What part of sharing your wife is the most erotic if you had to pick just one?

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I would pick watching him cum in her.

  1. the foreplay ... knowing she is about to have sex with another man, the kissing, the undressing etc.

  2. the actual sex play ... watching her having sex with another man, penetration, oral sex etc.

  3. he brings her to an orgasm

  4. he cums inside her

  5. the after play ... watching them relax after they've had orgasms together, kissing cuddling, whisper

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  1. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    I would have a hard time picking which would be my favorite. I'm going to have to go with him cumming in her.
  2. littlec

    littlec Member

    I have to say that all of the options are great but the best one is watching him cum and it is only slightly ahead of watching her cum. I like to watch! The foreplay is probably the biggest turn on for me. Watching the sex is great and looking at her face as she cums is one of those experiences that will be permantly etched in my mind. Watching him push his cock all the way in when he cums is great and laying on hte bed with her between us after is so relaxing.

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  3. buckn8kid

    buckn8kid Hair Trigger Cuck

    I love the feeling of his balls on my face,as I'm likcking my wifes ass and feeling his superior male seed pulsing out of his more manly nuts sac.then to top it off tasting his cum as it seeps out of her cunt and gets frothy from the pumping in and out.
  4. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    For me it's seeing her brought to orgasm by another man. Women have most of the power in sexual relationships - they chose the men they will allow to see them naked, to touch the most private places of their body, to enter them in the most intimate of human interactions. Women surrender much of their power to allow this, to become the "taken" as opposed to the one who ultimately chooses her sexual partner.

    Yet, all these things are physical. A prostitute chooses to take part in all these physical acts, with almost any man who can pay for them. Only the orgasm is the melding of the physical and the emotional. It's the ultimate surrender, a collapse of all defenses against guilt and doubt. An earth-shattering orgasm is living, breathing proof that she has bonded with her lover, entrusting him, for those few seconds, with both her body and mind. To me, it's the most satisfying and frightening evidence that she's given herself completely to him. In that tiny slice of time, he truly owns her, and the chemistry, the unique connection that exists beyond the physical, is something only those two people will ever know.

  5. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    it's all that and more

    seeing my wife having sex with a Man is a 100x more erotic when it's an intimate and ongoing affair. i have shared my wife with other Men but it is raised to another level when the Man is a Real Bull, and she will do anything to pleasure Him. seeing is believing,,,,,,,,,,,
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  6. nietzsche

    nietzsche Member

    one thing missing

    One thing missing that I, and I'm sure a lot of other guys, find highly erotic is the lead-up flirtation. I especially like to see what my wife and her prospective lover IM to each other, knowing how horny and ready they're getting each other. Best for me, though, are the post-hookup flirtations with the guys she likes better--especially those occasional times when she's developed some degree of real feelings for the guy and she gets all giddy and flushed whenever she talks about or to him.
  7. watchedwife

    watchedwife Member

    I agreed with you I love watching the other guy cumming in my wife mouth or pussy.
  8. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    Mine is us having a guy over who has no idea what a horny slut she is and that she wants to fuck him. watching her seduce him for the first time. Watching her start the evening as the everyday housewife just hanging out with her husband and a friend and gradually becoming more and more flirtatious with him. Slowly reeling him in. Until she has him openly flirting back with her right in front of me. Both of them getting more and more brazen and touchy feely until finally she is in his arms and they are kissing and groping each other, totally oblivious to the fact that I even exist anymore. I especially enjoy seeing her climb onto him and straddle his lap running her fingers through his hair as she lowers her lips to his and his hands reach up into her blouse to caress her tits or reaching around under her skirt and gripping her ass in both hands as she slowly rubs her crotch down against him. They will often fuck right there on the couch where the making began but sometimes she will get up and lead him into the bedroom and shut the door leaving me behind to wait for them to finish. Either way is fine with me as watching her work her magic at seducing a guy she is horny for is soooo fucking HOT!!!
    I have watched her work like this with numerous guys. It is usually the technique she uses to fuck a guy we feel would normally not be open minded or comfortable enough to fuck a woman with her husband around.
  9. Cindyscuck

    Cindyscuck New Member

    I would pick choices 2 and 3 lumped together. The earth shakes when my wife has an orgasm!!! She's multi orgasmic so I get to witness many of 'em while their getting it on!!!
  10. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Yeah, it's too hard for me to pick just one. The sex is great of course, but the foreplay and afterplay is really satisfying to watch. My wife and her boyfriend like to lie down and "spoon" on the sofa in front of the tv sometimes, and the cuddling, his caressing her tits or midriff, it's all hot to me. And it ocassionally leads to sex so that's always great.
  11. Raman67

    Raman67 New Member

    For me it has always been foreplay, seeing her hugging the man, him feeling her, them kissing, i would cum watching them foreplay
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  12. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    The phase of love-making between my wife and her young live-in lover that I experience as the most erotic, angst-provoking and in other ways extremely beautiful is the initial, usually very slow and always deliberately mutually intensely exciting, deliciously dallying penetration of my wife's vagina by initially only the head of her lover's uncircumcised cock. I get off hugely on seeing, close-up, her lover's gossamer-thin foreskin gradually easing back off from the bulging head of his fully erected cock as it forages sexily in the gentle grip of the very rim of the opening of my wife's eagerly yielding and by now visibly lubricating vagina. Nearly always, after the whole thus-bared head but not yet any part of the super-girthy shaft of his cock has entered my wife, her lover executes some 10 to 20 perfectly measured, breathlessly loving and visibly powerfully arousing gentle to-and-fro thrustings with only the snout and following crown of it in the grip of the slowly stretched-up cock-clinging rim of her vaginal opening. My wife responds to this by appreciative encouraging sighs and gaspings and encouraging caressings of her lover's sexily clenching butt-cheeks. During this first stage of his very measured and controlled penetration of my wife, her lover will sometimes even more intensely stimulate her by withdrawing the head of his cock from her vaginal opening and gliding the bared snout and underside of it upwards to her erected clitoris whose tip he has a knack of capturing in his gaping cumslit then urging my wife by little pelvic tiltings she then makes to simulate her fucking the head of his cock before she hand-guides it back into her vagina. Certainly, watching my wife finally orgasming spectacularly with her lover as he ejaculates in her hard and deep is extremely arousing for me too and usually triggers my own orgasm. Nevertheless, I find those desperately poignant and lonely-making few minutes during which my wife is being initially deliciously aroused and then penetrated by the foreskin-clad head of her lover's perfect and powerfully erected cock, far-and-away the most erotic, albeit on occasions the most challenging and at times unbearable phase of their always beautiful lovemaking. The reason for the unrivalled intensely erotic impact on me of seeing initial very slow penetration of my wife by her lover is, I have worked out, that it appears to me to be not only beautifully romantic and biologically powerful and purposeful, but also designedly and ominously---and, for me, angstfully--- completely unstoppable in its progression to full penetration and the long and passionate inter-thrustings of the lovers in the generation of their individual and mutual pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction. Obviously, my now 4 years of conditioning from closely and excitedly observing the opening penetration of my wife by her young lover in their thrilling and truly loving fucking of each other now includes the coupled expectation, always fully realised, that the above-described deliciously but almost tentative and innocently slow baring of the head of the cock pentrating my wife is going to culminate in her fuck-wise finally uncontrollable young lover ejaculating in her. What makes it so devastatingly erotic for me is that, from the very beginning of it and in every detail of its execution, the opening penetration of my wife by her lover bears and reveals, along with its many other manifest beauties, an awesome promise that as surely as night follows day he is going to fuck her to orgasm and ejaculate in her, and I am generously (but also very jealously) aware that on the way to that ultimate end she is, before my very eyes, going to give herself over to totally loving and openly delighting in every physical, emotional and mental erotic thrill that his strong young body, very superior sexual stamina and powerful cock and sensationally hard and copious finishing cumspurts have always given her. The promise of that ultimate and extreme sexual pleasure for my wife manifests and is fatefully sealed at the moment the fat foreskin-clad cockhead of her fuck-ready lover first muzzles between her invitingly splayed love-lips. I take that promise as being made to me as much as to my wife, and as I watch and feel her being gloriously fucked by her perfect young lover beside me I partake to his very hilt in the pleasure that his opening penetration of her so visibly promises for all three of us.
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  13. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    For me, it was always watching her and seeing if she was really enjoying, responding to the type/style of fucking she was getting from the man of the moment. If it was missionary, did she wrap her legs and arms around him and start rocking her hips and matching him stroke for stroke, or doggie style was she slamming her ass back at his cock, and was she urging him vocally to "Fuck me harder", "fill me with your cum", or "come on put a baby in my belly". When she was doing and saying those things, then I knew that she was truly enjoying herself and it made me very happy to be her husband. So to put it briefly, when it was obvious that she was enjoying her sexuality. GTR
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  14. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    Had a hard time choosing, but my wife says it's probably watching the penetration. So I chose that. But I like it all, whether I'm watching or hearing the graphic details later in bed when watching isn't possible.
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  15. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Watching her orgasm from another man is my favorite.
    A close second though is the man or men cumming in her.
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  16. SJ1982

    SJ1982 Member

    It's when the other bloke says "I'm going to cum", and she replies, "cum inside, don't stop, don't stop".
  17. guymackey

    guymackey Guest

    I am a voyeur. I love to just sit quietly and watch my wife in ecstasy.

    It is very erotic for me to see my wife having orgasm after orgasm during the last couple of minutes leading up to him ejaculating in her. The frenzy of fucking and them coming to fruition goes into hyperdrive during those couple of minutes.

    The most erotic thing is to see my wife right after being fucked laying on the bed while her breasts heave and her body glistens from a thin sheath of sweat. She touches her clitoris and pussy with her fingers, her lover's cum dribbles from her pussy, and there is a look on her face of peacefulness and satiety while her eyes give a mesmerizing look.

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  18. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    Her getting ready for Her lovers...

    me helping Her...

    and waiting...oh the waiting part...
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  19. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    You captured it Wonderfully as well as Accurately.

    To me the Best part of the Cuckold lifestyle is HER. Her Power in it. Her Desire for Another Man OVER you Her hubby. Her Actions. Her Emotions. Her Words, Her Teasing Words. Finally it's Especially Her Pleasure. My pleasure was All derived from HER.
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  20. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    very well said!!!

    i totally agree...
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