what is the most extreme act of cuckolding?

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by kinkyone, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Worth It

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    Audrey was impregnated by another man, the husband of a couple that we play with (and that Audrey used to live with as a third). This was intentional and NOT humiliating because the four of us were in agreement (I had a vasectomy after my ex-wife and I had two kids). It was like sperm donation and the child is OUR daughter. The real bonding is between Audrey and his wife, she was as excited as we were.
  2. bk123

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    This was what happened to me. Only in my situation the bull didn't just steal her, her kicked my ass in front of her the day before she left me for him.
  3. Wife4others

    Wife4others Guest

    Has to be pregnancy.
    For us introducing our family to the bulls.
  4. TruHotwife101

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    My husband played College Football. We were about 2years in and we got a wild and got a room in downtown LA. Had a great time with hubby and I. Well he set up 4 Black guys he played football with. Well he told me that he wants all 4 to cum inside me and hell clean me at the end. And that well get a plan B in the morning. Well my husband got what he wanted. I felt so slut my pussy making nosie well shooting out these black guys cum. My hubby prettt much got a facial! Lol
  5. Yea but he also wonders that kind of thing might just be the stuff other men bring outta u. (Which I would agree) and he probably secretly likes it
    My wife had my best friend eat her pussy while on phone with me while I was working. And lied about it, when she told me it couldn't have been hotter. My suggestion is to realize that u get to act on primal instincts when he's not around and other more alpha guys are gonna feel thicker be stronger, are gonna do what they wanna do to you. It's not your fault you got horny and some guys with balls did what they wanted to you and the result was you had extremely spontaneous hot as fuck sex and they made u comfortable enough for u to be yourself and enjoy the attention and respond in a very awesome way. But I think you know Scott doesn't make u react that way don't be affraid to tell him that if that did happen when he was present he wouldn't know what to do. Hell know you're right.People are different that's all. I liked cleaning my wife's holes so much because I saw her enjoy herself being the kinda bad girl who cheats, wants cum inside has that load inside her drives it home puts it in her husband's face, my face buried her pussy I knew she had control and I wouldnt have wanted it any other way.
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  6. Hot also!
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  7. Nice!
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  8. Classic my wife had a fantasy like that, never materialized though.
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    While Audrey was trying to get pregnant the sex acts themselves were satisfying, but weren't as "hot" as some of the things we had done previously. It was more of a celebration.

    It was pretty much the same thing every time: We timed our get-togethers for the fertile part of her cycle, he abstained from sex for a couple of days beforehand, and all four of us made sure we were there. His wife was really into the whole impregnating thing and would start by undressing Audry, then herself, and performing oral on her. She would do the same to her husband then bring them together, laying Audry on her back , spreading her legs and guiding her husband's dick into Audrey's vagina. She would back away so Audrey and I could kiss the whole time. They worked it so Audrey would cum first, because after he did she would raise her hips and put the "baby pillow" under her ass to keep the cum in. His wife like to suck his sloppy dick for a while, then she and I would would fuck while Audry and her husband watched.

    It took like seven months of this before Audrey got pregnant. We played with them other times of the month as well, but it was the usual, non-ritualized sex.
  10. Donald_Cuck

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    I have always believed that would be the ultimate. The cuck could then be: (1) The one who gived the bride away. (2) The ring bearer. (3) The maid (made) of honor.

    When my wife and I renew our wedding vowels, Brett is going to be the BEST MAN. He will hold her hand as I recite by pledge to always obey. When the kissing begins, you all know who does the kissing.

    I have not given it a lot of thought. Enjoying what I have now.

    I have been helping a man in Virginia who wishes to be a cuck. Problem is he is divorced. She lives in Florida, and he stays with them (ex and spouse?). Since our conversations he has approach her about cucking him. Although technically not a cuck situation, it may fall under the ultimate cuck situation. I told him a few weeks that if it happens he could be the ultimate cuck.

    What do all you wonderful people think?

    I will direct him to this site. Since it was recommended to me on Xhamster, I find it has great potential for those of us in this lifestyle. I have told several cuckold couples and those with questions to come here. They will be able to visit and explore as well as become educated more on this site than most.
  11. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    I have not had innercourse with Agness for almost 3 years now. She belongs to Brett, she is considering a small tatoo near her/Brett's pussy. It will be "PB" for property of Brett. When she told me of this idea if hers, I asked if I could get one also in the same area that would be "BP" Brett's property. She thought for a second and said sure, but she would think a better place would be on my cheek, near my mouth.

    That is what may be my personal ultimate. Who knows Christmas is just a few weeks away.
  12. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    I have captured via video and pictures a lot of their time together when they are just talking. Some they are naked from the waist down, some fully clothed and just holding hands. Watching her open gifts from him, especially the Victoria's Secret panties, perfume that she wears for him only, and of course the sex toys for when he is out of town for a week or more.

    They are so comfortable with one another, that it is just sexy.
  13. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Your links do not take me to where you claim. Interested, I may want to purchase this for our BULLFRIEND for Xmas.
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  14. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Our lives are slowly evolving that way, and we are fine with it. Deep down it will never reach the poly relationship. Our bullfriend's public life will not allow this.
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  15. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    Sorry for your loss.
  16. masterdan

    masterdan Member

    Holy fucking God, this may be the most erotic thing I've ever read.
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  17. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    After last night, What a night we three had, I have another possible ultimate.

    Last night I realized that I love Brett. After his fourth load;

    1) In the back of my car. I chauffeured Brett and Agness through a Christmas light display at the local lake. We then parked near by, and Agness gave her first blow job in a car. Brett was in heaven and she sucked down a tremendus load. Brett was shaking for a minute at least afterwards.

    2) I drove them to the other side of the lake where we stopped by a shelter house. You could see the Christmas lights across the lake. Temperature was about 40° F. Agness stayed in the car. Brett and I walked toward the lake stopping a little after a light that lit the back of the shelter, Brett leaned back against a large oak tree. I had a raging hard on telling him of how much I loved "the show" that I received. Brett got excited also, and undid his belt and pants. He then pulled them down and showed me how my retelling the earlier event had him excited. I instantly dropped to my knees and began feasting. I got a cramp in my right leg and tried straightning it. Could not get the cramp to go away so I had to get up. I kept his cock in my mouth as I got to my feet. It slipped out, but I got my mouth on it as i bent over. My ass in the air, and my mouth on his cock. I worked my tounge and sucking knowing my wife and anyone near by could see our figures in the faint light. Brett rewarded me with his great tasting man juice. I LOVED IT.

    3) later at his place, I watched as Brett made love to my wife. I actually told him how sexy his ass and his strong muscular legs looked as he was using his long circular thrusts into Agness. Her moans on each thrust was heaven. Brett took her in his arms, Agness locking her long luscous legs around his waist. They kissed passionately as he filled her with his incredible loving sperm. I was rewarded with a delicious creampie.

    4) I was telling Brett and Agness about my lake blow job. I had mentioned the low temperatures. Brett's raging erection, and his great ass and balls were all exposed. As his cum moved up his cock and the tube expanded on my tounge as usual. I love feeling his vein pulsing and feeling those lumps of cum pump up his tube. Feeling this across my tounge is unsubscribe. But this time, in public and in the cold air, I could feel how cold his cum was. It was almost like ice cubes were pumping through his cock into the back of my mouth. While telling them this and how I loved feeling those "sperm cubes" pump through his manly cock and how much of a real man he is, he shut me up.

    They have two ways to shut me up. First, stick her cum soaked panties in my mouth. Second, stick his cock in my mouth.

    He stood up and motioned for me to kneel before him. I did, and was soon enjoying being Brett's cocksucker. He owns my mouth. When Agness gets her tatoo PB (Property of Brett) near her pussy, I am getting one on my cheek, BP (Brett's Property) next to my mouth. He was fucking my mouth deep when he stopped he told me to sit next to Agness. I know this position well. This is where I sit next to my wife and she witnesses me submitting to her lover. Brett stradled me and lowered his cock into my mouth. He gave me a few deep down long strokes slowly dragging the silky smooth part of his cock (the underside right below the head) across my tounge. He then pulled it from me. I kept my mouth on his head sucking his mushroom head like a calf on the teat of it's mother. He kept pulling away and I refused to relinquish his cock. I WAS IN LOVE. He eventuallybroke my suction. Ge took his cock in his hand and began jacking off. I quickly unbutton my shirt so I could feel his cum on my hairy chest.

    The vision of the sexy, caring, and loving man was exhilarating. I started begging for his cum. Asking PLEASE repeatedly. Telling him I love his cock and then telling Brett that I LOVE HIM. I am his, I will do anything for HIS COCK. He then started to cum. His fourth time, and it was still thick and cumming out in sperts. The first hit my chin the rest I caught on my tounge. I watched this MAGNIFICENT MAN'S cum spirt out of HIS BEAUTIFUL COCK. As each landed warmly on my tounge. I was in heaven again. I sucked him clean and as he pulled away, again I NEVER WANT HIS COCK OUT OF MY MOUTH, I told him I LOVE YOU BRETT. So now my wife and I both love this man and belong to him.

    Thank all of you here for letting me share last night with you.
  18. CuckySubby

    CuckySubby New Member

    Oh, I just posted about old topics being quiet. This is one that has been going on for many years I just noticed now. How amazing. This really is a great forum. I'm really interested in people's history into cuckolding as it teaches me a lot. Donald_Cuck writes so well and is engaging like others here.
  19. slutplay

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    Maybe the most extreme cuckoldry scenario would be your wife falling in love with her lover and wanting to leave you, even if she didn't actually leave because of financial issues. But she would if she could. She would still be willing to let you wank off while she got ready to go and see him at his house or go out for the evening. You could stare at her arse in those tiny little panties as she looks for something to wear.
    She would tell you to hurry up and cum as she wants you to drive her to his house. You knowing, because she tells you, that she would do anything for him - things that you would love her to do for you and she has always refused.

    Further to this your friends would tell you sometimes that they had seen her out with him holding hands and kissing. Her telling you that she loves and adores him so much and she will have to go to him again this evening as she can't get him out of her mind would be mind blowing for the true cuckold. As a reward she may let you wank and spunk on her cunt and arse before she has a shower. Being told that she is going away with him for a week on holiday as a couple and going with her to choose undies for the trip.
    Finally when they return, sitting down with her to discuss how financially she could afford to move in with him and as a reward for your help in paying their bills she lets you lick her arsehole. Later, you would be allowed to have photos on your wall of them as a couple and photos in private of them having unbridled dirty sex.
    Your reward for all this would be for them to visit you and watch you wanking while they cuddle each other and he strokes her arse through her clingy dress.

    One of my extreme fantasies would be that her friend that she worked with would phone me to tell me that she was cheating on me and it was only right that I knew. Everybody else would know. The slower she would reveal the details and depth of her affair so to not to hurt me, the better. The more reluctant to answer my probing questions as to what was going on, the more intense for me as she slowly revealed the truth anyway.
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  20. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    Actually a scenario of extreme cuckoldry which I have thought about for many years is the wife or girlfriend being taken to a lovely hot holiday destination by a financially well off guy. You would know they were enjoying themselves on the beach and having lovely meals together before they retired to their luxury hotel for filthy uninhibited sex.
    Photos sent to you of your loved one in a tiny bikini just, but only just, covering the crack of her cunt - she laying next to him and smiling at the camera for you would be mind blowing. Photos in their room of her posing in kinky boots and underwear would equally be just as balls emptying. As would the photos of her being fucked and her spunk filled mouth. She would text you to say she was having a lovely time and finish by saying "I love you - but I love him too".
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