Two is better than one

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  1. Lakeslad

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    Two lovers, that is (excluding the husband). And qualitively not quantitively.

    To explain. My wife has two regular lovers - M and S, but the nature of the relationships are very different.

    M is quite a convential chap, apart from the married girlfriend, and their relationship is in most respects a fairly convential boyfriend/girlfriend one.

    Things with S are very different. My wife is not his girlfriend, she is his slut. He is very dominant with her and simply uses her in (virtually) any way he wants, which includes giving her to other men. She exercises a few boundaries, mostly in terms of discretion, but that is all; and the discretion only applies near home. When far enough away he has fucked her in public with the watchers being well aware that she is married and not to him.

    And my wife loves not just that she has two regular lovers; not just how often she is fucked; but, in particular, the completely different nature of her relationship with the two men. She has speculated as to whether she would be with both of them if they were much more similiar. Personally, I think she would (two lovers is even naughtier than one, and she loves to be naughty) but I suspect that the longevity of the situation is greatly helped by the differences between the two men - neither of whom know about the other, incidentially.

    But everyone is different. How many other wives have similtaneous lovers who are so very different?
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  2. don_jetman

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    L doesn't do it all the time, but she has had two very different lovers in the recent past - a coworker who is more like a friend (to both of us), and a bodybuilder at our gym who she just loved to "sport fuck". She still fucks F at the office after hours and he sometimes stays overnight and weekends as a guest in our home, always in our bed and me in the guest bedroom. Her bodybuilder has moved away, unfortunately. Strangely, I've watched her fuck the bodybuilder several times (once with he and his friend doing her, one after another), but never with her friend/coworker. He just can't seem to cross that line of having me in the room with them. They were each a very different experience for both L and me, but she loved that she had the choice, depending on her mood.

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  3. verkitwme

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    My two lovers are very similar but a tad above 6 foot with muscular but not overly so (hate the big bodybuilder look)
    Both are well hung at over 9" and thick. One is slightly more aggressive the other more loving and tender.
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  4. dominatrixNY

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    I love two bulls at the same time ... YOung and hot ...
  5. Lakeslad

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    My wife loves two men at the same time - especially being spit-roasted. M has never shared her, but S has. The first time I watched, but now she is quite frequently shared by S and the first I know of it is when she comes how and tells me. I will then, invariably, fuck one or more of her well used holes.
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  6. Worth It

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    Although Audrey mostly likes being the third for a couple, she has enjoyed two other guys at once as well. It was a great turn on for me as well when first I saw her doing DP with two other guys.
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