what is the most extreme act of cuckolding?

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by kinkyone, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. mrsmr

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    I think if you read my posts, you'll see that my situation is probably just about as extreme as you could get. Of course you never know
  2. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    I don't know if this is the most extreme act of cuckolding, but certainly the most cruel for me is when my wife has told me that she wants a vanilla lifestyle and no longer wishes to cuckold me. Thankfully this only last till her lover contacts her for a weekend away. They are in a long distance relationship and only are able to she each other several times a year.
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  3. christinebitg

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    I completely agree with that, surfrider. Unfortunately, I don't get the respite you mentioned. :(

  4. stuckcuck

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    hadn't thought about this in some time but once I had to pick up my wife at the airport when she was returning from a trip to Spain with her boyfriend, they walked into baggage claim separately and I immediately knew something was wrong. my wife handed me her baggage claim tickets and said she wanted me to fetch her bags and while I was over there I had to tell R (her boyfriend) that she was through with him, in other words I had to break up with her lover. when I told him he just smirked and said, "sure, whatever she says". he was right, within the week she spent the night with him.
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  5. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Stuckcuck, that would be going too far for me. She wants to break up with him, she'll have to do it herself.


  6. TnDriver

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    The most extreme act of Cuckolding I've experienced

    That would be when my late wife got in the mood to be really kinky, since most of my family knew already after she had had a child by her black lover, was seeing how many of my family members she could seduce opnely. The wife was very bi as well. The list includes father, mother, both sisters, several of my cousins, 3 uncles, 4 of my nephews, her brother and his wife, her sister and her husband, her parents ( most all the incest acts were one off just for the pure kink of it), and the final two were both my adult children from a previous marriage a son and daughter. The longest running affair she had was with my mother they had close to a ten year affair. My youngest son was either fathered by either my brother or hers. She never took birth control as she was allergic to the most common late 80s and she despised condoms. Her affairs started not long after we got married when she found that I had had a vasectomy and couldn't father any more kids. She died of breast cancer in 2000.
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  7. sig220

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    Most Extreme?
    One early Saturday evening we went to this real nice, popular bar/restaurant on the water nearby, Big place, 3 bars, dining in or out, big dance floor, great music playing, real crowded, including folks we know, familiar faces, etc.
    Sitting at the table are my wife, her Bull, and me, holding my 1 year old Jameel on my lap since he's real fussy. Now I think ya suspect where THIS is going.
    My 30 year old wife is hot, 5' tall, 105, petite with her shapely body back in shape after childbirth, dressed in a nice sophisticated, but suggestively slutty short dress, sporting her engagement and wedding rings. Her Bull is a big guy, coal black, shaved, 6'3", muscular 235 or so, a loud but not obnoxious guy holding court at the table, chatting up all around us while my wife sits across the table close to him playing his happy sidekick. Everyone's having a good time.
    Then there's me and Jameel. I'm in my usual forrest gump plaid shirt, slacks, and loafers. Jameels wearing his little mike Tyson t-shirt, and he's a spitting image of his dad the Bull, but medium black with that very curly hair tempered with my wife's lighter tones. Jameel's whimpering, wrestling, not really making a scene but he's calling more attention to our table, as my wife and Bull go up to the dance floor for a slow dance.... a close, semi-grind, with whispering and smiling. Head's all around are spinning, with the holy-rollers doing a 360.
    As they next faster song comes on, my wife's hollers to me "honey, order us some more drinks!". The Bull sounds off, "Make mine a double, you're driving!" I dutifully obey.
    By this time, folks all around are looking for cameras, mouth's wide open, like this is the Jackass movie or something.
    Back to the table they come, laughing and hootin, chatting up nearby tables again, toasting each other.
    A little later, my wife says loudly across the table "honey, we have to go home now. We're going in the hot tub and you have to change all those bed linens. So give me the keys and we'll be out in the car,.... and wipe that ice cream off Jameel's face." So out they go while I wipe his dodging face, and then Jameel and I start looking for the waitress to pay our bill. I wrestle him into the stroller and we head out.
    That's sorta extreme ya think?
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  8. knocor

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    This thread is dead for sometime. But here is mine. Just fantasy though and very bad idea in real life imho. And that would be penectomy. Just remove that cock and leave balls intact. So you get all the horniness without ever possibly fuck again. Thats like ultimate solution of how to say, you penis was worthless. But you will still be horny, so begging for being fucked may bring some other fun stuff on the table. Anyway, like I said, bad idea, perhaps hot fantasy. Its like really really permanant chastity.
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  9. Nic

    Nic New Member

    Ok here's mine, my beautiful wife is a nurse and works at our local hospital where she has no end of hot bulls both Nurses and Dr's to keep her satisfied, the topic of a vasectomy for me came up and she arranged for the procedure to be done so one Saturday morning we attended the hospital and was taken to a quiet location and we were locked in a small room with just a bed and desk , i was quickily stripped and told to lay on the bed a short while later a knock on the alerted us and my wife opened the door to this large Blk Dr and quickly locked the door again once inside , he wasted no time in cleaning the area before a small incision was made each side of my scrotum and my sperm pipes were cut and tied off never to be used again, when stitched and finished i was told to get up and go and sit at the small desk, My wife wasted no time in getting on the bed and opening her legs for the Dr to fuck her long and hard , as the Dr cock was see sawing in and out of her very wet pussy she told me she was just paying the Dr for his services in giving me my Vasectomy and the only spunk she will be receiving from now on will be thick creamy and fertile from other men.
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  10. Silverback

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    This is a true story, but the names have been changed to protect the guilty. "Butch" was the local realtor and "Di" was his wife. Apparently Di was too stupid to pass the state realtors license exam. That proved inconvenient when Butch had a catastrophic stroke. The realty office needed a licensed realtor so Di had to bring Butch home after two years of rehab. He was wheelchair bound and unable to to speak or write, but it was his office. Unfortunately, Di had a new lover, Dwayne, that her and Butch's little girls now called "Daddy", even in front of Butch, who was still Di's husband but powerless to do anything about it.
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  11. asianfun

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    There are probably two incidents that I found difficult. My GF started a mini relationship with my boss. I would have to prepare her, wear an indian saree and server them dinner. At one point I was made to dance like an indian bollywood actress for them. I then would have to watch my boss fuck my gf on our bed and had to lick his hot gooey cum off her face and chest. Alternatively, she would bring home condoms she has used with him or the guy she was fucking at her own office. She would make me very horny over the evening and then cut me off unless I ate the loads. She would slowly drip the condom's contents in to my mouth and then we would kiss and cum swap.

    On a seperate occasion, we were on holiday and we went to a bdsm club in Germany. She invited back a few dommes and slaves back to our hotel room. Again, I was made to wear a saree, lingerie and heels for the whole night. She and her friends fucked me hard with a large strapons. I was then made to suck the one of the slaves and lick his balls. He came in mouth while my gf forced me to face fuck him. I then had to lick my own gooey cum from another dommme's breasts. I had been in chastity for the whole holiday so I came really hard and thick.
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  12. rayw8756

    rayw8756 New Member

    That can be done.
  13. T3ckTon1k

    T3ckTon1k Member

    One of the most extreme is when the bull steals your gf. Considerig that she was your only true gf and you still love her and you would forgive her anytime. I begged her kneeling not to leave me after she cheated on me. Now I am their slave, I get to lick and suck. At least, he is straight and does not enjoy my bjs too much and he does not get jealous when I kiss my ex, neither even when she sucked me a little.
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  14. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    The worst I've ever seen was one of my besties put on a show and was the lead opposite her ex. Her husband was an extra for nude shower scene with the male lead (his wife's ex) and in front of hundreds of people, many of their friends and family, talking about how much bigger her ex's penis is than her hubby's. The visual evidence was on display for the audience.

    When they put it together they wanted the lead to stand out and she knew her ex could fit the role, so to speak. They asked for extras to be smaller than average, and she asked her hubby to stand in. I think her hubby has balls - I should know, I saw them :) - I didn't think he would actually go through with it, but he did.
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  15. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    The most ecstream (sic) ever act of cuckolding against me was my second wife's cheating on me with my enviably well-hung 20 year-old best buddy and insisting he fuck her bareback. He did, cumming in her like a tipped-over-milk bottle three times (as she delightedly related to me and he considerately confirmed to me in private) which was painfully visible to me when I unexpectedly confronted her coming naked from our bedroom where her lover was still resting on our bed. At the time he fucked her my wife and I were using the Rhythm Method as our only contraceptive measure. Amongst several other limp excuses my wife came up with to explain her fucking him when she did, was that she was in the middle of her cycle at the time and "naturally" so horny for him that she "just got carried away". By him of course---into our bedroom. My trust of her was instantly destroyed by that and was nowhere near being restored by the time she left me for him 4 weeks later---in the middle of her next cycle of course. Another month later my buddy somewhat apologetically revealed to me he had impregnated her the first time he fucked her, which he felt free to do after she had sworn to him---with her hands on her cheating heart---that she was on the Pill. Which she wasn't. Ecstream enough?
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  16. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    Ouch. Sorry, Michael.
  17. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    I asked my husband this question, I was curious what his answer would be. He first said it was one time, before he saw my boobs but just after we started going out I made him turn out around while I flashed one of my guys friends. He said he felt angry and humiliated by that. Then after a minute he told me it was a time when we were engaged, he gave me permission to have sex with other guys and I was having a threesome with a guy and one of the girls at a camp I worked at. I asked him if he wanted a threesome with second woman. He declined, but I kept insisting he'd love being covered in naked women and smothering him with breasts. He agreed and so I invited him down to join the three of us, he drove all the way to our camp (a good two hour drive) but my friend chickened out at the idea of my hubby joining us at the last minute, so I made him sit outside my room while I had the threesome with the traditional crew. He said that was the shittiest he'd ever felt about it.
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  18. denvercouple71

    denvercouple71 Active Member

    I guess the most extreme was bareback dogging on Denver streets. Around 5 years ago, my wife and I lost our minds on cuckold life style and had no limits to look for the hottest, extreme fuck. Dogging began one night we were going back home late. Both were a little bit frustrated that she hasn't found anyone on the pub we were to fuck her. We left and when driving home we saw a guy walking down the street and decided to stop... She talked to him a little bit and gave him a blow job.
    That made us so hot that we decided to go out every night to look for strangers. As I mentioned before, that was at a time we accepted anything on cuckold. The dogging went very frequently and also went far beyond blow jobs. She began to fuck those estrangers. One night, she was fucking a stranger on the backseat but the condom ripped and they didn't realize... When the stranger came, my wife felt his sperm in her pussy... She had then the most unbelievable orgasm in her entire life...
    She asked for more bareback dogging. We both knew the risks but we had lost our minds... Her orgasms were so fucking intense that we couldn't stop. We only stopped when she got a SDT. Thanks God it was nothing serious but it was enough for us to step back and stop with that craziness.
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  19. The1hung1

    The1hung1 Member

    Some extremes my wife and i been through we were together 7years and 3years into cuckolding... My wife fucks my friend in friday and me right after... Then had a saturday lunch date with her bf. Came home i ate her pussy she then went out with her friends that night and end up fucking and stayung the night with her friends cousin comes home sunday and fucks me monday comes and a guy she been talking to on tinder wants to pick her up i tell her to go... He picks her up they had dinner and go back to his place i guess hes rich my wife fucks him she comes home a bit drunk and tells me he fucked her in her ass i lick her asshole and you can tell how stretched her asshole was i soak.her ass and slide my cock right in
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  20. Dantheman

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    the most extreme act of cuckolding:
    (1). your wife leaving you to be with her lover
    (2). cuckold pregnancy
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