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Discussion in 'Countries' started by rebroad, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Rob6675

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    Must add that the younger guys were early to mid 20's the father was about 50
  2. MyDesiShyWife

    MyDesiShyWife New Member

    Hi.. we moved recently to UK and new to cuckold lifestyle. So looking for decent guy or like minded couple to make friendship and once everyone is comfortable, then like to take it to next level.

    We are aged 40 and 35.

    Looking forward to chat and meet people. We live near to London.
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  3. dominatrixNY

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    Apply to be my cuckold . I am These days in London...Your femdom, Mistress ,Domina for a cuckold session
  4. Sticky_Cuck77

    Sticky_Cuck77 Active Member

    Hi there,
    Good to read your post. Would love to chat with you. I'm looking to get my wife to cuckold me so could share ideas and provide mutual support / encouragement.
  5. fnan.elnek

    fnan.elnek New Member

    A bull in London ready for any hot wife or cuckold couple

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