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What was the first moment you realized your wife/girlfriend craved BBC?

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by Butterhermuffin69, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Latincplbbc

    Latincplbbc New Member

    For us, my wife started to crave bbc because i slowly introduced her into the hotwife bbc lifestyle. I've always enjoyed Interracial porn. I didn't know how to tell my wife about my fantasy of watching her getting fucked non-stop by a muscular black man with a big cock. So one day i bought a 10" black dildo. That night i told her we should spice up our sex life so i bought this dildo to start. She quickly responded "why black". I told her that the girl at the sex shop recommended that one. That night we began to foreplay for a few minutes. Then she ask me that she wanted our new friend inside of her first. Slowly i pushed in the black dildo and picked up the space after every stroke. She went crazy. I've never seen her moaned like that before. Within a few minutes she had her first orgasm of the night. She wanted more of the black dildo. So this time i held it just above my cock, turned her around and started to fuck her doggy style with the black dildo. I asked her if she liked our new toy and she said yes, then i asked her if she wanted to try the real thing and to my surprise she said yes. It was all dirty from then on about her pretending she was being fucked by a black guy. After that, i showed her some interracial porn. After much discussion, we both agreed to make this fantasy a reality. She want's her first black bull to look like and fuck like Jax Slayher. She can't stop thinking of him. She said that she has never craved or desired a man like him. We are still looking for a candidate to pound my hot mexican wife!!!!!
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  2. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    when She told me that She loved BBC when we were dating...:)

    says it started back in college...

    and never stopped since then, oh how lucky i am...LOL...
  3. timcornelia

    timcornelia New Member

    The first time my wife fucked Roger was after she was dancing at a One Leg Up party and she came over and said he was huge. She took into the bathroom and let me watch as he bent her over the sink and he fucked her while squeezing my hand. She has had a quiet a few flings since then.
  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I first became aware of my wife's interest in black cock 5 years ago when by chance I came across three undeleted History references to videos of very well-hung college blacks masturbating that she had been watching one afternoon while I was at work. I didn't raise my discovery with her at the time.

    Her interest in black cock underwent a major upturn when I introduced her to my 19 year-old black buddy one year later. He was slim but beautifully athletic and filled his 501s to perfection, which attracted many a surreptitious lustful glance from my wife to his mouthwatering genital bulge. Over the week following my introducing him to my wife and before we first invited him into our bed, when I was making love to her I deliberately cultivated her un-confessed interest his cock by gently encouraging her to imagine it in her.

    The response of her vaginal muscles on my cock in her was a dead-giveway of her craving for his manifestly bigger one. In my whisperings to her about it while I fucked herI traded on my detailed knowledge of it, including its being deliciously uncircumcised, which I had through him and I having been secret lovers since he was 17.

    Despite that I had given him a great build-up to my wife, when she first saw him naked and in the same session felt his cock in her she was still awed by its staggering size and sculptural beauty and, for her, its fascinatingly long foreskin. His cock was the fulfillment of her dream and she has had no desire to view videos of beautiful young well-hung blacks masturbating ever since.
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  5. sinnergy1

    sinnergy1 New Member

    About a month after we began dating she mentioned she had been with 4 or 5 men between me and her last long term boyfriend. She told me who all but 1 of the men were. She stated that I was going to be upset if she told me about 1 of the guys. I figured it was someone that we worked with (since we met at work). Then she told me she had a one night stand with a black guy she met at a bar. Unbeknown to her what a turn on that was for me. I didn't let her know right away and just responded, "Really?" She then explained she had also been with another "very light skinned" black/Italian guy once but this was the first black man she had ever had sex with. Needless to say the next time we had sex it didn't take me very long thinking about that scenario, lol.
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  6. harlotandhubby

    harlotandhubby New Member

    we had been swinging for a couple of years, and she was always looking at black guys on site, and chatting with cpls who met bl;ack guys
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  7. sbcplseeking

    sbcplseeking Member

    I'm African American and my wife was a virgin when we met, so when we got together?? haha

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