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Discussion in 'Countries' started by rebroad, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. timtom786

    timtom786 New Member


    Great to see the sunshine here :), I am bull from Harrow area if you are interested let us catch up.
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  2. asianfun

    asianfun Member

    I am an ex cuck who is now becoming a bull (have posted about my adventures). I am based in London. Any ladies looking for a vwe asian guy, please let me know. As a former cuckold I do understand cucks and help them get the most of the experience.
  3. JimsunnieUK

    JimsunnieUK New Member

    Hi - I am a mature, Sussex based Bull looking for a new regular couple - also happy to meet London visitors who would like a little local flavour! Good with newbies
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  4. Shad

    Shad New Member

    Hi all im a black bull based in London looking for a regular local couple for times.Been searching for so long and have emailed with so many fakers .If you're a genuine couple get in touch !
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  5. HardT

    HardT Member

    Happy to welcome you to London anytime
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  6. cuckedupuk

    cuckedupuk Member

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  7. Pondering

    Pondering Guest

    New to the site.
    From Yorkshire.
    Have a shy wife who i'd love to share.
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  8. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Leeds couple here happy to chat to people
  9. DSale

    DSale Guest

    I am Dave from West London.
    My wife has regular fun with an old ex, and recently has been barebacking him so she can bring me home a 'little present'.
    I cannot believe I have found myself in the role of a clean up loving cuckold, or that we would have such a boost to our lives as a result
    My wife is now showing an interest in a neighbour. As dangerous as that sounds, we are enjoying their heavy flirting and I am looking forward to seeing where it ends!
  10. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    DSale: Sounds like a great situation you have going there
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  11. bull_4_Play

    bull_4_Play New Member

    Hi all, Colin from London here. Been in the scene since 2005 and looking to meet :)
  12. Andrew6322

    Andrew6322 New Member

    Midlands based cuckold , looking for chat and wife may be looking for fun , she already has a boyfriend thou.
  13. Ali568

    Ali568 Member

    Message me UK bull here
  14. Andrew6322

    Andrew6322 New Member

    Hello :)
  15. Maybe she needs extra boyfriends and extra cocks ;)
  16. Andrew6322

    Andrew6322 New Member

    Maybe she does
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  17. CityOfLondon

    CityOfLondon New Member

    London based bull.

    Some of you on this thread will see me take your wife in the future and beg me to cum as I smirk at you.
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  18. cuckedupuk

    cuckedupuk Member

    I'm in newcastle Jim!
  19. cuckedupuk

    cuckedupuk Member

    Geordie stag here.
  20. Rob6675

    Rob6675 New Member

    Hi.... have for many years had thoughts of seeing my wife with a guy with a lot bigger cock than mine, it has been part of our fantasies while fucking and she gets turned on when other guys flirt with her, and tell me that one day I may get my wish....
    Well it seems that she has now taken that to new levels....have found out that she has been fucking 2 black brothers for a while and last week she arranged for them and their father to visit our house.... Where I watched as 2 young black hung lads and their even bigger cocked father fucked my wife senseless for 3 hours.... She is blonde, aged 49. Size 14 bottom but large full 38ff tits....
    I am amazed how much cock and punishment she could take, but I loved every scream squeal and grunt from all of them.... More please
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