Truly Humiliating Her Husband

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by Sublimeladyfemina, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. UCUM666

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    That's super hot bud!!!
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  2. slave2131

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    my wife ALWAYS does her lovers in our bed. not that humiliating really. i remember she used to bring home the used condoms.
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  3. Sticky_Cuck77

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    I would always expect my wife and her lover to take the master bedroom while I am relegated to the spare room. I think its all part of being replaced as the alpha male. Might not even change the sheets for a day or two, assuming the wet patch and cum stains are on my side of the bed.
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  4. slave2131

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    sticky don't you have to clean up?
  5. michael1987

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    So may we take it that you haven't watched your wife being fucked by her lovers? But that when you return to the marriage bed after your wife's lover has ejaculated in her and left, you're happy (or thrilled?) to rest some part of your bare body on a wet patch---or better in a pool---of his freshly-spurted semen on your side of the bed.
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