse. When she heard about Muslims and Mormons and polygamy, it sounded fine, but why couldn't women have more than one partner? And why couldn't that be a woman? Audrey was never an easy lay. She wouldn't sleep with a guy until after the 7th or 8th date, or never - until she knew him well and was on the road to loving him. (Relationships with women, however, weren't as emotional for Audry and the sex more casual.) But once she had a guy that she loved she would continue to see him, even as she met another guy, got to know him, and eventually have sex with him. Some would leave her because of it, but some couldn't give her up and continued to have a relationship. (One fellow asked her to marry him but expected monogamy thereafter. She stopped seeing him.) So by the time I met her in her late 20s, she didn't have that many guys, but she had several going simultaneously. Audrey had also lived with a couple who were both her lovers. The couple got married during that time.

    Us: Unbeknownst to one another, Audrey and I were both invited to a dinner party by a couple; Audrey worked with the wife and I with the husband. Neither of them intended to fix us up, and neither of us had previous or subsequent sexual involvement with this couple.

    Audrey and I were introduced at the beginning, but didn't talk until half way through the evening. Then, suddenly, we started talking and found we had mutual interests and an intense attraction. In particular, we had the same tastes in classical music and both had tickets for the same concert the next weekend. Audrey didn't believe me, so I showed her the ticket I happened to have in my wallet. I suggested maybe we could meet there. Audrey took my ticket and said she would pick me up because she didn't want me coming to her place, and when she did, she had two tickets together. After that we just kept becoming more of a couple, including eventually having sex. The first time we slept together we didn't fuck and I didn't even try - I loved Audrey and wanted her to see me as more than someone who just wanted to get into her pants.

    All along Audrey was honest with me that she was nonmonogamous, seeing other guys (and women) and having sex with them. I was neither offend or jealous, nor turned on by it. The only way I can explain is that it was like a woman you like and attracted to tell you that she used to be married, or engaged or had a boyfriend. You know that they fucked, but it doesn't matter. Audrey would talk to me about it, philosophically and practically - how she didn't believe in monogamy, needed sexual variety, and wanted to be honest about it. The most important point I have to make is that frankly, I was so smitten with her, I didn't care. I would have thought myself lucky being a good friend with her and fantasizing while fucking my ex-wife, or having Audrey as a fuck buddy and nothing more, but I had both. Sometimes Audrey would provide a few details about the remainder of her sex life - the other guys, the lesbian girlfriend, two couples for whom she is a third. It got to the point where Audrey gave me all the sex I wanted and needed (I stopped fucking my ex-wife), and in an odd way it began to make sense. Audrey needed a little more sex than I do, a lot more variety, and occasionally she got terribly horny for pussy. As time went on, she saw me more and the others less, we moved in together (something she had only done one other time with a guy, the other was with the couple), then I asked Audrey to marry me. I understood well enough at that point there could be none of the traditional "forsaking others" conditions on it, and so did she. One might think that this kind of wedding would have a casual air to it, but for both of us it was intense, especially coming home as husband and wife. (Another shard from a previous post: Audrey had sex with a boyfriend in the week leading up to our wedding and with a woman and another boyfriend immediately after returning from our honeymoon.) From that point on Audrey has maintained her relationships two single guys (one is in another state, the other in another country where she has regular business trips), two couples (one lives nearby, the other a couple of hours away), and a mostly lesbian girlfriend that is not too far away. Before we married I had met all her current lovers, then I asked if I could see her having sex with them. I though Audrey would hesitate, but she was actually encouraging, even to the point of telling one reluctant boyfriend that he would have to if he wanted to keep seeing her. Eventually, just watching turned into MFMs. Watching and participating in the sex Audrey had with others is what started turning me on to enjoying Audrey fucking around. What has been the biggest change, and it happened after our marriage is that I now occasionally fuck the wives of the married couples (something that was new for them as well) and the single girlfriend. Audrey didn't expect to go in this direction, but enjoys it as well, saying it is a step up from couples play, which she enjoyed the most. (And oh, the lesbian girlfriend, kind of butch but very cute, I'm only the second guy she has ever fucked, but I only get to do it doggy while she's eating my wife's cunt or missionary on the edge of the bed while they kiss. She says she occasionally likes dick, just not men.)

    If you've read this far... Lastly, Audrey and I have a daughter whose bio dad is the husband of the couple living nearby, with whom she lived as a third. I had a vasectomy that proved irreversible; they were flattered that we asked; the sex was more than sex - it was a celebration of life.
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  16. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thanks for All that. I had picked up on a lot of it already over the years, but this filled in the blanks and Tied it all together.
    Sounds to me like you choose an Appropriate Forum Name.
  17. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    That was a deep story, and it would seem - if I didn't miss your point - that cuckolding came gradually. It sort of eased it's way into your marriage naturally. I surely should have had this point in the little survey up above, because yes, it makes sense that this lifestyle (or what we choose to call it) is quite dynamic and can evolve from many different occurrences in our life.

    I assume that Audrey and you are still together and going strong?

    Your story is somewhat different from my own intro into this lifestyle, however, I do see similarities - the most important one being that WONDERFUL and constantly open communication that you had with your lovely wife and hopefully still have. To me that remains a key-aspect of all this.

    Thank you so much for your sweet and deep words - they are absolutely worth it!

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  18. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    I first met my wife to be when she was 16, by a couple of weeks a tomboy very masculine in her views and untouched by male hands, a few months later she gave me her virginity. Shortly afterwards however she phoned and told me that evening she had been out with a man in his mid-30s, she called it a big mistake going out with him but admitted she had intending and wanted him to have her young body, topless in his car she said she had bottled it realizing this was wrong to do this to me.

    I forgave her the following night as I made love to her and she told me she had wanted him since she was 15, he was her first crush, he knew this they had kissed as she stood in her school uniform, he wanted her too but she didn’t want him to have her virginity. He knew her age as he worked at her school.

    I soon found that when she was in jeans men would look at her 6ft body small tight bum encased in denim at the top of her 34-inch legs, her tops would give little indication as to the size of her breasts just appearing as little mole hills but in any change of temperature and her nipples would stand up for all to see, any touch of her B cup breasts had the same effect too.

    I liked this, she didn’t. I found it exciting standing in a pub seeing men looking at her, I would try to move my hand from around her waist and caress the side of her buttocks, sometimes she would move my hand other times she didn’t. I enjoyed putting on a show for them, she didn’t know then. All my mates couldn’t believe I had got such a fit, young, pretty slim girlfriend and made no secret they would like to have her.

    I didn’t know then that she had already told her parents she wanted me as her husband and I was quickly if unaware fully integrated into their family.

    Within 5-6 months of meeting her still 16 I was sharing her bed with her parents’ consent.

    That Christmas stood in her bedroom with my camera I took my first picture of her and whilst doing so asked if she would remove her top for a picture, she starred at me, saying her dad wouldn’t like it, I knew yep he would kill me too, but without saying more she removed her top and bra and I gazed at my 16-year-old girlfriend topless as I took the shot then another.

    At 17 she got laid on holiday and told me immediately she hated it, we were married when she was 18,
    She had our child at 19.

    When she was in her mid-20s my then best mate a womanizer who I knew liked her asked me if he could try seduce my young wife, I told him she wouldn't, but after 12 months of increasingly dirty suggestions I agreed id like to see him try, soon after I watched as he seduced her in front of me, played with her before entering and leaving his seed inside my young fertile wife, she knew by then I wanted to see her with him but had said NO and sometimes stopped me making love to her when I suggested it, other times her body said differently. Turned on by this I gave him further opportunities both with me present and at work to fuck my wife, he took advantage of them all, then gave me feedback, she told me small bits but not all. Most of the time she didn’t tell me he had been.

    In her late 20s she slipped up, maybe deliberately and told me she had been having an affair with him for years, the first time I watched wasn't the first time at all, she knew we had planned this attempt and decided yes, I could watch them as I wanted, she had agreed that with him beforehand which upset me.

    He was upset she had told me, he said she was so, so easy to seduce and often just wanted a fuck and undressed in front of him at our house, he said she had said she wanted his baby, I had the snip a few years before after our second child.

    A major argument followed, she also told me in clearing out her skeletons that in her early 20s she had been playing with her driving instructor.

    I knew I liked this way of life, she begged forgiveness but I knew she had to go.... or be controlled. She said she wouldn't be unfaithful ever again, I knew I had a wife who liked the thrill and extra cock, other than this we had a good life together. I knew she would do this again as she liked it but also knew what she was saying was genuine at the time she was saying it.

    12 months later she fucked another of my friends in front of me in a threesome, she knew that was what I wanted now with a honest relationship now in place she said she didn't like fucking my friends as it was too close and risky.

    Perhaps a year or so later I asked her if she would meet a chap from the net in a pub, a possible bull she was reluctant outwardly but agreed...for me, second time we met him it was with a hotel room booked she enjoyed her evening of sex and debauchery, I liked watching too.
    Over the following few years I introduced her to a few other chaps most she saw more than once, this wasn't monthly sometimes we went without a play for a year or longer, we had a discussion once, she corrected me when i mentioned how many men had fucked her, she said no I fuck them for my pleasure, that is the tomboy side of her.

    In her mid-30s I asked her if I could advertise her as an escort for a kink, she was reluctant but agreed, with a rider, she wouldn't go with a man that was paying her she said, he had to pay me that is the normal way, never has she jumped at an opportunity she always has to appear reluctant but has always had the final say obviously.

    I liked my wife being a whore and sold her several times for good money delivering her to businessmen and professionals in nice hotels, collecting an envelope and giving them my wife, some didn't want sex just company or to show a young fit woman off to friends at a party. She could have made a living out of this but didn't like the money element she said because they are paying I have to satisfy them well I want to be satisfied. The money wasn't the driving force for me either...just the kink. Luckily by now we didn't need money which just went into a safe.

    From this we met a chap who became a friend and true lover and entered a full on three-way relationship, he introduced me to cuckoldry, identifying what I knew I was and said I was too masculine, he took over my wife's sexual needs and presented my wife with a CB which she asked me to wear, shortly after I was asked to wear women's knickers permanently by my wife at his request to assist in feminizing me. I was also collared as a sign that I am a true sub.

    He was integrated into our family he was known as my friend only our daughter wondered otherwise, thankfully she has never known her masculine dominant dad wears knickers and a CB and still does. Often, we washed clean male underwear to even out the knickers on the line, now we don't bother as the kids have left home.

    After a few years my wife told me she loved him and me too, she decided to split from him feeling it was damaging our relationship I wasn't happy but understood what she was telling me, he wasn't happy.

    We both knew we have the continued desire to take another lover and now have one.

    We have hidden our secret life over 30 years so outwardly we are a normal professional middle class couple the only one that has any idea but doesn't know how deep our kinks are is our daughter who found in her mid-teens pictures I had left in my car of her mum being mounted by another man.

    She also took great delight drunk at a friend’s party a few years later telling me how when she was young “uncle John used to visit” she and her brother would be sent to bed immediately and they would listen from the other side of the door to mum panting and shouting, they knew she was having sex.

    Our only regret is that now in her 40s we didn't get to where we are now in our 20s, had we done so we both know we would have a 3rd child and I would have held her hand as she was fertilized.


    When did you first discover the cuckold craving within you?

    I think on reflection it was always there, I always enjoying other men looking at my girlfriend’s young body so it was a natural thing that sooner or later I would enjoy sharing it physically, so easily accepting her confession that she had offered her body to a man in his mid-30s actually the same age or slightly older than her mother, she didn’t appear to have any worries in telling me.

    She has said she knew I was a kinky fucker asking her at 16 if she still had her school uniform (which she didn’t) and asking her to remove her top for porn pictures maybe, but whilst she always said she didn’t like it she continued doing it…and still does now occasionally in a school uniform!.

    Incidentally the man developing the 35mm film whilst a friend of mine also knew her from her very early teens as she would go into his shop with her mum to collect her mums holiday pictures. Something she continued to do afterwards even when she knew he knew our secret and had seen her naked as she stood there all prim and proper with her mum.

    I always assumed she got a thrill out of this standing with her mother in front of a man in his 50s who had now seen her naked. But that’s another story.

    In the 80s in the UK as far as I knew this was legal then if very rare.

    I suspect we were more suited to each other than we knew even then.

    However, it took till she was in her late 30s for us to embrace the term cuckold openly maybe it’s the wrong term but it will do!
  19. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    No, cuckolding didn't come gradually; Audrey had lovers that she kept from the day we met. It didn't affect me as either negatively or a turn on; it was all an abstraction in my mind. I had previously met her current lovers, but around the time we decided to marry I began to watch. THAT'S when it began to turn me on. Participating in MFMs, which Audrey had never done before, made it more intense.

    Yes, and the boundaries shift with time. The only request I have ever made of Audrey regarding her sex life is no married guys unless the wife knows. She dumped them for me. The biggest shift, which I never expected or asked for, is our playing with another couple, which Audrey loves, and me fucking other women. I play no where near as often as Audrey plays, but it's nice - now I understand her need for variety.

    YES! We both appreciate what a rare and wonderful marriage ours is.
  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    One thing that characterizes our cuckolding marriage is what it is not. There is no deprivation (quite the opposite), no humiliation by my wife or those who she fucks. Again the opposite - I have received nothing but respect and even envy from the guys she screws that Audrey is my wife.

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