Want to encourage a poster to keep posting? THANK them!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by kingbull, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I've installed a new modification which makes it easy for anyone to thank forum user and encourage them to keep posting on the topics you find stimulating. You can even thank them and support them without posting a thing! Just look at the bottom of each post for an icon that says 'Thanks', click it, and you're done! Your username will show up underneath the post, letting the author your appreciate their thoughts, story, posting, image, whatever.

    Nice and easy way to make this a supportive place with minimal effort.

    So... start thanking where you see fit!
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  2. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    KingBull has done it again.. He made the Forum "BETTER"... It's so easy to encourage members to continue Posting.. In fact, "It's so Easy, Even a Lurker can do it"....
  3. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Just thought I'd make people aware of this thread, since it wasn't put in the Recent Topics column due to a small settings error on my part when I created this forum.

    If you like a thread, click "Thanks". It's a great way to post without actually typing anything, and encourages people to keep posting on topics you might like.

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