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    KingBull, I've got about 40 animated (.gif's) with captions I'd love to share with the group seeing how well liked captioned pics are here. However, I've tried 3 times to up load a set and it failed each time. It's says gif files are ok to up load, and they all are under the size limits. ...but they won't upload? ..is it because the files are animated, and they are being rejected for security reasosn? ..or is there another problem somewhere??

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  2. kingbull

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    You should be able to upload .gif images. I've uploaded one here as a test:


    If you are still having trouble uploading, make sure the file is strictly .gif and not converted from other strange formats. Sometimes during a conversion, files may ACT like gifs but have the properties of other images (like .tiff).

    Also, check the file size again. If you continue to have trouble, you may email me the animated gifs and I can upload them for you.

    In any case, email one of them to my email (kingbull at _add the site name on to this) and I'll see how it goes.
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    Okay, I had to adjust code in one of the php files to enable your files to be uploaded. Please try again.

    Also, I've added a BRAND NEW section - Animated Gifs! Great idea, cocknchains!
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    Thanks KingBull, you are truly the King of this site!!! I've now uploaded approx 40 animated gifs for all to enjoy... They are all cuckold themed and captioned....

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