what is the most extreme act of cuckolding?

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by kinkyone, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. kinkyone

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    I am curious to hear what is the most extreme act of cuckolding? To the cuckoldress and hot wife, what have you truthfully requested, made or put the cuckold through? What have you thought of doing? now days cuckolding sometimes involves BDSM, fetishes of all kinds, or the wife workes it in to a permanent poly house hold with the lover and husband.
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  2. DomMorgan

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    BDSM is a fetish? You mean it is not mainstream? (grin) My answer is not something I have personally done. But I have known two groups who did it. Two submissive women moved in with one dominant male. They were both submissive, and therefore had sex with each other as he desired.

    Curiously, I got the same offer when I was switching from my convenient live-in to my future wife. The live-in was truly bi, and we plotted a birthday celebration for my future wife with whipped cream and cherries. But in advance, we agreed that from the nipples, she would head South while I headed toward a kiss on the upper lips.

    It worked amazing well. My future wife raised her hips and began gasping in pleasure once she had a female tongue buried in her. It was truly an enjoyable evening.

    And yet, the lady I was living with came up with the idea of the three of us living together. But then, in a moment of frustration, she told our neighbors about the plan, which we hadn't even devised. I guess she was trying to cling. But bringing in the neighbors was probably not her best move.

    Hence, I am with my wife, not with the other lady. Therefore, I'll refer to the other two triads that I knew about. And for one night, I had it as well. Well, I've been to far larger sexual parties than that. But when the lady I was with (my sexual submissive/slave by the way) joined me with my future wife (also my sexual submissive/slave), well, that is a night I wil never forget.

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  3. EmmaK

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    being a real slut

    I think the toughest thing I ever put Scott through was something that wasn't even intentionally hard. Last year I went to a sex club with a marine friend and Scott stayed home babysitting. It wasn't that I didn't want him to come or that I forbade him to come. It was either I went with the marine or didn't go at all. We didn't have anyone else to babysit so Scott got the job.

    I fucked the marine and one other guy, sucked a couple of random cocks, and ended up covered in cum.

    For Scott, not being able to witness what he still considers my sluttiest moment, was real torture.

    I think Scott is forever hoping for me to get into that kind of situation again while he is there.
  4. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Wait til you all get a load (ahem) of my new book - the Ultimate Cuckold Idea Guide (tentative title). It is chock FULL of very nasty situations and ideas you can use. I've surprised even myself. I'll give out a sampling later this week, possibly even tomorrow.
  5. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    Thank you for the great replies so far

    I read a thread on another site about a woman that had been seeing her lover for a about a year or so and was really falling for him. She had trained her cuck very well to the point to where he was fully submissive to her and her lover. she had the cuck fixing breakfast for them and delivering it to them in bed, paying for vacations for the two of them, she had him fully submissive to the point of servicing the lover when needed in any way, washing there cars, and doing chores around the house. So to make a long story short. One night she was lying next to her lover and they were talking about different subjects and he mentioned to her that he wanted to settle down with some one and eventually get married. She liked what they had developed together and did not want it to end, so she had the idea of the ultimate act of cuckolding for hubby. She would tell hubby that he was loved and would always be with her no matter what as they agreed but she is going to divorce him and marry the lover and settle down with him. Hubby you will now be the real servant to us and do what ever we ask so you’re routine that you do for me and him will be everyday now. You will be with us in the house and continue to be our servant, butler, chore boy and be with us during our love making sessions and have clean up duties on both of us and still be involved as usual but it will now happen on a daily basis.
  6. jcoldstream

    jcoldstream New Member

    I think that's wonderful, but of course if you married your lover then you would want to cuckold him too with another male, wouldn't you? I wouldn't give up the freedom to make love with anyone I please, however wonderful sex with the intending husband might be.

    I think the most extreme act of cuckolding I can think of is ending all penetrative sex and buying a CB2000 for him and a Tollyboy for yourself as protection.

  7. Ohsobadd

    Ohsobadd Active Member

    The Most extreme?

    The end of my first marriage and I was openly cuckolding my husband. I admit that through sheer selfishness I wanted to cause him pain. And the more I did the more he accepted. The shrinks would have had a field day with me back then...lol

    I was in the process of f***ing in my marriage bed when hubby came home quite unexpectedly. He opened the bedroom door as I was riding this lover. He demanded to know what was going on...feeling particularly evil I told him something to the effect of...

    "Honey I am fucking. I am fucking a real man in your bed. And he is giving me a real man's cock... something you seem unable to give me. And I am doing everything I can to drain his big balls into my hungry pussy." I recall feeding my lover my nipples and telling hubby, "Look at how hard my nipples are for him darling...you should have been her earlier & you could have watched while I wrapped my tits around his cock and let it shoot it's first warm load allo over me...now either sit down and shut up and watch him fuck me for you or get the hell out..."

    Hubby stood there shocked so I kissed my lover and told him something such as, "come on baby fill me with your sticky load. Flood my pussy with all you have...show my husband how a real man fucks his wife...do it for me baby...you can tell all your friends how you fucked me in front of my husband while I begged you for your cum..."

    Hubby left. We continued and when my lover came, I was loud in praise since I knew hubby was sitting in the living room listening...when he left I walked him to the door and kissed him deeply in front of hubby, stroking his cock and thanked him for giving me everything he couldn't. My lover left and I showered and then made hubby take me to dinner...

    I was a terrible Bitch.

    :::Just a recollection:::

    Ps. My lover at the time was the neighbor's son, all of 19 who was mowing our yard for the summer...
  8. LakesCoupleUK

    LakesCoupleUK New Member

    Ultimate almost came true for us

    This nearly happened to us for real. Unfortunately the man decided to give his broken marriage one more chance and all the plans to create a triad, similar to that described above, disappeared. He still stays in contact but the deep emotional feelings from back then have subsided now.
  9. horndog5061

    horndog5061 New Member

    Most Humiliating? Pregnancy!
  10. M'sManinFL

    M'sManinFL New Member

    My perverse mind has many thoughts on this... but realistcally only one is the most extreme... that is assuming total commitment and that my wife would never leave me... that would be pregnancy which is something my wife has admitted to being aroused by...
  11. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    ( to lakescoupleuk)I am sorry that the plans with him fell through and he went back to his wife. As a submissive cuck like my self that would love to be owned by my wife and treated like a servant and object and be forced to witness there long love making sessions and what i could not make love to any more would be disapointing for me.
  12. blahblah

    blahblah New Member

    Marry to the lover?

    I had to post because I thought this went with another thread I started asking women about the possibility of falling in love with their lovers. I think it would be safe to assume that a woman would have fallen for a lover of she was willing to divorce her husband and marry him.

    So is that the ultimate cuckolding? To break the vow that started it all? I do believe the brain is the biggest sex organ and to see the woman you love, your former wife, leave you and take another man as her husband, is the ultimate mindscrew/ betrayal. It would be worse not even being allowed to live in the house. Only invited over to the house when it suited them. Buying christmas and birthday presents. Taking them out to dinner on their special occasions such as anniversaries or job promotions. Seeing how happy they are, laughing together. Having her look at you across the table with a grateful look for your understanding while she caresses her husband intimately. Hearing her whisper in her husband's ear, asking him if you could be allowed to come home with them. Then hearing him give a negative under his breath. Then sitting there waiting for the check you will pick up and pretending you did not know what just happened. Then saying good-bye in the parking lot as she gives you another look of pity and a final "thank you" for the nice dinner. Just when you think she loves you most, this woman who you once called "wife", she turns around as the wind blows her light silky dress across her legs, showing the form of her youthful ass you know will soon be ravaged. You smell the spring air as she gets into the car where he's waiting and their soft laughter at an intimate joke tickles the ear...

    ...Eventually watching their family grow with babies, then children who will learn to call you "uncle". Maybe one day she will come back to you and marry you when he dumps her.

    The question is, if you all will forgive the above fantasy in this thread, would you wait for her? Would this not be the ultimate cuckold and chastity?
  13. LakesCoupleUK

    LakesCoupleUK New Member

    Marrying the Lover

    Wow Blahblah - That is a pretty extreme fantasy. Not sure if it could be carried off on those days when the libido is low and you are suffering from a headache but on those days when the hormones are pumping it would be mind blowing to the extreme.
    Thanks for sharing that one with us.
  14. kinkyone

    kinkyone New Member

    marrying the lover

    I believe that you can not prevent love from happening and I would expect it to come when my wife finally meets the man that she really enjoys, However we have made a commitment together that I would always be with her and that I am locked to her for life. I told her that if it should happen to where she wants to be with him then it would be to there benefit that I stay with them and that I would love to be used as there servant, nanny, butler, maid and house boy for them and to make there lives easier. she would enjoy very much it because she likes to dominate over me and she would enjoy me making there lives easier as she gets to rub in and torcher me on how now he is her new man and he makes love to her and I only get to watch and be there house boy.

    It would be my benefit because I would be able to see up close there love for one another grow. watching them cuddling on the couch together watching t.v.
    she looks over at me watching her cuddle with him. She then proceeds to slide her hand down his stomach and into his pants fondling him, She looks back over to me and smiles in a teasing and taunting way. me making them dinner for them and watching him come home from work and her face light up and greeting him at the door and giving him a huge hug and a kiss as he puts both hands on her ass and pulls her tightly to him as they kiss. Watching her look at me with an evil smile of enjoyment of how now she is all his and now I am there house boy for them and gets to watch them. She purposely leaves the door open when they make love so she can rub in when there voices and moans carry thought the house and I hear what I am not able to have any more with her.
  15. poop00

    poop00 New Member

    Most extreme act

    The most extreme act would be if the Bull ends up owning both your wife and your daughter and has a 3some with them.

    To top that, he lives in your house on the weekend and your wife and daughter do his bidding while you sit there and cry. And the ultimate mindscrew would be if your daughter and wife both get pregnant with his children and you're left to take care of the mess.

    I don't think anyone can top that :D.
  16. CaseySprings

    CaseySprings New Member

    Ultimate extreme cuckholding...

    The house boy chores thing is all very well and good, but the act of actually witnessing your wife being fucked and inseminated with 2-3 men, at least one of which is inter-racial, then eating the cum from her pussy and licking it off her tits before cleaning off her lovers cocks is a little more to the point...
  17. SPCuck

    SPCuck Cuckold Obsessive

    I like the one about owning the cuck's wife AND daughter, but I've thought about the cuckoldress embarking on a porn career. She would take cucky along to all her shoots and announce to the whole cast and crew that her pathetic spineless husband was going to watch, and, where possible, employ him as a fluffer for the guys who are going to be fucking her in front of him. After that, she could take things a step further and sell him unwillingly into gay porn where he would suck cock and get his ass fucked all day long, and she would take the pay packet.
  18. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Going here:

    Untitled Document

    Purchasing the certificate, and posting it on your workplace wall or some other public area where many people see it.
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  19. popit

    popit New Member

    I have heard many while reading. The most profound I think, is this.
    A man had his penis cut off, his uretha was routed inside his body by surgery, into his anus. Thus, he urinated out of his ass. He also could not cum without anal stimulation, and even then the orgasm is like a milking, not quite an orgasm, almost, just a little cum that comes out of the ass. His balls dangled, and he was in constant need of sex, never completely satisfied. One time he wrote that he constantly needs to be penetrated to relieve his build up of cum. However , his wife never lets me, only once a month she will milk him. He thought he was going insane from lack of sexual release.
    I think that is the most extreme
  20. SPCuck

    SPCuck Cuckold Obsessive

    I hope that's not true. That would be clinically insane.
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