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What is it About Your Wife that You Feel Other Men Find Attractive?

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by mywifescuck, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member


    As I sit here and look through the wonderful posts, I can't help but think about my wife and how much I love her. I also got to thinking about what it is about her that I think other men must find attractive/are drawn to/enjoy.

    My wonderful Kimberly is a beautiful woman. She's 5'5", has thick auburn hair that falls to her shoulders, green eyes that can break your heart or break your will, and a smile that can melt any man's (or woman's) heart. She's a full figured woman with curves in all the right places. Her breasts are her "main feature," being full and natural. Her skin is creamy, and she has these freckles on her chest that makes one want to faint.

    Now, I know immediately men are drawn to her breasts...they can't help but be. I also know that her face is a perfect mixture of innocent and naughty that can really get a guy's imagination running.

    But I also think that men are drawn to Kimberly's attitude. She is a happy, cheerful, friendly woman who people want to be around. She is also confident and comfortable with who she is. For me, I think these qualities go a long way toward making her attractive to others.

    And if you are on the receiving end of one of her cute but wicked smiles--and she smiles with her whole face, her lips, and especially her eyes--you'd be lost.

    So I was wondering what it is about your wives that you feel make them attractive to other men...so much so that other men would want to have sex with them.

    This is such an interesting topic for me because I think it touches on so many of the reasons why a cuckold would want to be cuckolded.
  2. mymsft

    mymsft New Member

    Men are drawn to her breast. They are large. And she uses them to get all the sex she wants. I pick out her clothes and send her out dressed to show off her charms.
  3. Toson

    Toson Active Member

    My wife doesn't have large breasts, but she still has a nice figure. She has a thin waist and a cute face and a nice smile. Plus, she has a habit of making really long eye contact with other men. I bet they love that about her.
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  4. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member

    She sounds like a great wife...and you sound like a wonderful husband!
  5. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member

    I think breasts in all their variations are beautiful!

    And a cute face, cute smile, and long eye contact? I bet she can get just about anything she wants from anyone she wants. I just love a woman who is so self-assured.
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  6. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    our wives are beautiful women, no doubt that would be enough to attract the men they seek, but there is a vibe they send out to the men they desire that let's them know they are open to their advances. a smile, a touch on the arm, some sort of signal to these alpha males that says i'm married but available.
  7. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    L isn't extroverted, doesn't wear sexy clothes most of the time, nor does she approach men often on her own. She's petite, with average-sized (though deliciously shaped) breasts, so physically, no one would ever accuse her of trolling for men. But should she ever happen to meet a man with her undefinable kind of chemistry, she can and does allow just a hint of siren through the almost childlike innocence she wears constantly. It's this combination of innocence and sexiness that most men can't resist.

    But when I'm with her, I've found it's often about how I react as well. Men on the prowl, real players, have multiple sets of radar tuned to any small detail that signals a ripe opportunity to bed her. If I'm good-natured about his advances, enthusiastically approving when he flatters her, appearing clueless about the sparks between them, and if L responds by ignoring me and making serious eye contact with him, he senses a perceived chink in the armor of our relationship and almost immediately takes advantage of it.

    I'm always aware of my physical distance from both he and L, and find that as I slowly, inch by inch, move away from L, the guy moves in, until their normal personal "comfort zones" overlap, with me looking on. When L moves closer to him as well as they talk, she sends a clear signal that she just might be available. If she sends the signals repeatedly as I stand by without objection, most men know they've cleared the final hurdle to getting in her pants, and usually don't care or even think about her husband. If I give them more space by "wandering off to the men's room", all they have to do is decide on the time and place. No one can resist the acceptance in L's eyes, once she's set the hook.

  8. wifedateshubwaits

    wifedateshubwaits Active Member


    You have just described my favorite way for my wife to meet lovers. It hasn't happened often since most men are intimidated by having a husband present, but over the years my wife and I have had a number of occasions where she will be hit on right in front of me. Usually it has just resulted in the exchange of telephone numbers, but there have been some very exciting times where she has gone home with another guy leaving me to my own devices.

    Since my wife plays a cheating wife role, I try and make myself scarce if I sense that she is interested in another guy. I'm sure that people think I must be the most naive husband in the world as my wife openly flirts in my presence. All I know is that my wife has told me that men who are unafraid to approach her when she is with me generally make good lovers. There is something incredibly erotic about a self assured alpha male openly seducing my wife regardless of my presence that my wife and I find very exciting.
  9. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member

    Oh my, these responses are absolutely beautiful and, I feel, perfect summations of what makes our wives the wonderful women they are. It is obvious why we love them and it is obvious why this lifestyle is perfect for them (and us). To see a wife so confident, comfortable, and happy fans the flames of love!

    Reading these posts just confirms the deep and devoted feelings I have and makes me proud to be a part of something so beautiful.
  10. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    My wife is 5'8" and mostly long SEXY legs which she OFTEN shows off by wearing skirts or short, shorts (daisy dukes are the BEST). Her ass is to die for. And with her 36c tits she is a VERY attractive piece. But since she usually only beds guys we know WELL. she doesnt have to worry about whether a guy will be hitting on her or not. She generally tells me when she wants a guy and its my job to invite him over for drinks, and she will spend the evening seducing him. I am usually present the whole time but if it becomes obvious the guy is uncomfortable with me being nearby I usually find an excuse to leave them alone. I soooooo prefer the guys that dont mind me being there. Watching her in the process of the seduction is actually somewhat more excitiing than actually watching them fuck. Which of course i also LOOOOVE.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  11. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member

    I think "having a job" is a great thing, particularly if it involves making my wife and her man more comfortable/happy. It is jus one more way to show devotion and love.

    And I agree that the seduction is a powerful time...and well worth the enjoyment!
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  12. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I suppose I'm most amazed that so many men will flirt with L as I stand there beside her. Most of the time it doesn't go beyond flirting, but even then, it's a fascinating study in male character. Sometimes I wonder if I stepped between he and L, waved my arms in the air, and whistled Dixie, he'd even notice me. And it isn't only the in-your-face players - it's many men who never intend to tempt fate and take her to bed. It's as though no barrier exists between their fantasy world and the present, for just those few minutes that L is the object of their lust. Then, all it takes to de-mesmerize them is a few gentle touches from L - that usually sends the innocent dreamers running.

    All this used to drive me insane back when L and I were dating. Guys hit on her constantly, everywhere we went. There was no finesse - within the first minute some were touching her hair, even fingering the buttons down the front of her blouse as they suggested "we get together sometime". I remember standing there, too shocked to say anything, expecting L to tell them, "Get lost. I'm with him". She did let them know, politely, almost reluctantly I thought at the time, that she wasn't interested. I always thought she let it go on too long though. She always giggled about it, usually within hearing distance as the guy walked away. It really pissed me off. But only for a few seconds, until she gave me that smile, the same smile she gave them, the one that says, "I'm yours".

    Looking back, she had it way back then. I just didn't know how expertly she could use it - that look - the hair, the body, the face, the smile, and something else undefinable, an aura that seems to let men know that maybe, just maybe, she's available.

    Last edited: Jun 22, 2011
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  13. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member

    I am constantly amazed at the absolute power of a smile...or a look in the eye. It is thrilling that Kimberly can hold such sway over me in such a simple way.
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  14. swampdragon

    swampdragon New Member

    Wow my wifesucks, had to take a double take there, my wife's name is Kimberly and you described her to a tee. Kept looking to see if I had wrote it and just could not remember. For me, I want other men to experience her and discover just how wonderful she truly is, to find all the pleasure she has to offer.
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  15. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member

    LOL! Perhaps you and I were separated at birth...as were our wonderful wives! Here's to full-figured women with eyes and smiles that hint at the treasures within!
  16. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    married over 20yrs , my wife may not have the same youthful figure she had at 17 when we first married. and her long legs and big boobs are initially what attracts a man's attention, and if she is interested she knows how to play up to him. i can't explain it exactly , but she knows how to make a man feel like a man. that's if the man is worthy, unlike me.
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  17. mywifescuck

    mywifescuck New Member

    Time after time I am enthralled by hearing about wives who have that certain, special confidence that attracts other men. That is what makes us love them, I'm sure!
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  18. watchedwife

    watchedwife Member

    My wife has long hair down to her ass, and has small tits (32B) and is very petite, looks so innocent until you get her in bed then she becomes a nymphomaniac.
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  19. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    She is a confident Woman who knows what She wants and how to get it...

    and the rest is history...

    if any physical detail should be given, She is all legs (5'11)...:)
  20. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    I could easily say it's her large tits that flatten out like comfortable pillows when she lays on her back. Her large nipples that when they are hard from being so excited are as large as a tip of a thumb begging to be sucked on.

    Or her incredibly smooth, wet pussy that grips your cock like a velvet glove.

    But the main reason is her enthusiasm. She is a very erotic, sensual woman that loves getting fucked. Very active and vocal. There is no doubt when she has an orgasm. Seeing and hearing that is the number one reason for letting another man experience that.

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