Volunteering at the retirement complex

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    Retirement Complex- Jacob
    After my first month of volunteering at the retirement complex I have realized that there are a lot of unattached older men here and so far 3 of them have demonstrated that they know how to take care of a woman. I talked with GTR about it last night and we agreed that I should just enjoy what these gentlemen have to offer as often as I want to. We are certain that at least 1 and maybe 2 of those first 3 have told some of their buddies about me. Today convinced me about that when I met Jacob.

    I went to the main lobby again today and I wasn't there no more than a minute when a man approached me and identified himself as Jacob and that he had been fishing with Willis and Willis had suggested that I could take care of some things for him. I followed Jacob to his cottage and went inside to a very neat and clean place. Jacob just sort of stood there for a moment or two, like he didn't know what he wanted to say now that I was actually in his house. So I asked Jacob what did Willis tell you anyway. He hesitated for a moment and then stuttered out that Willis said that you don't wear anything under that sundress. I took his hand and said take me to your bedroom and you can see if Willis was telling you the truth.

    I almost giggled when I went into his bedroom, I had to give Jacob credit for his optimism, because the covers had already been neatly pulled down and one of the pillows was in the middle of the bed. As I reached for the hem of my sundress I said to Jacob if I'm going to show you mine aren't you going to show me yours and he yanked his polo shirt over his head and started to unbuckle his shorts as he kicked off his shoes. His cock was already hard and I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation. I told Jacob to set on the bed and I took a picture. I thought not bad for a man his age.
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    Jacob Continued
    For the next almost two hours Jacob demonstrated that he had good control and fucked me thru several orgasms before he finally shot his cum into me. I'm learning that like GTR's boss these older men know exactly how to "make love to" or "fuck" a much younger woman. I told Jacob while we were laying there that I was glad that Willis had told him that I will do more than dust and vacuum. Jacob said that Willis could hardly contain himself about how he had been in bed with you and how hot and tight you are, and that I should try to bed you myself. Truth be told I haven't had a hard on like that in years.

    We showered and as I was leaving I said to Jacob that I wasn't offened that Willis had told him about me and truth be told on my part I was really enjoying being in bed with men that know how to take care of a woman. Don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way, but this doesn't have to be our little secret, but if you have a friend that might enjoy my company, if they ask about what's under my sundress I'll know that they know whats available under my sundress. Jacob indicated that he knew several men that have been "single" for several years that would enjoy my company.

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    Complex men - Reggie

    Well, today sure made up for yesterday. My classes were delayed at school and I came straight home and then GTR worked real late and came home didn't eat and showered and went to bed. So today after class I went over to the complex and I didn't see any of the men that I know, so as I was looking at the notice board to see if anyone had posted about needing help, this smooth, velvet like Lou Rawls deep voice called me by name and when I turned around a very handsome older black man in a suit and tie said that Jacob had told him the evening before last that he should look for a young woman in a sundress here in the lobby and say to her that I know whats under the sundress and that woman would help me with some things at my home.

    I said Oh, Jacob told you that, did he, and what is your name?

    Reginald, but everyone calls me Reggie. Did Jacob tell me something he shouldn't have? I said Reggie then, everything is find. If you want to show me the way to your place we will see if I can help you. I could feel my self getting wet already, I haven't been with a black man for some time now and every black man I've been with has been very good to me. I followed Reggie in my car part way across the complex to a very nice ranch style home and actually parked my car in his 2 car garage. I followed him into his home that was in a word immaculate.

    I said to Reggie that he didn't have to get all dressed up to meet me and he said that unfortunately he was dressed that way because he had been at a funeral service. Right at that moment I reached for his necktie and started to loosen it because I wanted some of his black cock right now. I told him to take me to his bedroom and we both started removing clothes as we went back the hallway and into the bedroom. When he stepped out of his boxers I had my first look at his already stiffening cock and I crawled on the bed and Reggie immeadiately buried his face between my legs and began to lick me and drive me to my first orgasm of many today.
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  4. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Reggie continued
    I told him that I needed him to fuck me right now and he took a moment to grab a towel from the bathroom to wipe his face and the entire time I'm watching his very hard cock swing side to side as he walked. I just spread my legs and held them open with my hands and again I told him that I wanted him to fuck me now. This time he got between my legs and wiping some of my juices on his cock he slid a few inches into me, pulled back a little and slid in deeper and did that again and again and one more time until I could feel his balls against my ass. Reggie stopped at that point and for the first time leaned down and kissed me. I could feel his cock throbbing in me like it had it's own heartbeat. He continued his kiss as he started to work his cock in and out with short stokes that eventually became almost full length and by then I was cumming again.

    After I had cum the second time Reggie pulled his cock out and lifted my ass up to his face and started to suck and nibble on my clit and I was squirming around as he clenched my ass cheeks and then he lowered me back down and buried his black cock into me again and as I watched it disappear it make me all the more want to have that ebony rod fuck me hard. I started whispering into Reggie's ear to fuck me harder with his big, black cock and that I love his big cock. Reggie did as I asked and proceeded to pound his black cock onto me for several minutes and then he asked me where did I want him to shoot his load. I told him deep in my pussy, to put a black baby in my belly and with that he erupted and continued to hammer away until he was basically out of breath. I wrapped my legs around him and asked him did you put a black baby in my belly and Reggie said that I gave it my best shot and give me a little time and I'll try again to fatten up your little belly.

    True to his word, he got on his back on the bed and had me ride that black cock until I was ready for him to finish me and I got on my hands and knees and Reggie let me have it again for another 10 minutes or so and then he said here comes the baby making juice and this time he got as deep as he could and when I felt him starting to cum it set me off and that's all I remembered for the next few minutes. We showered and while showering I sucked that black cock back hard again and Reggie had me against the shower wall until he shot another load into me. I couldn't hardly wait for GTR to get home to tell him about my day and give him a chance to put a baby in my belly too. I don't know what it is with black cock, I really have enjoyed them starting with Willie and then his uncle Leonard.

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  5. Pathedick

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    Thank You and your wife for Performing and Recording it
  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Dang and thank you GTR! That wankworthy shot of Reggie gives me some idea of what my wife's present young black lover--now only 24--could well look like given another few years of college competitive sport and vigorous sexercising with my wife. He already has that beautiful muscle definition, majestic athleticism and extremely sexy standing stance that Reggie has, but is somewhat slimmer. His cock doesn't need to grow any more to match Reggie's though.

    What age was Reggie when he first had your wife? Were you jealous of his amazing physique and cock and your wife's understandable love of them? Did you ever watch him fuck her?
  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    GTR: In the thread I started many months ago at http://www.cuckoldsforum.com/index.php?threads/the-male-beauty-factor.16984/ I described as well as I could the erotic effect that the physical beauty of my young buddy (now her live-in lover), who is black, has on my wife and me.

    In one of my posts on the above-mentioned thread I posted three memorable pics of my wife and me taken by him. Recently he told me that even back then he envied my body and my wife's love of it as much as I envy his own and her open adoration of it now. I think--and my wife agrees--that him and me being bisexual gives us a significant an erotic advantage over straight men who say they have no appreciation of male beauty such as Reggie is so abundantly blessed with.

    I would be interested to know the views of you and your wife on this.
  8. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Pathedick and Michael1987 thanks for taking the time to post. I always appreciate it when members take the time to post about my wife's activities. Micheal, some of the easy answers first, I believe that Reggie was 67 when she took that picture (she was all of 24), no I never met him and I never was able to watch her with any of the men where she was "volunteering", but she loved to show me their pictures and tell me all about them. I can honestly say that I was/am never jealous of any of her men.
    Over the years my wife and I discussed men in general and while with some there was a very physical side - that we both admired- she often told me that she enjoyed the company of men that were confident in themselves and treated her as a lady and then in her own words "fuck her brains out" when and if they had the opportunity.
    I leafed thru her journal looking for comments about some of the black men she was involved with and on quite a few "first time with them" occasions she made essentially the same note that follows, "I don't know what it is about some men - black men in particular that I can feel myself getting wet and my mind tells me that I should let them know that they can fuck me." GTR
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  9. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    A little side note, as I checked her journal about Reggie. The first time she was with him was a Tuesday and when I looked at Wednesday's entry all she had written was "went back to Reggie's for more of his black cock and he obliged. Told me he would love to put a black baby in me", told GTR all about it when we went to bed. Thursday's note said that she spent the afternoon with Murray-the cockmaster- could hardly walk to the car when he was done with me. Told GTR about what Murray does to me. Friday's entry "Back with Reggie again this afternoon and I told him I really wanted him to put a black baby in my belly and he had me 3 times before I came home. Whispered in GTR's ear when he got home from the office what Reggie did this afternoon told him he had to wait until we went to bed later for his turn.
    She was also back to Reggie's the following Tuesday. She clearly had him on her list of men that she enjoyed regularly. GTR
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  10. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Let me get this right, GTR:

    On the Wednesday, when your wife went back to get more of the big black cock of Reggie, he told her he would love to put a black baby in her.

    On the Friday afternoon, your wife told Reggie she really wanted him to put a black baby in her belly, so he fucked her 3 times, presumably to do that. That afternoon, when you got home from the office, your wife told you what she and Reggie had done, presumably only an hour or two prior.

    On the following Tuesday, your wife was back with Reggie, presumably for him to fuck her and inseminate her again.

    Some questions: Did her account of her being fucked so well and so often by Reggie make you very horny for her? Did you get to fuck her that Tuesday night? Was she in fact full of Reggie's semen then? Over that week was she in her fertile time? And if so, how did you feel about her being at risk of Reggie impregnating her then? And did it turn out that Reggie HAD impregnated her?

    I am VERY interested in the eroto-dynamics of such scenarios.

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  11. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    michael, for me, one of my wife's major skills was her ability to tell me about the things that she was doing with others as she would grasp my cock, suck it, lick it and stroke it as she told me about her latest activities with other men. The answer to your first question is a resounding YES and the second question is yes also she always wanted me to have my "sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths etc, and she was indeed full of his cum. Usually when she was "full of cum" we would put a small pillow covered with a towel under her ass and I would fuck her in the missionary position to keep as much cum in her as possible.

    When I checked her journal for her previous "out of service days" as she called them she would have been truly middle of conception time. We had discussed long before that if she became pregnant we would both be fine with her having a child by another and we would have reared it as our own. Alas, Reggie wasn't able to make a mother out of her either just as many others that had tried to do. As I have mentioned before my wife hated condoms and she loved the feel of men cumming in her, hence the agreement between her and I about if she became pregnant that we would both enjoy it.

    As an additional note, she had told me that way back when we first started in this with Willie (her first black man and his uncle Leonard) that it just made it a lot more sexually exciting for her to tell black men to plant a black baby in her belly and to a man they would do their best to do as she asked. GTR
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  12. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Beautiful, GTR. Just beautiful. But it's very sad that Reggie didn't end up giving your wife that beautiful black baby she was aching for. If it had been a boy he would have had Reggie's magnificent physique and cock when fully grown and you two would have been hotly reminded of Reggie forever.
  13. gatorrdw

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    Complex Men Lester
    I beginning to think that some men are as bad as some women when it comes to telling others what they know. After spending yesterday with Jacob when I went into the lobby at the main building, I hadn't even seated myself when a big, burly man approached me and asked me my name and introduced himself as Lester and that he had a problem that he was hoping that I would help him with. He said that last evening he was playing pool in the game room with Willis and Jacob and they had both indicated that the young volunteer in the sundress was very helpful to them with their problems. "Oh they did, did they." Now I'm wondering just what all those two told this Lester. "So just what did two those say?"

    Lester said that they had told him that I had done laundry, dishes and had in general cleaned up their homes. They had both told him that I was very friendly toward them even tho they were a lot older than I am. I asked him if that was everything that they had told him. He stuttered for a moment and then said that I had also made them fell like real men again and he was hoping that I could help him that way also. I told Lester that I would follow him over to his house and that we would see what all he needed to have done. I said that loud enough for the receptionest to hear as she had come over to where we were talking.

    I followed Lester to his house and actually it was very clean and he told me that he has just been taking care of the place as a habit, because his "friend" of many years (they had never married) had been very ill for several years before she had passed away. Lester offered me a glass of wine and I accepted and I asked about what his profession was and he had been a building inspector for many years and as our conversation continued I started to warm up toward him so at one point I spread my legs and let him see what he would be getting shortly. It took him all of about 5 seconds to get up and walk over to me and then pull me to the edge of the chair and then he started to lick my pussy. Before long I got off and I pushed him away and told him to get out of his clothes as I stood up and took my dress and bra off.

    When he was undressed I told him to sit on the big chair because I wanted to take a picture and as I got the camera from my handbag. Lester said that Willis had told him that I probably would want a picture. I took the picture and put it in my bag and began to suck on Lester's big, fat cock. I sucked him for a few minutes until he pulled me up on his lap and I reached between us and guided the big head of the fat cannon into me. Lester had his hands under my ass and slowly moved me up and down on his cock until he was all the way in and then he removed his hands from my ass and just let his cock soak in my pussy juice for a moment. Lester's cock isn't huge like GTR's boss or Roy the farmer where we lived before or even Freddy the guy that worked construction with GTR that thought I was his sister, but he is plenty big and fat and I was full of cock. After a few moments Lester put his big hands under my ass cheeks again and raised me up and down on his cock, I looked down between us and saw that his cock was glistening with my juice as I watched him slide it back out and back in again, god I was enjoying feeling so full of his cock.
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    After a few moments while he was kissing and sucking on my tits he told me to wrap my arms around his neck and when he got up from the chair I was to wrap my legs around him, when he got up I couldn't hook my legs-he was to much of a wide body, but with his hands under my ass again as he kept me impaled on his cock and carried me to the bedroom where he sat down on the bed and had me ride his cock for a while. I came on him twice that way and after the second one I just hooked my arms around his neck and told him that he would have to do the rest of the work. He stood up with me still impaled on his big, fat dick and bent over and layed me on the bed, he put my ankles on his shoulders and then proceeded to show me how an older big man can power fuck a young woman like me until he finally unloaded a big load of cum in me.

    When he had caught his breath he said that I was the most wonderful thing to happen to him in years. When he pulled away I saw that his cock was still about the same size as when we started it just hung down like it did in the picture I have and it had his and my cum all over it. He helped me off of the bed and we went into the bathroom and as I used the commode he turned on the shower, which is when I realized how sweaty we both were. We washed each other and I saw that there was some new life in his big dick, but we toweled each other off and he gave me one of his dress shirts and said that he had fresh strawberries from his garden and would I like to have some with some ice cream.

    We went to the kitchen and did have some strawberries and ice cream, Lester had wrapped a towel around himself. When we had finished he asked me to set on his lap and I did and in short order he picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and put me on my hands and knees and I spread my legs apart to make room for his big fat cock and he stepped right in and slid his big cannon into the hilt. With a big hand on each hip he spent the next 40 minutes -with a few stops to catch his breath-plowing away at what he was calling a fine young pussy, he kept telling me how tight I am, and how nice and wet I am and then he slowly sank himself as deep as he could get and I felt him shoot another load of cum into me just before I exploded with my own orgasm. Lester pulled out and layed down beside me and first he said thank you, that was unexpected, and said that he hadn't enjoyed being with a woman for many years and he asked if I would visit with him in the future. I decided to cut right to the chase and said if you are going to fuck me like this each time, then yes I will visit with you. Now I had to get cleaned up to get home for dinner with GTR.

    GTR loved the picture of Lester and said that I was quite loose when he had his favorite pussy tonight.

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    You and your Wife are Special, Very, Very Special. I say that having had Pleasured more than one Older (remember that I am late 50's ) Gentleman as a Sissy Gurl. They are Cortious and Appreciative.
    They are Real Men that Know how to Treat a Girl/Gurl that is Treating Them

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