What is a sissy to do?

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Should I become the sissy I desire to be or repress it?

  1. Sissy fag

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  2. Try and be a straight man

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  1. Sissycuck87

    Sissycuck87 Member

    so reason I am posting this is a story. Since I was young I always enjoyed the thought of being a girl. As a kid I would pretend to change genders and put toys in my butt.

    I bought my first dildo the day I turned 18, and had sex with a guy at 19. I had my first girl at 20. I started dressing fully, past what I could steal from my mom as a kid, at 21 for a guy I met on Craigslist. I got married to my beautiful wife at 22.

    In the first year of our marriage she cheated. She came clean because of fear I would find out. I used this to tell her that I enjoyed dressing in women’s clothes and getting fucked in the ass by guys. She agreed to buying me clothes and let me have gay sex.

    Fast forward a few years she cheated again, I use cheated because it was without my knowledge. This time the guy recorded her sucking him off and sent it to me. I had an instant boner. This is where my cuckold life started. I wanted her to get fucked and tell me all about it.

    Fast forward a few more years she had found a bbc and fell for him. She told me she always secretly hated my gay side. In an attempt to save my marriage I threw away all my girl stuff and repressed all gay thoughts. After 5 months of trying to prove to her I wasn’t gay, she moved in with her bull for about 3 months. During all this I had zero sissy or gay thoughts. She ended up getting tired of him and moved back with me.

    Ok so here is my issue since she has been back all I want to do is be a sissy again. What the hell do I do?
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  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Be honest with one another and yourselves, try to talk it out to reach an acceptable (it won't be perfect) compromise. If you can't, part amicably.
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  3. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    "Worth it" has good advice. I would add, from my similar but of course with differences, learning's, this.

    I too have always had the feeling that I had a Strong feminine side, I too after my Sexual awakening, have been fascinated by Cocks and Cocks shooting cum, by the thought of swallowing cum, by how it would feel to be a girl and be penetrated by a cock in my holes ( since I only have 2 it was my ass being fucked and sucking cock that I was fantasizing about).

    But I never looked at Males Sexually ( still don't, unless I already know that they Lust me as a Gurl, then I can't help but want to flirt with and Pleasure them) I always looked at Females Sexually and still do.

    I too became a Cuckold after a series of things even though I didn't even know what a cuckold was ( described in Great detail in my Thread on my Decades of Cuckold Life). But during my decades as a cuckold though I slowly over time revealed my latent feminine side and desire for cock, and she fed those fantasies, including encouraging my desire to wear panties, hose, even a bra sometimes. Plus she Often encouraged my fantasies of me sucking her lovers and them fucking me. But for reasons that I can only guess at now, we never did it. Then she Passed.

    When I met my long time girlfriend I told myself I wasn't really a cuckold, didn't have a Strong feminine side, didn't desire Men and their cocks, wasn't a Submissive Sissy. I threw so much of the past Decades out including my limited lingerie, stopped beating off to cuckold stories, stopped eating my cum.

    But as that relationship soured for many reasons and I became more and more unhappy with many things in my life, I realized I had been Lying to myself about Who I Really was. I Really was a cuckold and I Really was a Sissy Gurl. That didn't happen overnight but over many years.

    To get to a end to my long insight, I didn't release that Sissy Gurl till I was mid 50's and as I am describing again in Great detail in my Sissy Gurl Thread, that inner Gurl took Great advantage of the body she still had and the pent up Man\Cock Lust she had for over 4 decades.

    So what I am saying is YOU already have had the Sissy Gurl taste of that side of YOU. And You have already had the throw it away denial and at least that time it reasserted itself.

    So before you talk to your wife sort at least some of that out for Yourself because it is Your Life You are Living NOT ours.

    Therefore I will not vote on your survey because I am Not You.
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I lack an appreciation for the subtleties of sex, but I haven't changed over the years other than falling in love with and marrying a woman who likes to have sex with other men and women, because she's Worth It.
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  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    No, not at all, you're like we pretty much all are in that you and the rest of us all start out with differences and then have different experiences in our lives. Then we add in the limitation of the fact that we all are at different year points in our lives.
    So you are at one point and others are at another based upon beginning differences combined with different experiences and the timeframe they have been collected.

    All of that is where any of us draw our advice to others from. Which will probably be different advice after we collect more experience from more years, whatever they bring.

    As I told the OP, you gave good advice.
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  6. Sissycuck87

    Sissycuck87 Member

    I really appreciate how deep and involved both you have gotten in your reply’s. I really need to find who I’m supposed to be and what makes my sexual happiest best.

    I know that I was happiest when she first met her bull. It was the sissy cuckold relationship I wanted. She would come home after being with him and tell me all about it. I would be dressed up. She denied me entry, we would masturbate like to girls would. The only sex I was aloud was with guys, but that all changed quick. It was to much for her.
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  7. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    MAYBE, it was all developing too fast and with more time and more communication you both could reach an acceptable comprise.
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  8. Sissycuck87

    Sissycuck87 Member

    Thanks everyone who voted so far. I was hoping for more but 100 percent so far for sissy is pretty self explanatory lol.
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  9. Sissycuck87

    Sissycuck87 Member

    Quick update on my situation. So this past weekend my wife and her bull, who were supposed to be done being a thing, got into a fight. My wife told me that for the last 3 months she has still been getting fucked by him on the regular. I have not yet fully decided if I want to put up with this still or call quits and become a sissy.
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  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You need to think and imagine your life both ways.
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  11. Sissycuck87

    Sissycuck87 Member

    So another update in the last few days my wife took a pregnancy test and low and behold she is carrying her black bulls baby. She wants to be with him. I have decided to come clean to her that I was still fighting my sissy ways and want to be a sissy. So all in all it’s May work out better for us both. I made a deal with her about getting a few videos of her humiliating me while she masturbates, plus one of her with him for personal jerking material. I also am begging her to give me mmf bi three way. That I have always wanted. I plan on that being the last time I ever see pussy again. Thank you all for your votes and there is another pure sissy entering the world. Lol muah
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