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What was the first moment you realized your wife/girlfriend craved BBC?

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by Butterhermuffin69, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. cuhusamibi

    cuhusamibi Well-Known Member

    Today was my wifey's second black cock fucking experience. It was better than the first time, but she expects the best is yet to cum :)
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  2. Tammyhotwife

    Tammyhotwife New Member

    My wife used to date HUGE. Black football player when she was 20.

    She LOVES bringing it up when I fuck her or especially when I use the lifelike bbc dildo on her .

    I suck her toes and cum so hard!
  3. mwc4bbcmd

    mwc4bbcmd Member

    I totally corrupted my wife. When she learned about my fantasy she made it clear that she would never do it, but I could have all the thoughts and watch what ever movie I wanted. She began watching some videos with me, but it wasn’t until she connected with a old friend that things changed. He was a guy who always wanted her but the time never worked out. She told me he was beginning to get dirty with her. I enjoyed hearing this and encouraged her to have fun. She began watching movies on her own because I would find videos that I hadn’t showed her in the player. The day he sent her his cock pics sealed the deal. He was huge and was clear about how he wanted her to take it. She sent me the screenshots of her reply confessing that I wanted her to get fucked by him. He said he would be in a plane that weekend. He was and was the first to give my wife the best fucking from a huge black cock
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