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Discussion in 'The Affair Zone - Cheating!' started by NJMR01, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. NJMR01

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    My wife is having an affair with my friend. As painful as it is I'm very turned on by it. I find myself masturbating just thinking about it. I have caught them a few times but just stood there and watched instead of barging in and stopping it. is there something wrong with me? The odd thing about this is that I actually fantasized about them being together. Its almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. His cock is very large and I always thought she would enjoy it. Guess I was right.
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  2. Rob Y

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    No, there's definitely nothing wrong with you. Nearly all of us have felt both the pain and the excitement. What happens from here on is the key and it's not easy to navigate. Knowing both your wife and your friend as you do, what do you think would happen if you had barged in? Do you get a read yet on whether this is just fun for your wife, or something more serious? Do you think if you let things go she'll fall for him at some point, or has she already? Would she leave? I'm not asking to unsettle you, but you can't move forward until you consider things. You might be able to turn this into a great cuckold experience and even a lifestyle if you can get your bearings on it all.
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  3. NJMR01

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    I think I have already lost her. Still living in same house and sleeping in same bed but she's very distant. We are basically room mates at this point so we don't have any sex at all. I do the laundry and see the sexy clothes and underwear she wears during there afternoon sessions while I'm at work. I see semen stains on her underwear and clothes. She even has a dildo that I found in her draw. That's something new. I took a video of her blowing him. Its not the best as it was thru a window from a distance. I masturbate to it quite a bit. I'm wondering where this will all go.
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  4. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    I think you need to talk to her. My wife had an affair last year. It's what lead me to being a cuckold. But we spoke about it and we came to an understanding
  5. NJMR01

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    Did your wife continue her affair? Where you in same position? Did you confront her about the affair or just throw up your hands and push for her to consider allowing you to watch. What's the current status? Do you get involved or just watch? I'm getting so aroused just thinking about the possibilities. Watching her suck his huge cock drove me crazy in many ways. I was angry and aroused at same time. It's like a car crash. I can't help but look.
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  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    In your perving on your wife and her lover have you been close enough to them and positioned for you to see if he is fucking her bareback? If he is and your wife is loving it, it will be greatly enhancing their mutual intimacy in the act, as well as physically and emotionally strongly bonding your wife to your friend. A woman who allows her lover to fuck her bareback usually comes to love the feeling of him ejaculating in her, and to crave his semen, not least for the feel-good prostaglandins in it. I watched my wife become powerfully addicted to her young lover's semen during the first couple of weeks of him coming to live with us. In a way that my semen seems not to, his more copious ejaculates soothe her emotionally as well as physically, making her womb undergo long-lasting slow and gentle contractions which she feels very deeply and give her a beautiful peace and wistful out-of-it appearance for a couple of hours after he has finished fucking her. If your friend is truly the man for her, you may be already noticing those manifestations of the deeper and longer-lasting sexual fulfillment she is getting with him, that is on top of the more obvious in-the-act sexual pleasure you have no doubt already witnessed him giving her.
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  7. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    When I found out about my ex's (Very serious GF) affair we were struggling to keep things together at the time. Sex was at a low point for sure.

    Things were not good at all while she was having the affair at first. But then she started to warm back up with me. Then I found out about the affair and we got into a big fight. We nearly broke up right then and there. But I decided to give things another go. The thing was I found myself really turned on by the idea of her having sex with this other guy. Who she freely admitted only slept with him the first time because he had a big dick. But she found he was pretty nice otherwise and enjoyed his company.

    Looking back, I think she felt lonely and wanted to stay with me, but at the same time wasn't getting her emotional needs met. Maybe if she was she would have cheated the one time and that would have been that. Instead she had a bit of an affair. But after I found out we were able to fight, and then more importantly talk about our problems. We did work through a bunch of them and things were pretty nice after that. We were having great sex and things I think were different but in a good way.

    So, I think you do need to talk to her about this other guy. And if you are so aroused by her seeing them together don't try to get in their way sexually you might regret it. But, I will say she might tell you that she wants to be with him instead and then you are sort of in a tough spot, but you will at least have an honest relationship even if it doesn't last much longer. It's not like there is anything you can do at this point one way or the other. So stop stressing about whats going to happen, it's already happened you just need to have reality on your side.

    I really hope things work out for the best for all 3 of you. Best case scenario I see for you, since your on this site, is that you reconnect with her. And with the ability to be open about her affair with the other guy she can fully express herself with him freely in your house. You might even get a closer look. :)
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  8. capn.steve

    capn.steve Active Member

    Sorry to hear of your troubles, but there may be a silver lining in this dark cloud.I think Vladdy made some good points. You should also keep in mind that it's likely your friend is just looking for a quick fuck. It's very possible she plans on staying where she is. I think you should consider letting her know that you are aware of what's going on and that it turns you on. It might rekindle something if you can be real and loving with her, rather than confrontational. Otherwise I don't think you have much to lose. Thanks for posting, and good luck!
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  9. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    It's sexy, there's no way around it.

    I foolishly cheated on my man and he broke up with me. After sometime he started reflecting on it. It was especially hard for him because I had been an actress and acted out sex scenes while he was in the audience, so visualizing my affair was so easy for him. He googled significant others of actors coping with jealousy and eventually he googled jealousy of watching your partner being intimate with other men, eventually he found cuckolding websites and it affected him. Not all at once, but little by little. He googled for videos of guys who saw their girls make out with other guys and the more cuckolding videos he got. Eventually he rewatched a video I made in school that had some intense kissing scenes and he started masturbating to it.

    Affairs are tricky business with a whole range of emotions. They can be a lot of fun or really messy or both.
  10. NJMR01

    NJMR01 Member

    Thank you all for the replies. This is a slippery slope. I masturbate constantly thinking about what they are doing yet still feel sad, angry betrayed. Its a roller coaster of emotions, I'm thinking I should find a girlfriend for myself which may take some of the sexual tension away from me. My spouse was an absolute animal in bed with me when we first met so I can only imagine what she's doing with him. One time she unbuttoned her blouse at a restaurant to get a cute waiters attention. Another time she let me fuck her from behind on the balcony of a hotel with construction workers down below watching her as she leaned over the ledge. She would also tell me about some of the bigger cocks she had had. So she's no stranger to edgy stuff. I'm wondering how she would handle me watching them or even joining in, I'm rock hard just typing this so Its a legit turn on for me.
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  11. This is what happened to me. Don't know where my original post is but some time ago my wife confessed that during a rocky patch in our marriage she carried on an affair, no less with a guy that we both know and who I hate. One of the reasons she picked him was cause she knew I would particularly hate the fact she fucked him.

    I was initially mad but at the same time extremely turned on right away. She had told me this in order to be completely honest so that we could move on from a place of honesty with this. That inspired me to be honest with her and I confessed something that I had held onto for too long: while I was mad about the deceit I was turned on that she had cuckolded me, and I'd actually like it if she continued.

    She did not understand that at first but we talked about it a lot, fantasized about it a bit and I rented a bunch of mainstream movies that I know have a cuck element in them and when we watched them I would use that to bring it up again.

    She started to get more into it, and in fact with my blessing had sex with that same guy two more times (with him thinking I still didn't know about it.)

    She didn't want to keep seeing him after that, and so that's the end of my experience with cuckolding. She does still tease me about it and dirty talks about it telling me he had such a huge dick and how much she loved being fucked by another man and I love it when she does.

    I know she is open to the idea of "cheating" again and knows she has my permission but it hasn't happened again yet.
  12. NJMR01

    NJMR01 Member

    The cable guy was here today and he was fixing TV in our bedroom. He was black, about 6' 3" and muscular. My wife's underwear draw was slightly open, I actually opened it a bit more so he could see the underwear and also the dildo that was underneath the underwear. He looked down and noticed it and just smiled. She walked in and out of the room a few times but nothing happened. I was fantasizing like crazy. Guess her affair has made me crazier and hornier than I could have ever imagined. I bet he jerked off when he left. I know I did,
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  13. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    I think if you decide to get a side girl then that is your prerogative. You need to have sex too.

    But I don't think you will feel like your getting back at your wife if you also have an affair of your own.

    Did you ask her at all about the cable guy? What she thought about him?
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  14. NJMR01

    NJMR01 Member

    I'm very confused on how to handle this affair. She's out with him right now. I'm home alone. I would love to go down on her when she gets home to see if there is anything there. She will probably just go straight to bed and I will end up jerking off. Its getting old. I don't even know how to approach her at this point. I'm feeling that my only hope of hanging on in any sense is to become her cuck. Which actually turns me on. I would even clean up. Just not sure how to make it happen, Did not ask about cable guy as she did not seem interested. Maybe I just need to flat out ask her if she would at least let me watch. Odd thing is that the guy she's having affair with was at gym with me a few times and we changed next to each other in locker room. We admired each others cocks. I caught him looking and I always looked a his. Maybe he would be interested. Not sure she would.
  15. capn.steve

    capn.steve Active Member

    Ironic that she has a hall pass and still keeps it a secret. My ex was the same way, but I had no idea she was having an affair. Could you talk to her and not get hot?Could the problem be how you confronted her in the past when she wasn't behaving according to your standards? I think you just need to level with her without getting mad. I know it's hard to do, but if you get angry she'll leave. It's so ironic that women think cheating is more normal and comfortable than cuckolding. If you talk to her, you need to be totally positive, reassuring and loving. It could work if you don't push her away. Buy her some flowers and some lingerie to wear for him. Tell her that you know what's going on, that it's OK and turns you on. That you love her. Keep it short and sweet, and don't confront her on details.
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  16. capn.steve

    capn.steve Active Member

    Don't push her to fuck him in your presence either. If you can get through this with her, then ask for that.
  17. NJMR01

    NJMR01 Member

    capn.steve - you mean get thru the pain of the affair? I keep telling her I love her. I bend over backwards to please her. I'm a cuck without the sex. Its killing me.
  18. Joe White

    Joe White Guest

    I've been down this road, but it wasn't pretty. I'm into the cuck thing, but my girl is not. However, when my girl was having an affair, the whole situation and the fucking behind my back (besides in my presence) really depressed me after a while and I couldn't see her the sameb even now that the whole thing is over with. If you are not getting any from her, I suggest moving on unless you and her come to an understanding by communication that this is something both of you want to do for sure and there is no jealosy involved. There are a lot of things to clear up before this can move forward without having many emotional repercussions. Tread carefully and look at all angles before moving on forward with it
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  19. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Maybe you are feeling distant because she actually is. If she is doing things you don't know about or she thinks you won't approve it creates distance. I would do the pillow talk trick or "you wouldn't believe the dream I had, it was so hot." Those are both ways of showing love and support without confrontation. If a small part of you likes this or if your cock gets hard when thinking about it....I recommend patience and acceptance.
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  20. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    Yes my wife is still seeing him. This is one of the reasons I ended up being caged. We sat down and spoke about it and my wife told me that I didn't sexually satisfy her. It was a lot of pressure on me. I used to be very self conscious about my small size. Her brought up the idea of cuckolding and caging me. 9 months now I've been caged and i enjoy it. It takes away the pressure of me trying to keep her satisfied. The guy she was having an affair with is now her boyfriend. And she loves how submissive I am to her and her needs. I do sometimes get to watch. I get her ready for her dates. I also always clean up after he cums inside her.

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