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    On a number of occassions this last winter, my wife's lover has come over on a Sunday for the day. The three of us spent the day in the house - weather in this part of the world can be rather cold and wet in the winter. Well, in the summer as well sometimes. (Though not today - glorious sunshine for once!)

    It was so hot watching how he behaved towards her. As soon as he came through the front door he was kissing her. Hands exploring her body. Under her top; under her skirt. And she just let him. When we were watching television (often the rugby) they would be on the sofa, Cuddled up close. His hands exploring. Kisssing. And it was not exactly unknown for me to hear a noise, and to look over to see her kneeling - mouth full of cock.

    Every so often there would be a whispered conversation. And then they would disappear upstairs and I would shortly hear the noises that let me know he was fucking my wife in our bed. A little while later they would reappear. She would be dishevelled and frequently only half dressed; he looked very pleased with himself. Though he has never treated me with less than respect.

    Once he left, the same scenarios would play out. Only this time it was me using my wife. The second man to use her that day. She loved that; I loved her being so slutty.
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    You got it all wrong - your wife wasn't being used - she was using you two dicks. And it takes a lot more than what she did, a husband and a boyfriend, to be slutty.
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    Simply incorrect. Completely.
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