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Used Condoms?

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by iwearusedcondoms, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. iwearusedcondoms

    iwearusedcondoms New Member

    My girlfriend and I are semi-new to this lifestyle but a few days ago she came home and told me she had a surprise...I was hoping it would be a nice creampie for me to clean but instead it was a used condom...

    She told me she was "going out with the girls" which is code for "I'm going to get some ass." When she got home we started to fool around a bit and it was then she told me of her surprise...thinking maybe she FINALLY let some other guy fuck her bareback my hopes were really up...I asked her if it was a nice cream pie and she told me it was something else...she laid me down, walked over to her pocketbook and pulled out a used condom out of a tissue...I asked her what that was and she held it right in front of my face...a used Magnum condom...she then instructed me that if I wanted to fuck her, from now on I must use the used condoms of another man....let me tell you, there is nothing else like fucking your girl with another guys cum as lube...lasted about 5 minutes

    It was also pretty degrading to hear her laugh at me when the condom was on...she was telling me how the guy who just fucked her had a huge dick and that my little "baby penis" looked so small in such a large love glove...

    I can go into more details if anyone would like....PM ME
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  2. cacuck2005

    cacuck2005 New Member

    Used Condom

    Did she have you turn the condom inside out so the other guy was really doing her again?
  3. cuckmeplz

    cuckmeplz New Member

    She should have made you wear the condom on your tongue while you licked her clit. That would have been almost like a creampie, then you could have fucked her with it on.
  4. mogowl

    mogowl New Member

    I have always thought that having your wife drip the contents of the used condom onto her breast and making you lick it off while she tells you what her lover did is a cool use for something that otherwise just gets thrown away. recycling at its best!
  5. john.rousher

    john.rousher New Member

    I've always wanted to use a used condom with my wife. The closest I've got to come to anything like that is that she brought home a used condom once and I had just ordered a pizza. She knows I love pizza and poured some of the cum on the slice of pizza I had and told me to "eat up". It was very kinky.
  6. wifes_craving

    wifes_craving Well-Known Member

    love your story..........definately makes my dick hard........the wife and I have never done that however she has said that she is going to make me someday. She also said that she is going to make me dump the used condom in my mouth and than lick it off before i can fuck her. Thanks for sharing your story.
  7. tinyweewee2

    tinyweewee2 New Member

    On her feet

    My wife loves having her feet worshipped (as well as other parts of her body). She has come home from an evening with her lover with a used condom which she poured on her sweaty toes for me to lick up - that was very erotic for us. When I have been with them and they happen to use a condom, for their amusement, i have had to masturbate in the used condom and then my wife pours the contents in my mouth.
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  8. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    Sometimes when Kate fucks a stranger she will bring home the used condom(s) and let me empty them on her tits and lick it off while she tells me about the good time she had.

    Feel free to email me at robandkate@hotmail.com.

  9. bugchaser

    bugchaser New Member

    my wife loves going to the local dogging spots and picking up used condoms.. then she makes me put them on and fuck her, or empties the contents into her pussy.. lovely...
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  10. zoered69

    zoered69 New Member

    used condoms

    hi all ,

    i have read with great interest and was amazed by the coments about used condoms, some of you guys are well eye opening ,, im a female very much into black guys ,, no my husband does not know that i go with black guys, and he also has no idea that he has eaten my lovers sperm , the good thing about condoms is well , i call them doggy bags, i fuck and when the guy has cum i tie and incert it for later, sometimes im greedy and i have it ,, and sometimes pete gets it in his Tea
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  11. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    You are my type of Woman, A real Cuckoldress always does it behind her husbands back.
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  12. whitebull9

    whitebull9 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I was told of this one after my girl took home a sample after a date. She told her husband to insert the wad inside his ass (it was tied off obviously) and work it back out squeezing the rubber together as he did until the condom eventually burst and he received my load. Whilst she did this she had him wank off into a glass and say "I want cum, I need cum" and only allowed him to orgasm when the condom had burst. She then plugged him up and he slept the night with me inside him. Ha ha :D
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  13. evets40

    evets40 New Member

    Hi Zoered69, I loved your post. You sound like the sort of girl most men would love to be married to! If your husband doesn't know, I would like to be your surrogate husband, so that you can cuckold me!
    Great fun.
  14. keithxxx

    keithxxx New Member

    nothing as nice as a used condom
  15. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife has only three male lovers (and their wives), no strangers or boyfriends. So it's always bareback. She likes cum inside her and it's fine with me.
  16. LilSissyClit

    LilSissyClit Guest

    Very hot, I also like the Idea of sloppy seconds with all those lovely sounds from her pussy because she is so stretched out, His cum still inside of her for lube.
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  17. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Audrey doesn't get stretched out, she's proud of her ability to clap down on the dick that's inside her and get it off. But I agree, seconds are the best: tight, slick, and I'm all charged up getting my wife back.
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