What do you most enjoy seeing your wife do with another man?

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by TnMan, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. TnMan

    TnMan New Member

    Most of us here are cuckolds or wanna be cuckolds. What part of seeing your wife with another man turns you on most? For me it is simply kissing and watching his cock slide into her. The sucking doesn't do nearly as much for me as watching her spread her legs as he enters her, all the while kissing her passionately with wet tongue to tongue kisses.
  2. MistressLA

    MistressLA New Member

    ooohhhh I love this question TinMan! I hope all the cuck's respond. :D

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  3. Bumper

    Bumper New Member


    Tnman, you ask good questions and I have enjoyed reading your posts, and I relate in some ways. It's about foreplay with a mismatch of an overbearing dominant asshole of a bull or lover. Some guy my wife can't control, and he wants her. I really can't bear the intense heat you describe, been there, but I prefer to listen, be around, and let her tell me about it normally. I like knowing she's in the extra bedroom at a party very late and I haven't a clue what she's doing. I like for another guy to show her off to his friends. When I eat her pussy I love to think about another mans cock in her. There is a certain amount of pain I feel when another man is doing her and I gravitate to that without joy of anykind, if that makes any sense?

    I like to feel what another man is feeling when he's fondling her and trying for more. On another subject, she's been dominated by other women, that hits 3 cherries on the slot machine, because she is such a prissy snot around other women.

    great questions
  4. TnMan

    TnMan New Member

    Yes I agree that it is also very exciting when your wife is in another room with another man and you imagine what she is doing. I have experienced that a lot of times such as the Motel thing I posted. Also when our son was in the process of joining the Navy, I was very busy and my wife took him to the recruiter and handled the paperwork. He was only 17. The recruiter hit on her and she told me they fucked on a couch in his office after closing time (about 4:30). For several months, until he transferred, they would meet occasionally in his office after hours. I always drove her there, parked and waited while she went in and did everything sexy couples do. It was very exciting waiting in the car or sometimes I waited in the Lobby. It was a large building with many City and County offices. My heart pounded all the time and it was also exciting to see her come out with her lipstick all gone and her hair mussed up a bit. He didn't know me and never knew I was waiting on her. I got to see him come out with her several times and kiss her bye on the steps when no one was around. I watched this through the building's glass door.
  5. Colossus72

    Colossus72 New Member

    for me it would be her giving another head, as that is something i do not get much of, at all.. and that is a very intimate act
  6. Susan's cuck

    Susan's cuck New Member

    I love seeing another man enter her ass.It is all excitng to me but the element of humiliation is so much stronger. Hearing her moams and groans as another man plumbs the depths of my wife's asshole drives me crazy.
  7. oldcrow

    oldcrow New Member

    I love the anticipation

    For me, I found I love sitting at home while she is out with her current lover having fun on a date knowing it is going to end with them in bed. Waiting for her to come home, I feel the anticipation of a child waiting for Christmas to arrive so he can open his gift. When she does get home I love diving in to that beautiful wet snatch, licking and sucking all that is left while she teases me about what he did to her.
  8. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member


    Wow - we are a wicked bunch, ain't we ? :)

    Even though cuckolding IRL was even better and more powerful than cuckolding in fantasy, I still believe that most of it is mental.

    For me, that is...

    I cannot pin point a specific action that alone does the trick (a lot of them do, actually).

    As a matter of fact, I'm far from a wimpy type (I probably had as many girl friends as my wife had boy friends) but even so, I immensely enjoyed the cuckolding aspect. Combining our hotwife life style with more extreme submissive fantasies. The dualism of irl and fantasy, I reckon.

    But I did, actually, at a point feel the notorious "angst" - and THAT was f****** hot, man!

    Basicly, I believe that there are probably as many variations of this particular fetich as there are players. And that's just fine - as long as we NEVER forget, that our cute little wives may have a slightly different angle, so to speak. And as long as we can be "men enough" to actually accept that. She is - and should be - in it for HER fun... NOT to accomodate our wimpy little fantasies. That's wen it gets real hot...

    For me, that is...


  9. sloper

    sloper New Member

    Whew! Red hot... everything you describe would drive me crazy, in a nice way...
  10. fastornge

    fastornge New Member

    I love it all. I love the times I am sitting at home and she brings home a freshly fucked pussy for me to eat. We make mad love as she details her evening.
    i also love it when she brngs hom a young man in his early twenties or late teens. I have always fantasized about her doing these young studs. She manages to scrw them way beyond my staying awake and I often eat a few of their loads before retiring to bed.
    I alos love to go out and pretend we aren't together only to join up with her and another man at a bar then get them to go to a motel room with me.
    My favortie thing is when she straddles my face with their fresh loads or when she is fucking them and allows me to slip a finger in next to their cock
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  11. NYsNumber1

    NYsNumber1 New Member

    The #1 most exciting thing for me has to be watching a huge warm load of cum ooze out of her. Next would have to be her telling me that I'm not big, and then seeing the enjoyment she gets from a large cock. Making moans she doesn't make with me, and the way her eyes light up as it shoots uncontrollably all over the place. Lastly, her doing things that she never/rarely does for me like taking it in the ass from him or letting him cum on her face.
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  12. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    Mine is My wife returning home in the early hours of the morning, Her B/F giving her another fuck!
    Then coming up to the bedroom undressing in front of me, flaunting the hickies on her breasts, the stench from her ass and cunt which she expects me to clean even though I have been denied her Ass and cunt for many Years, and seeing her belly swelling up again, another mouth to feed and baby sit for. :rr: :rr: :rr:
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  13. Susan's cuck

    Susan's cuck New Member

    I get pleasure from all aspects of cuckolding,however my greatest thrill to date would still be seeing her and her black lover.Seeing that 9" cock working into her pussy sent me right over the edge.It felt as if i had entered a new phase of my cuckolding.It proved to my wife as well as myself that i could deal with all the challenges of this lifestyle.I am going to to suck his cock for him,next visit. My wife has allready asked him and he is fine with it. Yum.....................
    Susan's cuck
  14. wife_makes_me_watch

    wife_makes_me_watch New Member

    For me it is her words

    I love watching my wife get fucked. One guy she meets regularly is really into me sucking him hard first. When I am doing that my wife say's "You better like the taste of cock because it is all you are going to get tonight" Also, when he is fucking her, she looks me straight in the eye and say's "Honey, he is so much better than you. He touches me in places that you can only DREAM about" when he is about to shoot his load, she grabs my hair and pushes me onto his cock and tells me to taste her pussy juices off it and to swallow his load. I know some of you may think I am strange, but it is awesome really.
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  15. gbcpl99

    gbcpl99 New Member


    One of the most exciting moment 4 me is when the stud is cumming n filling my wife's pussy full with his sperm.
    To experience the growling of a man while he speed up his pumping pace n then at the end pushed his cock all the way into wife's pussy n starting to fill her up is still the best sighting 4 me.
    Imagining how his sperm is filling every free space inside her womb by watching his expression of enjoyment of freeing his seed deep in my wife only add even more arousal in me.
    And as finallee is when he took his cock out of her pussy n watch his white cum leaking immediately out from her pussy.
    Experiencing the sequences above really fulfill my desire to b cuckolded. It's feels like a final confirmation tht the cuckolding process is completed n tht i hv bcome a real cuckold of my wife n her stud.
    Rgds... G-Cuckedhubby
  16. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Sexual turn-ons for cucks (and wannabes)

    Like many wannabe cuckolds, everything about the thought of my wife having sexual relations with another man turns me on. Everything.

    Seeing her kissing another man, watching her having her breasts and pussy groped by him and of course, seeing her let another man's cock enter her cunt and finally, watching her sucking him off as they both enjoy themselves, all drive me wild! I love to think and talk about these kinds of things and my wife is happy to oblige me with accounts of her hot sexual romps with her 'boyfriend'. Yes, it may be fantasy...but it may not be...for her. That alone makes the game fun and exciting.
  17. kumanoki

    kumanoki New Member

    I think one of the most erotic things that I've seen my wife do is mkae out with one of the guys she was with.

    We were up drinking late and I got tired and went to bed. They were still on the couch, talking and watching some movie. I dozed off for a little while, and when I awoke, she still hadn't come to bed. The bedroom door was open, and the lights in the living room were off, but the glow from the television was casting a dull blue into the hall. Either the volume was off or it was muted, but I couldn't hear anything.

    I rolled quietly out of bed and tiptoed down the hall to the living room doorway. Sure enough, there she is straddling they guy on the couch, and he's got her shirt up, and he was fondling and sucking her breasts.

    I watched them make out for about fifteen minutes before I went back to bed.

    Later, she snuck into the bed and went to sleep.

    That image of them on the couch still drives me absolutely crazy. When she is turned on, it's amazing.
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  18. kp

    kp New Member

    We have not taken that step but I think it is just a matter of time.

    I love the idea of watching her expression and how excited she would be. I want to see his cock slide deep into her pussy, fucking her just the way she likes it. (cowgirl style) i want him to know i am there watching them and hope they will let me particpate. My wife has told me how hot it would be if i was licking and sucking her clit as he was fucking her with his big hard cock. I would love to have that view upclose of his cock sliding in and out, to be right there having my wife hold my head down there as he fucks her. She has told me many times how hot it would be if my tongue "accidently" touched his cock as he fucked her. And how hot it would be for both of them as i lick and suck his cum from her pussy.
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  19. rza36ch

    rza36ch New Member

    God I wish I could enjoy all these moments, I would love to have a woman force me to watch and service them both as she told me.
  20. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    I enjoy many things about being cuckolded. Some of my favorites are:

    I like it when a guy I know is fucking my wife and he thinks that I don't know about it. Kate is fucking one guy who does repair work around our house and a realtor that we work with. I love being around these guys, knowing that they are fucking my wife "behind my back".

    I like the fact that Kate has fucked most of my good friends. I like the guys knowing that her pussy is available to them.

    I like the fact that Kate fucks guys that I don't know. I always have to wonder if if a guy I am talking to has fucked my wife.

    I enjoy the agreement that Kate and I have that she is to always tell her lovers that their cock is bigger than mine (most of the time it is true). I like meeting guys who have fucked her, knowing that they think that she is a slut for a big cock.

    I like watching Kate with well built, well hung black guys. I like it when the guys looks over at me, while he is fucking Kate, to see me furiously stroking my 'smaller' cock while I watch him please my wife.

    What a great way to live!


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