What is better: wife/gf denies or is disinterested in sex with you?

Discussion in 'Methods, Techniques and Advice' started by UCUM666, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. UCUM666

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    I don't post on here as much as I used to. Some of you may recollect my stories, but basically my story is my g/f and my sex life has dwindled over the past couple years (been together over six) to virtually nothing now. We're affectionate and still very much care for each other. But sex is basically nil. On our most recent vacation together to Dominican Republic for a week, we had "sex" once. And that was not penetrative sex. She buzzed herself with a vibrator while I sucked on her tits, and then after she came, I beat off while she vibrated my nipples (which for some reason has become my thing in recent months). I even asked her if she wanted to hop on top of my erect cock, which was standing pretty tall at over 5-1/2", but she didn't even answer me and conveyed without response she had no interest in actually fucking me. Anyway, and keep in mind we are a bit on the older side at mid-50's but decent shape and physical health, just wondering how many guys, gals, our couples prefer the situation where the gal denies the guy sex but maybe there's still sexual interest; versus the lady that just doesn't have any interest in you any more. I would think the former would be better, but many of the posts I've read on here over time leads me to believe some guys actually like just not being of any sexual interest to their women. Would love to here your thoughts on this. Jeff S.
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  2. Worth It

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    It's good to have you back.

    I've become sort of addicted to nipple play as well. Gently flicking and sucking as we fuck.

    For me that would be the end. Audrey is interested anytime I am. Hell, even my exwife and I continued fucking after we split.
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    Definitely the former. "Sex" comes in MANY forms so you and her definitely had Sex on your vacation, if only once. Maybe not in others minds but it's yours and her minds that are important. As for me I preferred Many kinds of Sex but with always the promise of penetrative Sex at least occasionally, even if only as a tease. To remind me of what I'm missing and other Men are not. To Me that was the Best of both Worlds then.

    P.S. My nipples are pretty much Always Hard now.

    Welcome Back and Good Luck.
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  4. bricbat

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    My wife expresses sexual interests, but not any interest in me. It's painful and a turn-on at the same time.
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    My g/f happens to be down in Puerto Vallarta right now. Normally I go down there with her each year, but decided to pass up this time. She told me over the phone the other day she's going out with a guy friend of hers tomorrow that she's been friends with for many years down in PV (and I know him too as I've met him and we've gone out on several occasions whale watching, etc; he's a real estate agent there, and actually a really nice guy). Well tomorrow happens to be Valentine's Day and, just so happens this guy broke up with his g/f not too long ago, so is free and I know like's my g/f. He's also in really good shape and looks really good for his age. We're all in our mid-50's. I'm going to be talking to my g/f here in the next hour or so, and will casually mention the fact she's going out with him on Valentine's Day to see how she reacts, and what she says. Whatever her intentions, I'm not overly jealous by any means, but there's always just that tiny bit of a "twinge" in your gut when you're thinking about someone you care about. We'll see what happens. Should be interesting. JS
  6. Worth It

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    Not only will you get over it, you'll learn to love it then crave your woman getting sexual pleasure from other guys.
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  7. UCUM666

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    After I wrote that post yesterday, I talked with her later in the evening. I mentioned to her that it didn't escape my notice that she'd be going out with him on Valentines Day evening. She laughed and said she hadn't even realized it when they both were talking about a time that would work for them. Either way, I kidding told her I'd be calling her every-hour-on-the-hour tonight. She laughed. And of course I wasn't serious. The funny thing, and a bit ironic too, is that she had somehow come down with a cold, so she was congested and caughing when I was talking to her. Now I'm picturing him trying to put his best moves on her as she has drips coming off her nose, and then caughs every time he starts trying to move the conversation to something more intimate. HAHA. Can't wait to talk to her tomorrow to see how it all went!! JS
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  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    The urge will be there and he'll be fucking her doggy. Her pussy will be working just fine.

    When Audrey is feeling under the weather, she says that a good, quick orgasm helps her sleep better.
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