Valentines Day

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by slavedaniele, Feb 14, 2019.

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    It should be a great day for my wife. Last evening my wife's boyfriend came over after work like he does every Wednesday for hump day. I made them dinner then they went to her room and made love for several hours. He then went home but before he left he informed me he was coming back today Valentines Day and I should make them a romantic candlelight dinner.

    I am now planning what to make them for dinner. I will get some wine and maybe start them off with a shrimp cocktail. I will get a couple of nice thick steaks with baked potato and vegetable and cheesecake for desert. Hopefully they will want desert. My wife told be I must be dressed in something sexy maybe with stockings, garters and heels.

    They will retire to her bedroom after dinner and he also informed me he was staying over night. We will see how it goes later.
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    ... and for you. Enjoy your activities and her fun.

    Audrey and I had a wonderful pre-Valentines Day romp last night. The plan she has for today is being intimate with her single girlfriend, which is fine. Depending on their mood, I may be invited at some point.
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    This year we missed our chance to be with Brett, our Bullfriend. He moved last fall and is now 110 miles away. Weather conditions prevented it.

    The last two were very memorable. I even posted stories, pictures, and videos on my "Adakcal". Agness now wears the ring that Brett gave her every time they are together. I know Brett and Agness will not care the date when we see him this week. Their missing a week in the past has always proved that their passion for each other will be tremendous.

    Nice knowing others enjoy Valentine's as a great cuckold day.
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