What's your idea for a Cuck Movie?

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  1. indecent

    indecent New Member

    here's an idea... post about a fantasy cuck movie you'd like to see made

    - what actors/actresses you'd like in it
    - what they get up to
    - how the woman cucks her man

    and if you have time, do a fake movie cover

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  2. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    A Family Cucking

    A Family Cucking, An Indie film, produced and directed by Bumper. Screenplay by Bumper. Cast: Bumper, (cuckold, Bespeckled Michael Douglas) Wife, Olivia (starring Susan Lucci), Son Boomer, (Justin Timberlake), Daughter Terri, (19 yo Lindsey Lohan), and the Star, Bud the Bull, (Mark Wahlberg).

    Summary, Olivia invites Bud to spend the weekend and he decides not leave. Being a small businessman he soon sets his sites for more than just the wife. Bumper needs a job, so Bud puts him to work cleaning and detailing his maintenance vans. He also gives Terri a job in the office, pays her tuition at college, and a new car. Bud slowly but surely takes everything from Bumper, from weekend vacations with Olivia, to long noon lunches with Terri. Bumper finally realizes things have spiraled beyond his grasp and asks Terri to please give the car back, and find another job, to which she replies, "give me a break dude!" He begs Olivia to break up with Bud, to which she replies, "it's the best sex I've had in years Bumper, besides, he pays the bills for a change."

    Bumper looks long and hard at the antique shotgun in the bedroom, and thinks of Bud and his hunting trips with Boomer to Colorado. He doesn't have the nerve though, where's he gonna find another gig like this with such stimulation, so he decides to live with it, for now! Time for Bumper to start journalizing these travels and find the Ultimate Cuck site to post them. Besides, Bud allows me sloppy seconds with the wife, but not Terri, and that would be indecent anyway.

    For more on this intrigueing tale, follow Bumpers travels in tabooland. Get your tickets early.

  3. indecent

    indecent New Member

    nice going bumper
    can't wait to hear about the sequel!!

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  4. indecent

    indecent New Member

    How about this one:

    Hardbodied interracial veteran April Summers sizzles in this volcanic hot wife epic. Our girl starts out at the grocery store batting her eyelids at the black man bagging her groceries. Her white wimp fiancée doesn’t like this so much and they have an argument which leaves April crying outside the store.

    The black guy comes out and consoles Ms Summers and she thanks him by giving him a kiss with a lot of tongue.

    The teasing continues in the next scene where April’s at her bachelorette party surrounded by squealing girlfriends with two big black strippers rubbing up against her. They take out their big cocks and she wraps her hands around them. She tongue kisses them but ultimately demurs from going any further.

    Frustrated yet? In the third scene April’s in her wedding dress making out with two random young black guys. She’s panting heavily and one of them starts to finger her when a third, older black guy in a chauffeur’s uniform shows up and says they better get going.

    She gives both the boys a tugjob in the limo but neither of them gets to cum. The older driver looks on and he also cops a feel outside the church.

    The wedding ceremony is short and sweet and all through it April’s making eyes at the black best man. At the reception – complete with band and lots of guests – April gets on the dancefloor with him and performs the horniest dry humping scene in porno history.

    A black bathroom attendant corners April in the rest room and he has his mouth on her fabulous tits when they’re joined by the best man. They go into a stall and she jerks the attendant off onto her leg while the best man tittyfucks her with his enormous pole until he splooges all over her.

    Now we’re really getting somewhere! In the final scene at some beach resort we see the wimp husband tied to a chair in the corner of the room while a procession of big cocked black guys gangbang a sweating, grinning April. This flick is totally worth all the teasing early on to get you worked up for the final high volume facial circlejerk.■

    This is from INDECENT Magazine Vol 7 with permission. Let me know if you want links for the mag.

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  5. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    Al Capone

    Al Capone, starring Bumper the Cuck (Keith Carradine) hair vaselined and parted down the middle. Olivia, (Jean Harlow) blond hair dyed black with perky little curls. Livs is wearing a roaring twenties dress, white with embedded yellow pearls on the dress and red pearl necklace with perky C-cup tits and large brown nipples. Al Capone, (the Sopranos big boy).

    Al has hired Livs and Bumper to work in his Stork Club, downtown Chicago. He hires Olivia first and then she begs him to hire her husband. Olivia is the hostess at the door along with three other girls, and Bumper the bar back, janitor, man who cleans the heads. Everyone knows Al is fucking Bumpers wife and leaning on him for fun.

    Scene, inside the Stork Club, busy Saturday nite. I'm missing Olivia on the floor and it's my break time, she has change for the vending machine, (yeah, vending machine). Bumper asks the bartender where Olivias at? He snickers at Bumper, nods towards Al's office. "She's with Al again, but you better knock dickhead." Bumper knocks, "who the fuck is it, I'm busy!" It's me, Bumper, is Olivia in there? "Come in." Olivia is sitting in his lap with her right tit out, and Al is playing with that big nipple. Olivia giggles at me, and tries to put her tit back, but Al is has a firm hold on it. "What can I do for you, that I haven't done for your wife here Bumpeee Boy." I need some money for a green apple, my break time.

    "Yeah, here's a quarter, now go clean up the south head, I have business here with your wife. Put some more ice in the urinal Bumpeee Boy to cool my cock off after we're done. You know how my dick drags the bottom of that urinal, chuckle. Ya know Bumpee, I do believe Olivias tits are growing since I've hired you guys. Must be all the manhandling. (big gut laugh from Al) Come back when your done, you can smoke my used cigar Bumpee.

    An hour later Bumper returns, he can see the bottom of Olivias feet under the desk and Al is laying back in his chair and moaning. "aaaah, you didn't knock Bumpee, Olivias off the floor the rest of the night, Mugsy wants some and he just finished a job across town. Why don't you go home to the kids and we'll bring her home in the morning if anythings left. Knock next time, your fuckin up her rhythm in my pee hole."

    I'm so grateful to Al and Mugsy for this, we'd be in the trailer park and broke without them.

    By Bumper Studios
  6. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well Bumper, I'm hard. Sometimes it's the casual implication of impropriety, her on his lap, her tit exposed and fondled brazenly in front of you, that so damn hot. And her little giggle, proof that she couldn't care less that you see what you see. And you just know she can feel his huge erection throbbing against her butt cheeks. You can't see it, but you just know. She squirms a little when she giggles. Must be like sitting on a log.

    In my head, it takes place in the back room of the Bing, Olivia trailing her fingers over Tony's beer-gut, then down to his zipper. A big cigar in one hand, Olivia's tit in the other, telling you the way it is in that tough-guy "joysey" accent. Oh man, I can hear her giggle...

    Great post.
  7. Cynfullpair

    Cynfullpair New Member

    I’d like a simple tale of everyday folks:

    Peggy-Sue gets home at 5 pm after her ten hour shift at the diner. She’s a mousy little thing; nineteen, skinny and exhausted. On the door of her trailer is a three day eviction notice. Inside, she finds Billy-Ray, her husband of four weeks. He’s twenty-one with long hair, sprawled out on the moth eaten couch jerking off to a porn vides while he smokes a joint.

    An argument ensues. She blames him for bowing their rent while he sits on his ass all day. He points out that he can’t get a job because no one’s hiring kids with long hair. He suggest she hocks her wedding ring. She reminds him that the cheap piece of brass isn’t worth $50 and storms off to the bedroom threatening to pawn something else.

    Billy-Ray sits back to finish his joint and is stunned to see her reemerge looking great. Her long blonde hair is down, and her make up is done. She put on her favorite ‘Daisy-Duke’ shorts and a tight tee shirt that clings to her ‘Paris Hilton’ sized tits. “We’re going out.â€Â￾ she proclaims and he drags himself off the couch.

    Their beaten up car pulls into the drive way of a large house. “How lives here?â€Â￾ Billy-Ray asks nervously. “Uncle Alan.â€Â￾ she giggles. “He isn’t really an uncle, all the girls call him that coz he’s the go-to guy when you have a problem.â€Â￾ A rottweiler charges them as they approached the front door, scaring Billy-Ray. Peggy-Sue stands her ground, letting the dog sniff her familiar crotch.

    Alan opened the door and greeted her with a kiss as he grabbed her ass. Alan’s a big man, more than twice her age and weight. She introduces her husband as he steers her inside. “You’re lucky, kid.â€Â￾ Alan tells him with his hand still on her ass “She’s a hot little polecat when she’s in season.â€Â￾

    Alan sits down to stare at Peggy-Sue as she stands in the middle of the room. Billy-Ray stands nervously in the doorway, the dog snarling at him menacingly. “We need five hundred bucks.â€Â￾ she tells him. “Of course.â€Â￾ he pulls a roll of hundreds from his pocket. “The usual terms?â€Â￾ he put the money on the table.

    “Yes.â€Â￾ she pulls off her shirt and drops her shorts, becoming instantly naked. As she falls to her knees to take out his fat cock and begins to suck it noisily, Alan picks up his cigar and looks over at Billy-Ray. He couldn’t move even if the dog would let him. Avoiding Alan’s gaze, he stares at his young brides ass, watching her immature pussy pouting as her head bobs up and down.

    She gets up and straddles Alan, gasping as she lowers herself on to his huge cock. “I’d forgotten how big you are.â€Â￾ she tells him as she settles onto his lap. “You’ll adjust, you always do.â€Â￾ he grabs her hips, forcing the last few inches into her without a thought for her tight young cunt.

    She fucks him, doing all the work, riding him for her pleasure not his, grinding her little clit against his groin, chasing her first orgasm. It comes quickly. The throws her head back in a gasp as her whole body shudders. She goes on fucking him, her body glistening with sweat as she builds the momentum.

    “I thought you liked porn.â€Â￾ she tells her husband as her next orgasm approaches. He stands pale faced and unable to speak as his wife’s young body is racked by another violent orgasm. Alan grabs both of her tits, squeezing them mercilessly, digging his nails into her delicate flesh as he grits his teeth and closes his eyes, emptying his heavy balls into her young womb. She squeals like a little girl, not knowing herself if it’s from pain or ecstasy.

    He releases her tits and she falls on him panting. “You’re back in season, little polecat.â€Â￾ he tells her. “Oh yes.â€Â￾ she giggles as she reluctantly lifts herself off his shrinking cock. She picks up the money and crosses the room stand before her husband. “Get a haircut, get a job, make five hundred bucks, then come get me.â€Â￾

    He takes the money, unable to looking her in the eye, staring at the scratches on her swollen tits while the sniffs her crotch, smelling his master deep inside her stretched out cunt. As he turns to leave, he hears Alan say “I’m having a few friends over for dinner, you’ll make a nice desert.â€Â￾
  8. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    Previews of Cumming Attractions

    Nice one Cp, I haven't heard the term "polecat" since Uncle Bud took me snipe hunting after fucking Aunt Lucy. Lol! I was hoping to see Darla May in your simple cuck movie which wasn't that simple, very good job!

    You too indecent, I enjoyed the story, but decided to lob Al Capone back at the box boy. I love you guys effort and the artisty of directing a cuck movie.

    thanks don-j, any reply from you is always appreciated. I wish I knew if more guys got off over some of my soft sell cuck movies. I think there's no higher honor attributed to writing about our wives and cuck times than turning someone on. It's like a connection of like minded.

  9. indecent

    indecent New Member

    hey bumper nice going dude
    that is a hot story with an old school classic babe

    and shout out to Cynfullpair
    you gotta love stories about cuck trailer trash!

    I'd have Paris herself to Peggy-Sue with maybe Mickey Rourke as Uncle Al

    Who would play Billy-Ray?

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  10. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thighs Wide Open

    Story by Don Jetman
    Screenplay by Cunning Linguist


    Dr. Don - Dustin Hoffman - mid-30ish NY family practice doc with larger-than-life-ambitions, climbing the ladder of wealth and social status by doing under-the-table favors for a special Family across the river in Jersey.

    Laurie - Nicole Kidman - Dr. Don's winsome stay-at-home wife, mother of their 5-year-old daughter. Bored and neglected, but living the good life without complaining. Pampered by Daddy, and now by Dr. Don, she waltzes through life, mostly unaware, until she doesn't get her own way.

    Victor - Sydney Pollack - Mr. Big, Don's most important "patient". Mid-50s, a slight paunch, slick, articulate, and tough. Skilled at taking command in any situation, with an eye for the ladies and a line they can't resist. Wealthy, powerful, and at times frightening. The governor calls him "Sir".

    leggy blonde - Kim Bassinger


    Dr. Don comes home late from a long day of doctoring, preoccupied with his last patient of the day, a leggy blonde who was all too eager to undress for her physical. He's whistling quietly, smiling to himself, dick at attention as he enters the bedroom where his wife, Laurie, sleeps under the scarlet duvet of the spacious king-sized bed. He strips and slides in beside her, puts an arm around her and cups her bare breast.

    Laurie: (in a groggy whisper) Mmmmm...I was dreaming....

    Don: Ahhh...about me? Coming home to fuck you?

    Laurie: Umm, well no, not really.

    Laurie rolls over to face him and looks at him. He can see her eyes, wide and shining, suddenly alert.

    Laurie: Victor came over tonight. I told him you were working late, but he stayed and had a drink. We talked for a while.

    Don: Victor was here? Tonight? Damn. Sorry I missed him. I'll have to give him a call. How long did he stay?

    Laurie: Mmmm...not long, a few hours, I guess. He's quite the charmer, for an older man.

    Laurie rolls over again as she speaks, her back now to Don as she snuggles her face back into her pillow.

    Laurie: He invited us to dinner - at his place. Saturday.

    She yawns, and her voice trials off, her last words unintelligible. Don leans over her to look at her face. She's sound asleep again, and smiling contentedly. Her freshly washed hair has a light scent of flowers. There's a faint hint of alcohol on her breath. When he cups her breast again, she mumbles Victor's name and pushes Don's hand away.

    Don lies on his back under the scarlet duvet, staring at the ceiling in the dark, his erection gone, his confidence now turned to vague anxiety. When he does sleep, he dreams of Victor's hand on his wife's breast, then her hand on his, guiding him slowly, purposefully, down between her open thighs.


    Victor's dinner party is typically Victor. The best wine, the best food, and the best company anyone could ask for. Laurie wears a slinky cocktail dress cut to mid thigh with no back at all. The dress matches the color of her skin exactly. From a distance, she looks naked. Don's casual sports-shirt and slacks look almost provincial compared to Victor's Italian crafted dinner jacket and Gucci loafers.

    Victor flirts with Laurie mercilessly during dinner, giving Don a knowing grin from time to time, as if to assure him it was just a "man thing". Laurie cautiously accepts Victor's advances from afar, careful not upset Don. Victor's a wealthy and powerful man with political ambitions and connections, so they do what they feel they must to stay in his graces. Wine flows. Victor becomes more careless, more audacious with liberties taken with Laurie. More wine.

    Victor: But she's just so, so, succulent, isn't she, Don? Those lips, those firm breasts, those velvety thighs...

    Don rises from his chair, face reddened, hands clenched into fists.

    Don: OK, that's enough, Victor.

    Victor: Oh sit the fuck down, Don. Listen to your beautiful wife.

    Laurie looks panicked, pale with fright and embarrassment.

    Laurie: I - I - wwhat do you mean, Victor?

    Victor: OK, maybe these will loosen those pretty lips.

    Victor reaches into his pocket and throws a handful of photos onto the dinner table. The pictures are of Dr. Don and a patient, the leggy blonde. They're both naked, caught fucking in every position in the Kama Sutra. Laurie glances at the photos and looks up at Don slowly, a wicked smile forming across her wide mouth.

    Laurie: He's right, Don. I've known for some time. But I've had some fun of my own.

    Victor strolls to Laurie's chair, stopping behind her. She watches him approach, staring longingly, adoringly at him. Victor's hands drop to Laurie's bare shoulders, caressing her from behind as her head falls back against the chair, her eyes closed. His hand dips inside the bodice of her dress, fingers pulling at her nipple. She moans. Victor grins at Don. It's almost a sneer.

    Victor: She sucked my cock, just two nights ago, in your living room. Then I fucked her, in your bed, Don. She locked her pretty little legs around me and begged out loud for it, Don. She begged for my cock, Don. Begged to be fucked. Begged me to make her cum.

    Don stares at Victor, speechless. Laurie's voice startles him.

    Laurie: It's true, Don. Everything he says is true. It was the first time - the first time I was unfaithful to you. And I liked it. No, I loved it, Don. Besides, you have your blonde. You've had her for a long time.

    Victor lowers the top of her dress, exposing her breasts. He takes them in his hands, supporting them, then squeezes them lightly, forcing her large, pink nipples outward until they harden shamelessly, mocking her husband with their urgency.

    Victor: The photos would be devastating to your practice, Don. Taking advantage of your patients, in your own office, no less. How embarrassing. Your wife would leave you. Your young daughter would become a stranger. The good life you enjoy would evaporate before your eyes. So, I'm going to fuck her again, Don. As often as I like. As often as she likes. And you'll look the other way, won't you, Don. You'll let me have her any time I ask, or any time she wants me. And you'll smile at her and approve, and welcome her back when she's satiated with as much sex as it takes to please her. And when we meet, you'll even thank me, Don. Starting now. This evening. Thank me for fucking your wife, Don. Let me hear it. For the sake of your nice, comfortable life.

    Don stares at his half-naked wife. Laurie stares back at him, smiling with a hint of revenge, waiting for his answer.

    Don: Thank you, Victor.

    Victor: You're welcome, Don. But what are you thanking me for, exactly?

    Don hesitates, looks once more at his wife's perfect, expectant face, and sags in his chair.

    Don: Thank you for fucking my wife, Victor.

    Victor: See, that wasn't too painful, was it? After a while, you might even begin to like saying it.

    Victor helps Laurie to her feet and unzips her dress. A slight shrug, and it falls to the floor. She's naked underneath it, and Victor pulls her close to him, pressing her belly against the fly of his Italian slacks. Don sighs and slumps back in his chair. Victor kisses her, and she melts in his arms.

    Victor: You've done a lot of favors for me, Don. Don't think I haven't forgotten. But for those favors, I think you'll agree I've seen to it that you have a pretty good life. Just think of this as another one of those favors. I don't plan to take her from you, just to have a little fun now and then. And honestly, you really haven't been around to see that she's satisfied, have you Don. All that work. All those "favors".

    Don sits helplessly, watching Victor's hands roam over Laurie's body, watching her react to his touch, her hips grinding slowly against the front of his slacks, her lips open and trembling. He's shocked at how at ease she is with Victor. So naked and familiar.

    Victor: I'd like to know you're OK with this, Don. I'd like to know our special relationship won't be jeopardized, that we can still be friends. Can we still be friends, Don?

    Defeated in a game of his own making, Don simply nods, hoping to salvage what he can of his former perfect life.

    Victor: (grinning widely) That's great, Don! I'm very glad we can still do each other those "favors" when the opportunity arises. But, you know, there is a hint of reservation, a shadow of doubt in your answer. I'd hate to think you would leave with any hard feelings. I think we all need closure, tonight. We need a mutual understanding of the most candid nature, don't you agree?

    Don nods vacantly. He's numb, scared, ready to agree to any price Victor puts on the table.

    Victor: I'm glad we agree. Come with us, Don. It's not every man who gets to watch while I enjoy my favorite toy.

    Victor leads Laurie into his bedroom. Don follows at a distance, stopping just inside the door. He watches, in a trance, as Victor fucks his wife, as his cock slides into her, as she begs for more, as his wife cums, making sounds he's never heard before, and as Victor cums, grunting, his balls tightening, then spewing his seed into her, filling her with what Don had neglected to give her for such a long time. And all the while, Don's cock stirs, then grows, until he's as hard as Victor at the moment Victor empties himself into Laurie's dripping, clutching cunt.
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  11. indecent

    indecent New Member

    nice job don jetman!

    very nice story and really like the choice of HW

    keep it going guys
  12. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Thanks indecent. To me, Nicole's the perfect HW - gorgeous and classy, but with an undercurrent of steamy sexuality. She was way out of Cruise's league. He took her for a trophy wife, and as usual, he was dead wrong.
  13. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Eyes Wide Shut had a lot more potential than it gave out. Sure, there were teasing, taunting, cucky moments, but wouldn't it have been delicious if there was nothing left to the imagination?

    Did Nicole Kidman actually "sleep with all those men" in her dream? Or was the dream real, perhaps a drug-induced reverie, a memory of one of the dark and secretive sex parties of the super-rich?

    I'm sure cucks like to think it is...

    Nice story. Movie should have been more along the lines of that.
  14. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    Classes of Society

    Nicolle is out of Keith Urbans class also. His music makes me sick and he calls himself a country artist? It's pablem, generic, give me some Hank Sr., Ernest Tubbs, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline, Asleep at the World, or give me Nicolle. Urban has already cheated on her and chalks it up to drugs, so off to rehab for Keithy baby. There's only one man suited for Nicolle, that would be the one and only, Bumper!

    Like KB says, I'd remake Eyes Wide Shut, yes Shut, and do it better, starring Nicolle and Bumper. That movie most definately lost some potential. It was panned but I enjoyed it. We needed to see more of Nicolle naked or in her panties with hooded men. Or maybe even KB as a Matador, dressed in a cape with this abs exposed. The beauty of Nicolle is in her soft, vulnerable fiminity. We'd like to grab those thighs and pin her to the headboard. When you think Nicolle, you think reddish tints, freckles, pink, and light pink which equals hard on.

    Uncle Bumper
  15. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I've always thought the weakest piece of EWS was Alice "half-confessing" to Bill in their bedroom, early in the film. It was maybe Nicole's best scene, but there was something that didn't connect with me - she confesses to an attraction (to the officer) and fantasy that she doesn't play out. Why would the average husband these days freak? Bill goes out into the night, wandering aimlessly, obsessing hysterically. The effect would have been more powerful if Alice told him she had fucked the officer, and that she loved it so much she was tempted to leave Bill. Maybe even hinting about what made the officer a better lover. If she really wanted to stick it to Bill, why didn't she do it right? Man, I can hear her now..

    "Yes, that's right, he fucked me. He fucked me like a real man, like he meant it! Not like your lame, predictable, "pretty-boy" humping. And he made me cum, Bill. He made me cum so hard, so many times, I almost stayed with him. I was ready to give up everything - you, Helena, my whole fucking life - just to be with him, to feel his cock inside me one more time!"

    Yep, I could have fixed that movie...
  16. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    Four Queens and a Pirate

    I need some help with this screeplay, (seriously). I've been working on this story for about 2 years and don't know how to finish it, honestly, or fictionally?

    As a movie it will star, Bumper, (Matt Damon), Olivia, (Rosie Perez), Ringo the pirate or bull, (Antonio Banderas). The movie will be taken from a real experience when Bumper was 26 and wife 19. Bumper was befriended by Ringo who bragged about eating pussy and how accomplished he was. Ringo was about 40, eye patch, earring, and long hair in a pony tail. His girlfriend was black, about 5'10, late 30's and it was rumored Ringo had done time. Bumper and Ringo worked the docks as longshoremen in Long Beach in early 70's.

    I invited Ringo over on a Saturday afternoon to watch the game, drink beer, and have Olivia fry some ribs for us. The plan was to go out later to a club, sneak her in, get her tipsy and watch Ringo eat her pussy on the kitchen table. The plan broke down when Bumper and Olivia had a squabble. "I'm not frying you no more reeebs Bumper, I want to dance, go out with Reeengo here!" Bumper tells her "fine," we're leaving and I won't be back, I'll sleep in the park tonite!" Bumper goes into the closet where he keeps a piggy bank stashed, takes some loot and leaves with Ringo.

    Bumper tells Ringo he's going to Vegas for the night. He needs a lift to LAX. (all this is true so far). Ringo gives him a lift and on the way, tells Bumper to stay at the Four Queens, see Bill the bell hop and he'll set me up with some pussy. It will teach this little bitch a lesson, she can't push Bumper around. I'll be back at noon the next day well served without her.

    Bumper has to settle for a suite, twice as much, gets no pussy, gets drunk, and now misses Olivia. He gets a call around 6am while he's sleeping on the couch in the suite, hung over. "Bumper eets me, I miss you sooo much." I miss you too, damn I'm soo sorry Oliva. "Jest a minute Boomper. Ringo that teeckles, stop eet. Ringo ees soo nasty Boomper, how you meet a man like thees. He won't stop eatting my pussy! He's mean to me Boomper!" Now the dial tone, she hangs up and no answer back home.

    I arrive back home at noon, a messy home, beer cans, and the kitchen table is bare with a pillow and blanket. Olivia shows up two hours later, wearing this knit dress, white with blue stripes which wraps around her body like it's wet. Her purse is missing, my piggy bank is gone, and all she says is, "you liar Boomper, deed you like the park last night? I had to sleep on that damn kitchen table with Ringo, you bastard! Now geet out and go stay eeen the park tonite, you lying sheet!" Where's my piggy bank? "We needed eet to party weeth stupids, what you think? Of course Mr. Four Queens doesn't need a piggy bank, does he? I teel you one thing Bumper, that Ringo can teach you something about my pussy!"

    Bumper Studios
  17. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Not sure how far into the future you want to go with this, but I can envision a scene, not too long after Bumper returns home...

    Bumper's ready for makeup sex when he gets back, ready to forgive and forget, in spite of the telling table setting and Liv's early morning wakeup call. She keeps her distance through the day, but sways her ass a little more than usual around the house. Bumper watches her tease him from his recliner. She glances at his boner from time to time and smiles to herself, sashaying through the house with a dreamy look on her face.

    "Bumper, if you would have beeen here last night, you might have got to use that theeng. Jest ask Reengo...I'm going shopping for a while, so go tek a cold shower."

    She comes home early that evening, loaded down with shopping bags stuffed with new clothes. She's wearing new shoes, white ones, with 3 inch heels and thin little straps that circle her pretty ankles. Livs prances in front of Bumper, back and forth, making him pay more than once for her new wardrobe and fuckme shoes. Bumper pretends not to notice, but his boner gives him away.

    "Oh Bumper," she says finally, determined to get his full attention. "I can't stay mad atchou, no matter how stoopid you get. Why doanchou come into the bedroom and show me how sorry you are."

    Bumper bolts off his chair and follows Olivia's swaying ass through the bedroom door. He'll show her he can eat pussy too, maybe even better than Ringo. How good could he be, anyway?

    Twenty minutes later, Olivia's on her back on the bed, her striped dress hiked up around her waist, legs spread wide as Bumper's head lies wedged between her thighs. Another 5 minutes, and Olivia sighs, picks up the remote, and turns on Oprah. Bumper's been lapping for over twenty mintes, tracing every letter of the alphabet over Liv's waiting pussy. Oprah's doing her usual thing about those lazy men, useless for sex and everything else under the sun. Bumper licks harder. His jaws ache.

    "Bumper, you can stop now. My show's on. Anyway, you need to talk to Reengo, maybe geet some lessons from him. He eats pussy jest like a girl."
  18. Bumper

    Bumper New Member

    thanks don-j

    Thanks for taking the time, that was great! Now I got three endings in mind damnit! It's been raining in the desert here and I always feel like writing and fucking when it rains. Something about writing and rain ... and fucking? Your a writer so maybe you relate?

    Everything actually happened right up to staying at the Four Queens. No rooms but a suite which went for sixty bucks back then. No Bill the bell hop, so I took a cab and told the cab driver I wanted some pay for play pussy. He told me I was handsome enuff to find it on my own, so took me across town for a fortune to a country western nightclub. (he was full of shit) I struck out, lost at craps, and ended back at the Queens thinking of my baby back home. No phone call, I took the first flight back in the morning to find a messy apt. She returned and told me she had a party while I was away. She later told me she had sex, and her purse was taken. She told me that's what I get for sleeping in the park and leaving her alone. My folgers coffee can of money was also taken.

    Did Ringo do this? Did he go back to my adobe and fuck my wife? Olivia told me it was an old friend from high school. But she loves to fuck with me like that. I'll never know the truth, even though she's honest about many affairs, this one she still fucks with me on.

    One of my ficticious endings was having Ringo and Livs show up at the Four Queens after driving all night. They use the unused bedroom to fuck in front of me and he eats her pussy. He takes her out on the town with my dinero and let's another guy fuck her for money. My mind is running wild now with endings to this flick. The real life ending was stressful enough, but it's probably too soft with a foggy ending. To this day, she does not know I went to Vegas that night, if she did, she'd reach in her office drawer and no more Bumper. I'm afraid of her.

    thanks, Bumps
  19. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Re: thanks don-j

    Yep - love the rain. A little moodiness seems to spark the imagination. Nothing quite like an evening thunder shower - the flicker of light at the window, the low rumble of thunder in the distance, and the sound of rain on the roof. Oh, and cumming just at the height of the storm...

    Funny, I almost wrote the real ending - Bumps comes home, Livs tells him she had sex (just to piss him off for leaving?) but is evasive about the details, and Bumper wonders for the rest of his life whether Ringo stopped by for a little taste. Sometimes the torture of not knowing is exquisite. But most want some graphic sex in their stories and all too often I bow to those expectations. "My" kinds of stories leave just enough to the imagination that it stays with you for a while, haunting you, pulling you back in to feel the little stabs of anxiety and uncertainty over and over and over. Would she really do *that*? DID she???

    Heh heh, aren't we all, my friend. Aren't we all...

  20. robb32

    robb32 New Member

    well..on a personal level, my ideal cuckold type movie would involve a prim librarian italian housewife becoming the office slut first, through hubby arranged blackmail plan. Forced to have sex with coworker/hubby's enemy, then after finding out hubby had set it all up to film it, becomes more than a willing participant, providing aid and comfort to her supervisors, coworkers, and library patrons. "Librarian wife always gives an extra effort".

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