What is your biggest cuckold fantasy?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by cuckold_wittol, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Mine is GF getting fucked at a party by her lover while both our unsuspecting families celebrate our love :)
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  2. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    Watching my future wife being taken by another man, while in her wedding dress, is a favourite fantasy of mine.
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  3. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    I have so many it's hard to choose one.
    Right now, my choice would be that she gets ready for a date and he picks her up from our house. Like a regular couple would do.
  4. BoobyGirl

    BoobyGirl Well-Known Member

    I made my poor hubby watch a waiter in the hotel on our honeymoon suck my big boobs in front of him. Poor hubby was so jealous as I hadn't even let him touch my boobs after we were married lol. Any of u cuckys like ur wife to do that to u? lol. I also like making hubby watch me dress in a tight leather outfit before I go on a date with a real man lol. Oh I love being so delightfully cruel to undeserving cuckys lol
  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    My hottest one is disturbingly recurrent and goes like this:

    I arrive home one college-holiday afternoon entirely unsuspecting of anything sexually untoward going on in our bedroom.

    On climbing the stairs to the landing I find the bedroom door half-open. I look through to see my wife and my buddy, her young black live-in lover, lying gloriously naked on our bed. My wife is on her back and my buddy's lowered head and shoulders are suspended over her, covering her face, neck and upper chest, obscuring them from my sight. He is clasping the back of her head with his left hand and gently kissing her on her half-open mouth through which she is moaning ecstatically.

    My buddy is not fucking my wife, in fact there is a space half an arm-length wide between the lower part of their bodies.

    But the space is not empty. It is occupied by my wife's uplifted and out-flung right thigh and the folded left arm and bent knee of a strapping young black lad, a classmate of my buddy, who is very smoothly and rhythmically fucking my wife. His waist and hips and muscular bum are moving in supple unison as he thrusts his enviably long and girthy upcurved bare cock again and again and again with breathtaking effect between my wife's widely-splayed love lips.

    From my vantage point in the hallway I am only a few short paces from the end of the bed, such that my view of the beautiful threesome is end-on and cruelly close and clear. With every perfectly measured outstroke of the lad's snakily-veined cock I can see the widely-stretched rim and an inch-long sleeve of the lining of my wife's vagina amorously clinging to its smoothly-thrusting black-satin-skinned gristly shaft.

    The lad's beautiful body is undulating athletically and extremely sexily over my wife's and she is answering his every thrust in her with an urging upward tilting of her hips and pelvis. Her hands are tightly clasping his steadily clenching muscular butt-cheeks and his bowed head is nestling in the hollow between her neck and left shoulder into which he moans with deep and increasing satisfaction at the end of each telling inthrust of his cock.

    My wife-kissing buddy's right hand is splayed and gently but urgingly and appreciatively presses into the small of the lad's sexily-flexing lower back barely a handsbreadth from my wife's buttock-clutching hands as the beautifully flowing fuck relentlessly progresses.

    How many times this lad has witnessed and learned from my buddy fucking my wife I have no way of knowing, but from what I am seeing now it has to have been many, so intensely familar to me is the impact on me and even more evidently my wife of every buddy-mirroring well-practised fucking movement and beautifully erotic nuance that the lad is executing with my youth-loving wife.

    I am gripped by jealous outrage at what I see to be a brutal betrayal of my trust. Not only by my wife's being so very obviously enthralled by the beauty, sexual allure and enviably awesome coital competence of the lad who is fucking her, but also by the very evident sexual intimacy between him and my equally beautiful buddy whose fickle right hand is at this moment so encouragingly clasping the lad's sexily-flexing waist.

    Of course I am extremely aroused by the sex I am witnessing being totally unprotected, the lad simply following the lead of my lustful buddy and the obviously hot desire of my wife for him to fuck her satisfyingly full of his black-baby-making semen.

  6. My gf did that to me.. It was her bull's bday. We planned for a threesome.. But ended differently... They fucked while I was made to jacked off...
  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Of course my wife is the only person who will know in advance if and when this fantasy is going to be fulfilled, and whether or not I am going to be set up to discover her in the shocking act of fucking a hot black buddy of my buddy in a threesome with him.

    For years I have been painfully aware that she eyes and privately lusts over tall and especially handsome and athletic black guys in their late teens and early twenties when she and I are out in public together unaccompanied by my buddy, so the chances of my discovering her acting-out my fantasy are by no means remote. The fact that she loves watching me and my beautiful buddy occasionally interacting homosexually in our threesomes I believe also increases the chances of her sharing herself and my buddy with another bisexual black guy he could invite home in my times away from her.

    My buddy has several young black college athletics team-mates who closely resemble him physically as well as in the charming and modest persona he positively radiates. I know he occasionally talks to my wife privately about the sexily-single very quiet 20 year-old one he is friendliest with but to date has been scrupulously careful not to invite home. There are probably several reasons for that, but from the way I read my wife on the issue I think that the determining reason is that he is bisexual, which ironically is the one that makes him most likely to end up threesoming with my wife and my buddy in my absence.

    Do I think I could stand to spy on my favorite fantasy being fulfilled live before my eyes ? Should I attempt to calculate in advance the emotional cost to me of seeing it through?

    Would the temporarily paralyzing pleasure of perving on my wife with a second young black stud be worth the cost in terms of trauma to me? Will the unromantic reality of my wife's lust for handsome virile black lads manifesting again and being played-out stark-nakedly before me kill my love for her?

    Of course those questions are impossible to answer in advance of my fantasy being actioned and the more I think about it the more it scares me. But if and when it happens I have hunch I might see it through. But only barely.
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  8. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    My wife’s BBS comes over late night, makes me undress my submissive and shy wife for him. He then takes her to our bedroom, closes and locks the door leaving me outside. All I can do is imagine and hear my wife moan and groan and the bed rocking. Then finally I will be let in to only to clean up and begin another night of serving and be humiliated by the bull and now his hot girlfriend.
  9. asianfun

    asianfun Member

    That's happened to me. I came home one day from work to find my boss ramming my gf in our bed. He legs were in the air in the missionary position and she was screaming from the top of her voice about how she wanted it harder. The sounds went through me so much as I got closer to the room. I did not know what to expect.

    After he sprayed a large and heavy load all over her face and body, I was made to lick it all up. Thereafter, I was force to wear lingerie and a maid's dress and had to cook dinner for the three of us. Before anyone asks, he did fuck her on the lounge dinner table after dinner while I was doing the washing up. It sounds like a nightmare but I loved it so much I wish I could re-live every moment including licking every globule from her face and body.
  10. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    I've got a number of favorite scenarios, but one that would be at the top of my list is if I was to head over to my g/f's on a typical Saturday afternoon like I always do, and after we have a few drinks, she starts to get a bit aggressive sexually. She tells me she'd like to try some of those things I'd been suggesting for so long, so she leads me down the hall and into her bedroom where she's moved her dog's cage in and proceeds to demand that I strip naked and get in. With a grin on my face-- I cannot believe she's being so demanding-- I get in willingly, now sporting a semi erect dick. At this point she peels off most of her clothes, and only her scanty bra and underwear remain. Her petite, tan body looks wonderful, and her nipples are stiff, so I know she's aroused. Wondering what possibly she could be thinking for what's next, the doorbell rings, and she excuses herself to go answer. A few seconds later, I hear several muffled male voices conversing with my g/f. Now I'm excited, because I know something's up. But then I hear them move to the kitchen area, where it seems they're making drinks and getting comfortable with my g/f. The talk becomes quieter, and I know that they're beginning to get sexual. Soon, I hear them walking towards me and they appear in the bedroom. My g/f is now naked, and the 3 other men are stripped down to their underwear. My g/f comes over to my cage, opens it, and tosses in a penis pump. She demands that I start pumping to help her avoid the embarrassment of being obviously involved in a relationship with a men with a worthless cock. I immediately place the pump over my penis and begin pumping. While I'm doing this, all 3 guys remove their underwear and start feeling up my g/f vigorously. One of the guys has an enormous penis, I'm guessing easily 9 inches, and he gently lowers her on the bed. She is totally subservient to him and, contrary to things she's told me in the past, obviously is hornier then hell over his massive cock. While he begins to mount her, the other two guys come over to my cage, and start encouraging me to pump harder. They laugh at my little cock, but tell me I've got a really nice ass. They start to masturbate, while holding their dicks in a position that would cause their ejaculate to cover me once they cum. I'm getting more excited, and then the greatest thing happens that I can imagine. My g/f begins to orgasm from her lover's huge penis, and she emits a loud primordial sound that reveals this is not a fake or for-show reaction. She truly is having a mind bending orgasm from a huge penis....something she's denied was possible as long as I've known her. And I've suspected women in general have lied about this for years. And now the truth is becoming apparent. Just as I'm at my most horniest pumping my cock in the penis pump, while my g/f is screaming in orgasm, the two other guys cum and squirt their jism, hitting my face and chest, the warmth and smell making me feel comforted for the cuck that I obviously truly now am. With everyone else satisfied now except for me, my g/f along with her male companions, remove me from my cage and lead me to the lower level of the house. I am chained to several beams in a room with large windows that can be observed from the outside from several angles. I am left helpless for others to see my pumped but worthless penis, and drying cum on my face and body, while my g/f goes back upstairs to enjoy another round of drinks and who knows what with her male friends, who knows where she met or found them. XOXOX
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  11. curiouscandc

    curiouscandc Member

    There's two fantasies that I have that gets me worked up when I discuss it with my wife. First one we go to a vanilla party. She's dressed to the nines and being extremely flirty for a vanilla get together. Sometime in the night I can't locate her. So I wander around searching for her. Finally find her getting fucked by two men in a bedroom, closet, bathroom, etc...

    Second one would be her having a regular BF. One that goes out with us to eat, concerts, clubs, etc. With the night always ending with them in the backseat and me driving them. The whole taking it public thing and the possibility of being outed is a rush for me.
  12. T3ckTon1k

    T3ckTon1k Member

    You should lol learn to write lol in a proper way that is not annoying, lol.
  13. truelover

    truelover New Member

    Mine is to bring my gf to Cap d'Agde and let her fuck as many men as she can. At the end of the day I gather all the used condoms she used, all full of sperm and I mix them together in a cup, making a huge sperm cocktail. I drink it up, and the next day it repeats again.

    I could even hold her legs wide open for the others to fuck on the beach, and give them the condoms myself, then offering them a trash can where they can throw them. Drinking others' sperm from her used condoms is really my favourite thing to do, I did it dozens of times already, and tasted the sperm of 3 different men. What I dream about is to mix sperm of more men together and drink it, while my gf is encouraging me.
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  14. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    May I pretty please, lmao? That was actually funny.
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  15. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    I already got to live out my biggest fantasy. After my wife's first time of sharing her married pussy with a black co-worker of mine, I always wanted to see her become pregnant to a well hung black man. When she was 31 we had a black man living with us and sharing her and the household chores and bills when she asked me if I would be OK with it if she had a baby with him. She wanted him to have exclusive use of her for several weeks to see if he could get her pregnant (I could have hand jobs, blow jobs and ass fuck her-just not her pussy). I agreed-hell it was my top fantasy- and for the next 5 weeks the two of them were fucking like newlyweds. It was total ecstasy for me to hear her telling him to put a baby in her belly and he did.
    Unfortunately she miscarried between the 4th and 5th month. At the hospital I told the doctor that I was her husband and that it couldn't be mine and a paternity test was done and it wasn't mine. They tried for more than a year after that, but she didn't get pregnant to him after that. GTR
  16. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    That's very saddening, even more so in my eyes because of my 24 year-old buddy, who is black as against me being white, being so wildly desirable to my wife and having fathered a beautiful boy baby for her last year.

    On my introducing my buddy to her 4 years ago she went nuts about his beautiful body and openly craved his premium genes. Since then he has been her live-in lover and co-husbanding her with me and over the last week he has been again fucking her exclusively every morning and night for the express purpose of impregnating her again.

    In that aspect, and perhaps only that one, my experience closely parallels yours of your wife going sexually overboard for your black friend she got pregnant to.

    I have to confess that partly because of their intense mutual love for each other that has developed over the last 2 years the, the baby-making experience has been, in one way paradoxically, much more torrid for me this time.

    Over the last few days I have been trying to reduce and fend off the impact of the inevitable trauma of it on me by analying, as honestly as I can, the experience of getting off on but at the same time almost hating the devastatingly erotic fall-out of it , as you may have noticed in my blog "IUD out, Lover's sperm in". Necessarily at this time, my account covers only the positive aspect of the experience.

    The more I focus on the love beautifully expressing in their frantic couplings beside me in our bed, the easier it seems for me to bear the exclusivity of their lovemaking. The trauma is still very fresh and looks like continuing for a few days more. Please wish me well.
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  17. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Michael1987, I do wish you well. We had discussed long before that is she should happen to get pregnant to any of the many men she had sex with we would raise the child as our own, no matter who had done the deed. She and I had also agreed that if and when it happened I would deny the fathering of the baby and it would be tested to be certain if the baby was mine or not. With the baby I posted about it was a very difficult time for all three of us, he finally took her to the beach (her favorite place) for about 10 days and when they got back she was ready to try again. Good luck! GTR
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  18. James Simpson

    James Simpson Member

    Obviously I am a newbie.. Mine is probably vanilla.. Because I am a wannabe - it would be our first experience.. We have had an awesome sex life for many years. In our 20's we weren't scared to let the moment take us away with hot talk etc. but nothing truly out of the ordinary. Maybe it is just adrenaline. I met her in high school when she dated a friend. We always flirted - and then crossed the line. Obviously I married her.. I guess knowing she liked to look subconsciously turned me on. Again I am reflecting. Sorry for the babble=---BUT ANYWAY.................

    I am about 90% sure she would welcome another cock-but not a hundo as the kids say.. I would like to have a man I KNOW she is attracted to -but too afraid to act on- help me welcome (or provide the nightmare) into this world. Again I am not 100% sure- but as the 8 ball indicates- "All signs point to yes".. I would take her out, as usual, and get the drinks flowing. One of the HOT things about her is she LIKES to be crazy. For example-She would go out before I dated her (she says before-but who knows..lol) with a mini-skirt and no panties. In fact my "friend" that dated her before also said she did this. This turns me on. I would take her out- drink excessively as usual with her and start to play with her while slow dancing or when sitting at the table in the dark.

    Once worked up and inebriated she would have been putty in my hands. I would dare her to dance with her girls and tease a guy or ten knowing she would go home with ME. She would do this amazingly well until she got really worked up. When the ugly lights come on I would help her stagger to the car. I would play with her sweet little pussy all the way home and tease her about not being able to handle the huge cock she was teasing on the dance floor. Of course she would say it would have been "no problem". In fact she would say she could handle TWO of them just trying to hold up her end of the argument.

    We get home and pour a last drink to start our foreplay. I tell her I want her to experience visual depredation to enhance her sexual experience. I tell her it is the new craze. I proceed to rub her the right way and in time I would pull out a blindfold and put it on her. At this point I would text my friend - that she secretly wants -that has been waiting in our upstairs office. He would quietly come down and slip into the bedroom and watch. I would have her laying on her back with her head propped up like she was watching TV and waiting for whatever is next.. First I have to go to the honey hole and taste that wet pussy that has been worked up from teasing all night long. I would pinch her hard nipples while I licked those folds. I would slowly ease up while still fingering her and slowly rub my cock on her face and slowly put my cock head on her lips for her to enjoy.. Sh would start to suck my cock while I fingered her wet creamy cunt.

    At this point her secret fuck (my friend) is standing next to me. I slowly ease my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and put them in her mouth--I wait a few seconds and go back to work. I soon take a break for a second. My buddy waits a minute and replaces my fingers with his. She has no clue. She assumes nothing has changed. He watches her suck my cock while he fingers her for a while. Eventually he taps my arm to prepare a swap. I am ready and soon slowly pull my cock out of her mouth at the same time I start fingering her while my buddy and I swap places. About a minute passes and he rubs his cock across her face as I did. He slowly drops his cock down to her mouth....

    IMMEDIATELY she knows something is different. Bigger cock maybe? Different head? Different smell or taste? She isn't sure-so she assumes its the drinks... She tries to move her hand to remove the blindfold- but I anticipated this- and take her hands and hold them and tell her the experience isn't over until we both release. I handcuff her hands to the bed. She is so turned on she doesn't argue. My cock gets even harder watching her suck my friend's cock. By now she is about to cum all over my fingers. I remove my fingers as she bucks wildly to get her release. I wait about 10 seconds and replace my fingers with my cock.. Again, immediately she KNOWS something is different. The math doesn't add up. But she soon recognizes my cock from many years of experience and figures out the cock in her mouth is a NEW one. The thought drives her WILD and she sucks that cock like it was her first cock ever. She is so happy to get a little strange.. I cannot hold it any longer - I announce I'm gonna fill her cunt. Before she can reply her mouth is suddenly full of semen. Which she loves. She drinks it like a pro savoring the new flavor-but wondering what the fuck is going on. Because she has had 6-35 drinks and 3-4 orgasms she just accepts this poor arithmetic and slowly closes her eyes.

    The next morning she wakes and says nothing. We are both introverts. She just wonders if it was the drinks.

    Every time we go *anywhere* she is wondering just which cock she is dying to suck again. She has no idea that it is my best friend that lives right beside us and that she talks to every day when he visits me. The best part for me is the blindfold is ready for use again. Hopefully she will suck or fuck every one of my friends eventually.. Because she doesn't know WHO- she will never experience that awkward moment the next day. But she CAN'T wait until the next day to see if I have the balls to do it again... Once those gates are open---and THAT'S the rest of THIS fantasy. Many more to come. This is my girl..

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  19. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Very, very touching GTR. All my very warmest to you and your darling wife. Kiss her very encouragingly for me. M
  20. UCUM666

    UCUM666 Well-Known Member

    Nice....she has a hot body!
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