Very hot barbie looking for bull in london.

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    We are a loving couple looking to spice things up a bit. We a pretty open sexually and don’t hold anything taboo. We are exploring the hotwife/cuckold lifestyle.

    He craves the need to have his woman appreciated, shagged, and owned by a dominant man. He also craves deep humiliation. He has done this before with a previous partner but she has not and is new to the idea.

    He is slim, muscular, confident, and good looking. He has a good cock, but sometimes finds it difficult to get hard until he is about to cum, which is a great point for humiliation. He is not out of shape, but not exactly in shape either. He works a lot of hours.

    He gets very turned on by her pleasure, loves to make her cum, and most of all, likes it when other men fancy her, chat her up, and want her.

    She is a total babe. A Barbie doll with long blonde hair, tight 6-8 waist, and works out a lot in the gym. She is learning pole dancing.

    She doesn’t get turned on by big cocks alone. It is not the mechanical fucking that makes her cum. She gets off on personal connection. She must have that first if she is to be truly owned and to cum.

    She loves to be dominated. That doesn’t mean rough sex, although it can. It is about confidence, clear direction, and a safe space. She must feel safe, looked after. She loves to be complimented, told how amazing she is. She likes a man to know what he is doing.

    The way to her heart is through dance. If you are the one to take her, you must be able to dance. Latin dance is great, but some kind of close up, body sensitive, sexy dance will do.

    We are looking for the right man for a long-term relationship with the two of us. A cuckold is not to be discarded but kept just over the edge of his comfort zone, whilst the love of his love slowly falls for, and is taken by a more muscly and dominant man.

    We are looking for someone who has done this before. Someone who understands the dynamic. Someone who is not going to fall in love and get attached, but someone who can feel, be connected, and at the same time enjoy humiliating and being cruel to him. Must have a deep, cruel, and loving imagination.
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    Hi there, welcome here. I'm 39 Indian Bull in UK.
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  4. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    Hello. I am who you are looking for I am sure. I have been a bull for two couples before. I am experienced in this and yes, I do know the dynamics of this. It's an art form! But.....I do not dance I'm afraid. Is this a deal breaker? Please let me know if you are interested so that we can discuss your desires and needs further. Best wishes.

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