Turned on by wifes affair

Discussion in 'The Affair Zone - Cheating!' started by NJMR01, Aug 22, 2016.

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    I think you need to push her to open up to you regarding her feelings. Something isn't right by the sound of things. Maybe you both need to go to therapy?

    If she knows, you know, and is still being distant about everything somethings quite wrong. The hope of a cuck confronting a wife's affair really is usually to get her to just start being honest and sharing her experiences. The hope never really is to stay tight lipped. My opinion of course.
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    You both need to talk! I think she would love to cuckold you by the sound of it.
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    im starting to suspect a certain person on this thread isnt who she says she is. tut tut
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    IMO, nobody has it better than you. You may see things differently and want to change something. But you may regret the change and later realize what you had originally was better.

    The fact that she's able to have an affair and keep it secret from you makes her a great catch. So keep telling her and yourself that she's the best thing in your life. Don't ruin it by seeking a side girlfriend, because that can cost a lot of emotional investment and guilt. You need to keep investing more in your wife.

    If her affair drives you crazy and turns you on at the same time. You need to understand yourself and learn how to make that combination work best for you. Keep vying for her attention like a puppy dog. Your disappointments when she denies you will make it that much more amazing when you get rewarded.
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  5. michael1987

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    Be thankful that your wife's lover is your friend.

    My wife's young lover was secretly my best buddy for 2 years before I introduced him to my wife, but on seeing and being intensely turned-on by the strength of their mutual sexual attraction I initiated his sharing with me of my wife in our marital bed.

    In retrospect I realise that a strong desire for my wife to have an affair with a slightly younger and more handsome male had motivated my orchestrating of her taking my buddy as her lover, despite that his handsomeness and beauty of body and mind (and that he like your friend has a huge cock) made him the most desirable young man she had ever set eyes on---as she blurted out to me privately after their first meeting---and made their presently intensely sexual affair pretty much inevitable.

    He has been living with us full-time for 4 years and has expectedly become my wife's much-preferred sexual partner. But there is another dimension to her love of him, and that is their having a concurrent and usually well-concealed intensely romantic relationship with each other from which I am completely excluded. Even when their lovemaking is in the bed beside me, certain giveaway whisperings and other not-so-subtle signs of the depth and intensity of their loving impact on me almost cruelly, but very excitingly too.

    In four years I have never even hinted at, let alone complained to my wife or my buddy about, the sometimes despairing way I experience their intensely private sexual and romantic bonding.

    When my buddy and my wife spend time completely alone together, as they often do--sometimes taking long weekends away from me--I feel the secret "affair" element of their relationship much more deeply and angstfully, especially knowing that the sex they have when apart from me is much more uninhibited, visceral, powerful and satisfying for them than any of the sex they have beside me in the marital bed.

    So the fact is, much in all as our threesomes are very erotic and satisfying for all three of us, I have facilitated if not permitted my wife's having an affair, an affair which is kept almost wholly secret from me but which runs parallel but nowhere near in tandem with my actually still very fulfilling sexual relationships with her and my buddy who is her incredibly exciting, greatly-preferred and much more fulfilling lover.

    It is the secrecy of their affair that I have somewhat sacrificially arranged that excites me the most. Especially on their returning home after their times away from me, I very easily interpret their especially erotic smiles, passing touchings and embracing of each other as carry-overs of the understandably more visceral and expressive lovemaking that I have not been privy to. At such times, as much as during their absences from me, I vividly picture the hopefully shockingly more abandoned nature of their lovemaking that I will never witness.

    As with you, NJ, it is an incredible turn-on for me, but never once have I felt there was anything wrong with me because of that, much less because I still privately masturbate to near blindness visioning their glorious lovemaking in "secret".
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  6. NJMR01

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    Finally witnessed them having sex. He's huge. I could never make her cum like that. She actually squirted. I must have cum 4 times watching them. OMG. I relive it in my mind constantly. I was so turned on. Think I'm borderline bi sexual as the site of his penis aroused me. Especially when she was sucking it. I think I would have joined her. Is that abnormal? I wanted to lie under her and lick her clit while he fucked her from behind. I may have been able to run my tounge along his cock if it slipped out. She was going crazy on his cock. Never saw her like that.
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  7. michael1987

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    Welcum to the Club NJ. Your honesty is admirable.

    Just to reassure you, your powerful erotic response---strongly bisexual or homosexual though it may have felt to you--to watching the cock of your wife's lover while he is fucking her, is simply one of the myriad eroto-mystical responses of sensitive men and women confronted with the incredible beauty of penetrative sex.

    Sadly, some men seem hell-bent on suppressing their secret admiration and/or envy of the beautiful cock---especially a bare one---of another man penetrating and thrusting in a woman, especially their wife. My experience is, as an occasional sperm-donor bull (as well as an ardent cuck), that some even marginally and closet homo-phobic husbands would rather die than give full expression to what they might think of as weird or self-compromising homoerotic feelings they experience in watching their wife being made love to by another man, especially close-up.

    In its worst form, such outward denial of the true beauty of man-woman sex by the husband is downright dishonest, especially when his pleasure and getting off on seeing his wife being fucked by another man is actually tied to, if not primarily dependent on, his admiration for and his wife's loving of the latter's cock.

    To my mind, for normally sensitive and truly loving husbands to place such limitations on their erotic appreciation of the physical beauty of their wives coupling with their lovers that can manifest so wondrously in cuckoldry, is so emotionally and erotically stultifying as to be just plain stupid.

    Here are some threads including posts of mine for you to read or re-read and hopefully be encouraged by:







    Enjoy, NJ.

    ps: Oddly, the intensity of our erotic responses to the undeniable beauty of penetrative sex appears exceptional if not unique, even on this forum. But I believe every husband posting here could benefit considerably from some encouragement in respect of the visuo-aesthetics of voyeurism, including the breathtaking beauty and feel of another man's erection thrusting in one's wife. M
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    NJ: Not to press my point too far, I have temporarily changed my avatar back to the one referred to in the last-listed thread above in which I described the awesome view of penetration afforded when the man draws up his near thigh when fucking in the variation of the missionary position that I call OTU.

    Beautiful, or what?!!
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    I have had cucks suck me clean while she watched and they have licked me clean with her help. If you think you want to suck his cock or even more its all cool. You def need to orgasm and have sex with her or HIM and enjoy the beauty of the moment.
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    That's so hot and true, Wayne. You're a man after my own cock-loving heart. All I would further urge is that NJ orgasms with his wife AND her lover at the same time, as in the role of bottom or top while he is fucking his wife. Going by NJ's most recent post above, he will soon be shedding the last of his understandable inhibitions to achieve that mindblowing outcome. And his wife will fucking LOVE it!
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    I'm finding myself so turned on by all of this. Masturbate quite often reliving it in my head. Wish I had video or pics. Hopefully they will allow me to clean up soon. He shot a huge load on her stomach. I almost had an orgasm workout even touching myself. Is that even possible? Michael1997 the guys body resembles yours. So sexy. Can't wait until next opportunity.
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    So it sounds like you've had the discussion about her openly cuckolding you. Is she less distant now that she knows she can have her cake and eat it too? Are you more comfortable knowing what he can do for her sexually? MMF threesomes can be very erotic if everyone is on the same page but that requires open and honest communication. Good luck and have fun.
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