WARNING: NOT for faint of heart! NEW CUCKOLD BOOK just released!

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    I'm proud to announce, after months of hard work, the newest addition to cuckold literature for cuckolds, cuckoldresses, bulls, and BDSM folks - The Ultimate Cuckold Idea Guide!

    This labor of humor (and a lot of deviant sexual imagination) contains hundreds of tips and ideas to cuckold and be cuckolded, whether you are a cuckold, wife or girlfriend, a hardcore BDSMer, or the aggressive and dominant bull. This awesome gem is a great follow-up to those who have already purchased and read the Ultimate Cuckold Manual. It contains 221 detailed, delicious tips, many of which you have never thought of doing - but when you read them, will make you eager (and anxious!) to try them.

    Check out the book and a brief description of it here:

    Cuckold Idea Guide - for cuckolds, hotwives, bulls and BDSMers!

    You can order, download and read tonight, right now! The introductory price will most likely go up after the initial release, so take action now and save!

    There are also some other goodies on that page that are ready for you to enjoy. Here are three samples, one from each section - the cuckold chapter, wife chapter and bull (lover) section!:

    For the Cuck:

    Tip #16: Do you enjoy a mutual competitive activity with the bull, aside from the obvious sexual tryst with your significant other? Perhaps you play golf or a computer game where the point is to score yourself a win - any activity you in which you find yourself competitively involved. It should play out that he wins as much as possible. Even if he is unskilled, (especially if he is unskilled), plan it out (covertly) that he wins, either by some "accidental" flub-up, or just not being with it that day. He can brag about his victory over you. You can see how this is relevant or how it could play out? :) If you have foresight, you can see where this will lead...

    For the Lady:

    Tip #22:
    Celebrate your anniversary in the most romantic way possible. Spend it with your hubby - as the waiter, and your bull as the one your "dine" with. Throughout the night you should be whispering sweet nothings in your lover's ear, he will compensate. Create your own little world, virtually ignoring hubby unless you are hungry or thirsty or need him to demonstrate what a good cucky boy he is. At certain points, look at hubby while whispering something to loverboy. Giggle. Tease. Deny.

    For the Lover:
    Tip #40: He's probably watched cuckold-themed movies with his wife, but have you ever thought to watch them together - the three of you. You would be surprised at the silent implications that can arise out of simply watching a movie in which the contexts are understood. Good movies to watch on the cuckold theme: Internal Affairs, The Getaway (old and new versions), The Stud, The Cuckold, Eyes Wide Shut (although a bit disappointing), The Emmanuelle series, Young Adam, Boogie Nights, Straw Dogs. Check out this thread for more.

    WARNING: MANY OF THE TIPS IN THIS MANUAL ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! They range from mild, to intermediate, to extreme, to... CREAMPIED! You've been warned!!!

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