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    In light of recent postings, I will have to create some new guidelines for creating movie posts in the movie section. This comes as a result of what I believe to be bots (automated scripts) posting dozens of movie postings per hour on this site over the past several weeks.

    The new guidelines are as follows:

    1) You may post a total of 5 movie-related postings on the forum per day.
    2) These posts will be placed into moderation for further review. Upon approval, the posts will appear in the appropriate section. The approval process usually takes about 24 hours, but could take longer.
    3) Posts that are in excess of the 5 post per day rule will be deleted.
    4) Posts found to be excessively spammy (all links pointing to a paysite, blatantly off-topic, promoting something out of the purview of CuckoldsForum.com, for example) will not be approved and/or deleted.
    5) This new policy can change at any time. Approval or denial is at the sole discretion of the admins and/or mods of CuckoldsForum.com.

    "Can I use bots, automated submission software, submission scripts?"

    No. They are not allowed here. Don't use them. I will actively disable any account I suspect of being a bot or software script. I've found a couple so far and they have been disabled.

    Thanks for cooperating. I want to keep this a high quality place, AND one where the moderators aren't constantly bombarded with nonsense.
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