Two Young guys force themselves on your wife

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  1. Two younger guys from the neighborhood were helping your wife with some yard work, so she invites them in for refreshments. You are sitting at the kitchen table, having some coffee as they come inside. She is wearing a tank top and shorts and you notice the guys checking out her ample tits and round ass as they enter the room.

    "You have a hot body, Mrs. Jones," says one of the guys giving you an insolent look.

    "Oh yeah, sweet titties," giggles his friend.

    You look up from you paper in shock, not sure what to say.

    You wife is unfazed and just smiles. "Oh you two, stop teasing now, you will upset my husband. Would you like some lemonade?" She opens the fridge and bends over to look inside. The guys are following her closely and one of them gestures to other, encouraging him to slap her ass. The other goes one step further and grabs her by the hips and starts dry humping her rump.

    "I don’t care about lemonade, but I will have some ass," he laughs as he grinds himself against her rear. Your wife shrieks and then starts laughing.

    "Ok settle down there," you shout, but remain seated. You have no idea how to handle this.

    You wife closes the refrigerator and pries him off of her ass. "My god, what’s gotten into you two," she scolds, wagging a finger at them. "I don’t mind a little rough housing, but you are going to give my husband a heart attack."

    The other young man looks over at you and boldly grabs your wife’s tits and starts squeezing and kneading them. "Shit, he can watch if he wants to, we don’t mind," he says. He is looking at you with a knowing smile, wiggling his eyebrows at you as you wife yelps and tries to pull his hands off of her knockers. Meanwhile the other guy reaches down and unzips the front of her shorts and starts pulling them down.

    "Ok, cut the shit you two," you shout, putting your paper aside and standing up.

    You wife is laughing hysterically, gasping for breathe as she struggles with the two twenty-year-olds. She is trying to pull her shorts up with one hand while fending off the boob squeezer with her other arm, but she is clearly outmatched. Her shorts are pulled down roughly and the other boy has wriggled his hand inside her top and is pinching her nipples.

    "My goodness," she exclaims, “You boys are so insistent."

    You stride over to intervene, but the fellow who pulled your wife’s shorts turns and stands in your way. “Come on, don’t interfere, you don’t know how she teased us out there." he whines desperately, hunching up his shoulders.

    "Go sit down, honey," says your wife, struggling to keep her top on as the other boy tries to pull it off her. "Look how horny they are. I can’t just leave them hanging like this," she says pleadingly.

    You stand there in shock as guy facing you turns and help his friend pull off your wife’s top. They pause for a moment and look at her standing in her panties and transparent bra. Her nipples are stiff and her panties are wet around the crotch. She self consciously tries to cover herself as the first boy unzips his fly. His erect cock comes springing out of his shorts and his buddy pulls out his own hardon as well.

    "Oh you are both so hard," she says sympathetically, staring at their junk.

    The first boy goes behind her and aggressively unsnaps her bra. The other pulls her bra off and releases her large gorgeous tits. Both boys reach in to grab and squeeze you wife’s big tits, competing with each other over her nipples, which they grasp and pinch. You notice your own cock grow hard as one boy pushes the other aside so he can have your wife’s boobs to himself as he sucks and nibbles on her nipples. She pats him on the head as he chows on her tits. "There, there dear. Go ahead and suck my boobies," she says soothingly. "Then let your friend have some."

    The other guy pushes in a starts licking and sucking your wife’s tits himself while the first guy reaches over and pulls your wife’s panties down. Her dark bush is exposed now and your own penis twinges at the sight of it. He then pulls his shorts down and positions himself behind her, hands on her hips, stiff cock straining toward her bare ass.

    "I’ve got something for you, Mrs. Jones," he says excitedly, pushing her shoulder forward to bend her over.

    The other guys pulls his own shorts off. He then grabs her by the hair and helps bend her over by pulling her face down toward his crotch. While his buddy struggles to work his cock into your wife’s puffy, exposed cunt, the guy in front slaps your wife in the face playfully with his cock. When she opens her mouth in surprise, he just pops it in.

    "Suck my wang, Mrs. Jones. Suck it," he shouts, laughing. She grasps his rod by the base and obliges him. Your wife sucks vigorously on his cock, cheeks pulled in, only pausing for a second to emit a gasp as the other boy finally figures out how to get his junk inside her.

    "How you like me now, Mrs. Jones," he asks triumphantly as he works himself in and out of your wife from behind. "How you you like me, now."

    You wife pauses her cock sucking for a moment and says," I like you both very well, dear." Then she looks up at the boy before her and starts jerking his cock for him. "How’s this honey, do you like that," she asks tenderly.

    "Uh, yeah, it’s gonna make me cum," he says stupidly, caught up in the rush of hormones. You wife responds by excitedly jerking his shaft even faster and sucking the head of his penis at the same time. You watch in fascination as he pulls out and starts shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum all over your wife’s face while the other guy is earnestly dogging her from behind.

    “I wanna cum in her face too," shouts the other guy, pulling himself out of your wife and spinning her roughly around to face him. She balance herself by grasping his thighs and then grabs his stiff rod in her mouth and starts sucking it for him, gazing up into his eyes intensely as she does so.

    "Holy shit," he exclaims. "What a slut you are." Then he tilts his head back and shudders.

    Your wife closes her eyes and sucks the cum out of his dick until he can’t take it any more and pulls away.

    "That was awesome," the guys shout at each other, pulling their shorts on quickly. "High five, Mr.Jone," they say to you, but you just stare in disbelief, unable to process what just happened. So they just shrug and high-five each other and run out the door, ignoring your wife who is laying in a sweaty, cum covered heap on the floor.

    "We should get it on video next time," one says to the other as they leave.

    "What should we have for dinner dear," asks your wife, absently wiping cum from her face.

    "Uh, chicken I guess," you respond, sitting back at the table and shakily sipping your cold coffee.

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