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What does this point to???

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by tractorman, May 11, 2017.


Am i becoming a sissy?

  1. No your a cuckold

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  2. Yep your a sissy in denial

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  1. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    aFirstly i am not sure I am posting in the right place, I am not a sissy I am a normal masculine bloke, 6ft 4, 18 stones happily married with a good job earning a good salary and dress well. We have the trappings of a well off couple which I suppose we are. I met my wife when she 16 just, she was a 100% virgin untouched by male hands however by the time we got married when she was 18 she had already offered herself to a chap in his mid 30s when she was 16 after id taken her virginity, she had allowed him to remove her top, kissed, fondled her then she bottled it, she confessed to me on the night and later she confessed it had been her intention to let him have her....fully. ( he had been trying to get into her school uniform since she was 15 he worked at her school) She had also admitted another mistake getting laid by a lad too on a drunken holiday. I forgave both for both of her "errors" Even then I liked other men looking at her and I would touch her if she allowed knowing they were watching.
    By the time she was mid 20s she had produced us a child, fucked the driving instructor, numerous times and was having a long term affair with my then best mate.
    When this came out we had a major bust up, it wasn't the sex that pissed me it was the deceit, (oh and the fact that she fucked the driving instructor during her lessons or finished him with a BJ after she drove around as he had his hand up her top or over her legs as he wanked her off as she drove then SHE paid him his fee for the lesson robbing bastard he used to tell me she was coming on slowly....right!)
    she agreed to stop but I realised she need the pleasures of another man occasionally and agreed she could providing I was involved or at least knew and agreed.

    What has followed has fulfilled both our desires me watching her with another man or men, cumming in my wife and a couple of threesomes, I even sold her as a whore a few times after advertising her, with her permission to specially selected men, always businessmen or well healed people of the legal trade etc. She commanded a lot of interest and even went abroad one time it wasn't the cash that remained in the safe and was irrelevant , I didn't need it what I needed was the kink. She liked the sex and entertainment as basically a whore or escort.

    From this she gained a boyfriend he has become a third person fully integrated into our marriage and still is years later, he is my best mate and my wife's lover secretly ...thankfully. Family and career wouldn't permit such a disgraceful thing.

    She has said she knew she loved me after a few weeks...still a virgin and knew she wanted to build her life with me (I had no idea) have my children and told her parents, she wanted to marry me she loved me and i would look after her and care for her forever, .... together we would forge our lives and careers which we have. didn't stop her offering her body elsewhere however..but I know she didn't mention that.

    She has always said she wanted me to be a man a true masculine man as I am and as I've always been and as her dad is. I love her, this "arrangement"has brought us closer together that's 100% true now we can discuss anything openly.

    However over the last few years with my consent fully I have become collared first, then my toe nails were painted and always are now bright colours , then I was asked to refrain from wearing underpants and to only wear women's knickers which I am more than happy to do too 100% of the time. This was followed by the fitment of a CB, provided by her boyfriend although that's not permanent.

    I was then asked to take Swanston pills which contain female hormones now I've a pair of man boobs

    The question if anyone has followed this, know its taken some getting too is am I on the road to becoming a sissy? I have no problems with anything I've been asked to do, I like it!

    Cant beat doing a meeting wearing a CB, painted toe nails and knickers they think im normal the kink is I am not!!!
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  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Tractor man, I don't think you need to worry about a label. You are who you are and you are awesome. You are a loving and caring husband who meets the needs of his wife.

    My suggestion it to do the things you are comfortable with, consent to the things that are a neutral, and say No to anything you don't want.

    And no matter what you do or agree to do, it doesn't change who you are. Other people's actions can't change who you are. I can "make" my Jeff suck a cock but that does not make him Bi. My Jeff could say "No more fucking around" and I would still be a cuckoldress. You can have your dick amputated in a freak accident and you are still a man. You could decide you are a female trapped in a mans body, and you are female. What you are is inside you.

    But that is just my humble opinion. Deanna
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  3. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    as long as you are happy, it doesn't matter...
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  4. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind replies v much appreciated
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  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    That may be just your humble opinion Deanna, BUT it's an EXTREMELY WISE humble opinion. In my humble opinion (backed up by a LOT of collecting experiences and Knowledge, over Decades combined with a LOT of time Analyzing all of it).
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  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    A few questions before I try to answer your question TM: How old is your best mate, presently your wife's boyfriend, and how does he compare with you in physique--- height-wise, weight-wise and athletically---and in cock size? Is he more masculine and dominant than you in appearance overall and in his general and sexual behaviour than you are, particularly towards your wife? Do you get off on watching him fuck your wife? Does he fuck her bareback? Does he satisfy your wife better than you do?
    Last edited: May 24, 2017
  7. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    Hi michael1987 many thanks for the questions,

    My best mate is older than me he is late 50s, however he is not her current BF he has fucked her twice a few years back but he remains my best friend,

    Several years since we arranged to meet a chap in a pub to see if he would be suitable as a lover for my wife, we didn't however identify him that evening due to an error in identification but did see a chap smaller than us and older looking at us we left after not making contact with him. The following day he was on MSN and apologised for the error said he had seen us he was 100% sure, he described my wife as a very kinky women bursting with fun and sexuality just from looking at her walking and her face. He broached the subject of BDSM something she had never done but he was confident she would and would like it, he was arrogant really saying that she would submit to him freely.

    We met him shortly afterwards a nice pleasant genuine man an arrangement was made where we would meet again but he would book a hotel room and entertain my wife that night she was happy with this. He agreed to allow her to ring me during the night which she did but he also sent me pictures of her tied loosely to the hotel bed, something she later admitted she enjoyed, being controlled. He went onto be her fulltime lover for several years and a very good friend to me. Its through him that I submitted to being collared as she went deeper into BDSM, it was he that provided me the CB i am still fitted with as I type. It was he who explored and expanded my wife's sexuality like no man had ever done before, i would say it was the greatest advancement in her sexuality since the day years earlier when she as a 16 yo she had laid on her bed and given me her virginity.

    He has a smaller dick than me but knows how to use it, he isn't really fit and but was dominant over her and i freely submitted to him when he is here masculine wise to a degree during the years she was with him, at my wife's suggestion she commenced painting my toe nails, she knew I liked that and I think it was something she started as compensation after an evening of debauchery with him. I have never shared her with him, i have freely allowed him to take her from me, i have watched listened and enjoyed and have freely allowed them time away together. On numerous times i have watched as she came downstairs dressed in bondage clothes made us both tea then retired to our bedroom where i have listened as he fucked my wife, i was allowed to watch but liked to listen too. When it came to my bed time she would come to bed with me and cuddle me then go to him for the night. I gave him her sexuality and over time i rarely made love to my wife, waiting till he visited as i knew id get more fun from that he always came into my wife from day one.

    I cant recall who's idea it was for me to wear knickers but my wife had no issue and still doesn't with this, she has bought me knickers to wear and i am now and have been for a long time always clad in knickers but she has refused to allow me to go any further even if i wanted to she has always said she wants me to be her man and a masculine one at that.

    After several years it finished between them, which was a shame he was and still is a good friend to me, one i turn to when i want someone to talk to, it ended because my wife knew they were deeply in love and she felt this was and would damage our relationship and friendship.

    I could write for hours on this i don't think he would mind as long as he was not identified i cant help thinking writing this i have answered my own question.
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  8. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Tractorman, I agree...and think you also answered your own question. That is one of the valuable things I get from this site, I often find my answers buried in the questions and answers.
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