Wearing wedding rings?

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  1. Ohsobadd

    Ohsobadd Active Member

    Just curious what those of you on the Forum do/or appreciate most...

    The woman wearing her rings or not when she plays...?

    I wear my wedding rings when I play. Hubby purchased a our wedding set years ago and the set itself is lovely and something we designed. Just about 5 years ago we upgraded to a larger stone that is a bit hard to ignore. (Not my idea or request. Hubby surprised me on our anniversary)

    It appears to me that the men I have played with have enjoyed the visual of my hands stroking them with my wedding rings on...one lover said it was the male's desire for competition. He said he enjoyed seeing his thick cream running over my fingers and across my rings...he said it made him feel like he was giving me what my hubby couldn't. Another told me it was the pleasures of "forbidden" fruit...another man's wife.

    Just wondering what the Forum prefers.

  2. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    seeing the ring on is a humiliating turn on as a sissified cuckold. i personally know many of my wife's sex partners, and she does wear the ring. i bet they both get off on the wedding ring,,,,,,,, just joking,, i am sure more on each other.
  3. wifedateshubwaits

    wifedateshubwaits Active Member

    I can't imagine my wife taking off her ring when she heads out for a date. I would be genuinely hurt if she did that.
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  4. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    so would i, but it is not always up to me. but her ear rings, her necklace , bracelet , are equally the symbol of our relationship.
  5. skidaweb

    skidaweb New Member

    My wife likes to surprise me with what ring(s) she wears

    My wife enjoys surprising me (and her Bull) with what ring(s) she wears when she is out with him. She has the wedding rings (of course) and she has an Irish Claddah ring (the one with the crown and hands on it).

    Sometime she wears the wedding rings and enjoys the attention she gets from people that know she isn't married to the guy she is hanging out at bars with (and probably hanging all over him after a few drinks). I know he likes when she wears our wedding rings because it reinforces his alpha-male role in her life (he is blue-collar and he loves the fact that he is fucking the wife of a white-collar guy).

    Sometimes she wears only the Irish Claddah ring which, if the crown is facing the tips of the fingers, it symbolizes that she is taken. She wears it in this orientation when she is out with her Bull...and gets many comments on it!

    However, when she is only wearing her Claddah ring and not her wedding rings while she is with me, she turns the crown the other way which symbolizes to men that she is "available". She (and I) absolutely love when we are out and a sexy guy asks her about the ring's "available" orientation and subsequently asks about me (an obvious attempt to see if it is ok to hit on her). She loves to tell the man hitting on her "yes, he is my husband, and yes, the ring is turned the right way!" I am so humiliated and turned on, that I blush like a little schoolgirl!

    Anyways, I love that my wife mixes it up for me and always keeps me guessing! :)
  6. ffred

    ffred Active Member

    We have been married for approx. 30 years now, and I am not sure if she could take off the ring, even if she would like it. For us it is crystal clear that the wedding ring will stay on. It is a sign about her/our status and in our opinion it is a special drill to know that she does not life in full consent of the given vows.

    On the other hand it is a special sign of strength to show gentlemen in a bar that she/we have our own rules living our likestyle.
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  7. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    wedding ring

    I personally LOOOVE to see my wife wearing her ring when she is with another man. But one of my biggest turn ons is to see her hand with her wedding ring (the symbol of my love for her) wrapped around another mans HARD cock while they are making out. I have never had the pleasure of seeing another mans sperm on her ring (as in the pic at the top left of this page), but i really would love too one day. I have had the pleasure (a couple of times) of seeing our neighbors sperm on her hand after she jacked him off in our backyard and she made me lick it off. But if it had been shot all over her wedding ring and i was made to lick it off there, it would have had that much more humiliation added to the mix.
  8. poormissy

    poormissy New Member

    Both Ways

    My Wife often wears her wedding ring when she fucks other men and, yes, that has an erotic effect on me. But just as often she takes it off. Even around the house she sometimes takes it off saying that it doesn't really mean anything to her, that it's not really meaningful to her. I know that she doesn't mean that out marriage is not meaningful but that the ring is just a thing. That still has an effect on me. I wonder if she would feel that way if a lover gave her a piece of jewelry and if she would wear it for him because it was meaningful in that case.

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  9. adultfun4135

    adultfun4135 New Member

    I like to wear my wedding all the time anyway, just dont see why it means anything hubby knows i like other willies simple as that. Hubby does hate cleaning up my ring finger as he gets a shock from his fillings, but he is always hard when he does it, even when locked up.

  10. ukcuckcouple

    ukcuckcouple New Member

    My wife has always worn her rings but took them off this weekend as she is with her long-term lover and it is a symbolic thing for her. She is wearing one of her mother's old rings to cover the dent on her finger. She was keen to do this especially for tonight as she is going with her lover to his work's dinner and thought it would be strange if she had engagement and wedding rings on for that. I find it quite horny that she is doing this :)
  11. ritestuff100

    ritestuff100 New Member

    My wife has never taken off her wedding ring when she is with another man. It is part of our pleasure. Many a time the other man has looked at her ring while holding her hand. We know he is thinking that he will soon be in bed with this married woman while her husband, me, is watching and or joining them. More than once told me she felt their cock grow in her other hand as he was fingering her ring.
  12. ukcuckcouple

    ukcuckcouple New Member

    Since I rarely see her with any of her lovers (and haven't the last few) I don't have the pleasure of seeing that image. I do have one picture with her holding a BBC with her wedding ring on. Very erotic. Also another one with her fingering a lover's cum in her pussy with her rings in shot.

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  13. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    As far as I know, my wife has never taken her ring off for a date, or any other reason. It's weird for me, because the ring is a family (my family) heirloom. Knowing my wife is wearing the same ring my mom and grandmother wore, well I didn't think that through when I asked her to marry me, but it's too late to change rings now.
  14. babylacyjane

    babylacyjane Member

    Myself I prefer to keep my rings on. I also think it's extra sexy to look down as I stroke my lover and see them on. Most of the guys I have been with haven't really conmennted on it but a couple have said how extra sexy it was to see that they where with a married woman.
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  15. wifeownsme

    wifeownsme New Member

    The few cocks I've had the pleasure of seeing in my wife's mouth have all been sucked while here left hand stroked the shaft of each, with her wedding rings proudly on display! The symbolic gesture of her ring such a humiliating thrill!
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  16. ukcuckcouple

    ukcuckcouple New Member

    My wife has said that she and her lover are going to shop for a ring together when they go on holiday. She will take off her wedding rings and replace them with "their" ring when she is going to be with him. Mixed feelings about this, but generally ok with it....
  17. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    I'm a Married Bull and I Fuck the Guys Women While I wear my Wedding Band. It don't Matter to me at all because, I'm FUCKING someones Wife anyway and she is wearing her Wedding band also.
  18. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    Watching my wife having sex with another man is made even that much more erotic and intense when I notice her gripping him or rubbing/caressing/stroking him with the hand that she has her wedding ring on. She had a favorite playmate that we used to play a game with on our wedding anniversary. I would take my ring off and give it to him before he penetrated her. It was a fun and perverted sort of ritual. He would enjoy her for as long as he wanted to and when he was finished with her it would be my turn. Before he left he would take the ring off his finger and lay it on the nightstand beside the bed. One time just to torment me he left with it and wore it for the next few experiences with her as if he was her husband and I was the one he was "allowing" her to play with. It was all just for fun.
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  19. barbdwire67

    barbdwire67 New Member

    As a bull, I prefer to see the rings on the hands of the women I am with. It is a thrill knowing that my hard cock and seed are in another mans wife. It gives a feeling of domination and also of the fact that I have conquered the natural defenses of the marital establishments commandment of not fucking anothers wife. I however would also like to see my wife with other bulls,(she absolutely refuses), and would be proud of her to wear her ring during their escapades. I would want all to know that she is indeed married, and that I am also aware of her spreading for another cock, and even encouraging her to do it.
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  20. Laran

    Laran New Member

    It is nice to see other mens sperm running over her weddingring
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