Truly Humiliating Her Husband

Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by Sublimeladyfemina, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Sublimeladyfemina

    Sublimeladyfemina New Member

    I recently met another woman who is into cuckolding her husband. Even though I have cuckolded mine for many years, this lady showed me that there is always another way to humiliate a cuckold.

    She, like myself, has her husband's complete support for her to live as her sex life as a single woman. She "dates" about five times a week and usually has at least one or two whom she considers a "boyfriend".

    She told me that she has guys sleep over at her house about three times a week. When I asked her what she does about her husband, she casually said "Oh, I have a small bedroom of my own". So she takes her lovers into the bedroom, which of course her husband prepares and cleans up. However the thing that really took this further is that she has her husband print out photos of her most outstanding lovers and place them around the room!! I find this a delightfully humiliating twist. Oh did I mention that she only accepts black guys as lovers?
  2. wifes_craving

    wifes_craving Well-Known Member

    Enjoyed hearing about this. The wife and I are currently fixing up a bedroom in the house that will be only for her and her lovers. She says that I will never be allowed to fuck her in the new bedroom. She has also told me that she may even have her boyfriends spend the night with her in this bedroom while I am sleeping in "our" bedroom. The new bedroom will not be "ours" it will be "theirs", her and her lovers bedroom. It is very exciting to me thinking about her having her own special bedroom that is only for "real men" with large cocks.
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  3. fallinsnowflake

    fallinsnowflake New Member

    Wow! This seems almost too hot to be true! I think it would be especially hot if one of her lovers stayed for a weekend or perhaps even moved in temporarily. Imagine what the neighbors would think when they start suspecting something going in!
  4. Got2

    Got2 New Member

    I would have thought the reverse would have been more humiliating, the wife and her boyfriend taking the master bedroom and enjoying each other on the 'nuptual bed' while the husband sleeps on the small cot in the small bedroom.

    The wife should not be turned out of her bed on account of her boyfriend sleeping over.

    The best place for the 'husband bedroom'? How about directly under the master bedroom so he can the bed banging upstairs?

    Of course, the husband's duties the following morning should include cleaning up the master bed room, removing all the used condoms from the floor and washing the sheets.
  5. blahblah

    blahblah New Member

    For my opinion, I agree with got2. The way he describes it hits me in all the right places: the master bedroom should be reserved for husband and wife- only it's not!- he's kicked out and made to listen. Then he has to clean the place the next day- probably in the afternoon. What's more humiliating than that?
  6. dorcsssc

    dorcsssc New Member

    I'd do it backwards...

    Seems to me that, if I were a bull, I'd not get real aroused at the sight of all the 'trophy' photos (knowing I was about to be merely added to a collection): whereas these photos in the master bedroom wouldn't bother hubby (and serve as a useful constant reminder).
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  7. sub4wife

    sub4wife New Member

    I'd agree that it's more humiliating when the wife takes the master bedroom for her and her lover, but sometimes you have to deal with reality.

    When my Wife was dating frequently, we had two small toddlers who had a propensity to walk into the bedroom in the middle of the night. Her solution? She had me build a "playroom" in the basement, complete with a sofa bed. After the kids were asleep and She had left to meet Her boyfriend, I'd get Her fuck room ready, pulling out the sofa bed, turning down the sheets, putting out Her ashtray, and making the room comfortable for them. I'd spend the next morning changing sheets, folding the bed, emptying the ashtray, and picking up glasses, making the playroom presentable before the kids got in there.
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  8. LakesCoupleUK

    LakesCoupleUK New Member

    Master Bedroom Use

    Wife always uses our master bedroom when her lover stays overnight, whether I am at home or not. Any other arrangement would make her feel uncomfortable.
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  9. gsoearth

    gsoearth New Member

    My wife uses a crib monitor when she's fucking others. They always use the master bedroom and put me naked in my cage in a secluded part of the house (we have no children) and she turns on the crib monitor for me. So I have to listen to every movement, groan and sound coming from that bedroom.

    Once they're done, she comes and gets me for cleanup duty.
  10. MikeandDeb

    MikeandDeb New Member

    When my wife had one of my coworkers as a lover. They always went up to our bedroom to have their fun. I usually had to stay downstairs and wait until they got done.
  11. babylacyjane

    babylacyjane Member

    I had one lover that was moving out of state and before he did I had him move in with us for his last 2 weeks..we took over the master bedroom while hubby was sent to the spare bedroom or the couch
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  12. Sassy

    Sassy New Member

    At this point it as been of no particular
    concern for us. Hubby's on the other
    side of the world.
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  13. Svengali

    Svengali New Member

    Who's bed is it anyhow

    My lady and I have our own places but when either of us arranges a dalliance (most often for her) it is always on my bed.

    She will come over and scurry around changing the bed clothes, cleaning my bathroom and putting out a fresh towel for the other fellow.

    Sometimes I work in my office while they play - they are seldom more than half an hour - and other times I just go do some work elsewhere.

    I do like coming home and seeing the bed messed up and then having her come and take care of my cock while she is still in her afterglow.

    One day I'm going to take someone to her place and have him take her on her own bed.
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  14. HungSexyGuy

    HungSexyGuy Experienced, Hung Bull

    I enjoy taking a wife in her marriage bed.... and if hubby isn't there, I wipe my dick on his pillow.
  15. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    the marital bed

    my wife has her boyfriend at our house when i am at work, he too has taken her in our bed and i have been faced with evidence at night. to know that while i'm working he is having his way with my wife in my house is humiliating. i'm not sure which is worse, the times that i know he is there or the times that i figure it out afterwards.
  16. MikeandDeb

    MikeandDeb New Member

    My wife prefers to take her lovers in our bedroom. Sometimes I'm allowed to watch and go fetch things like towels and drinks. I usually get to pick up the discarded clothing and neatly fold them before leaving the bedroom to give them privacy. So for us a spare bedroom would ultimately be for me as her and her lover would take over the marital bed. We aren't into a lot of humiliation but knowing my wife is taking another man in my marital bed is just enough to get me to the edge and keep me there.
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  17. Susanscuck

    Susanscuck New Member

    Not Invited

    Having had the past several days off work I have been able to catch up on sum of the forum posts. I found this thread intriguing. Usually I am permitted to watch Susan and her lovers,but on occasion I have been dismissed from the bedroom or told to stay in the living room while she entertained her lover in our bed. It was very frustrating to say the least. Anyway we were stting in our living room talking with Anthony, her black well hung lover. I noticed right away that I was being excluded from the conversation. I may as well not been in the room:(.As I watched them kiss deeply I suggested we move to the bedroom. My cock was literally tenting in my pants. Susan turned to me and said "that is a wonderful idea but why don't you stay here and give Anthony and I some time alone".Anthony and her had both decided to not allow me to watch.I was beside myself with how casually they both discussed this as if I was'nt even in the room. Taking Anthony's hand she led him to our bedroom. They both smiled at me as they moved towards the hallway.I knew it was futile to protest and pretended, albeit not convincingly,that I did'nt mind.I could see Anthony was enjoying this immensely. When I heard the bedroom close, I quietly moved into position. I heard Anthony
    say"your husband seems upset" and then began chuckling."Poor man" he said and I heard Susan say"he'll get over it"also laughing. My heart raced as i realised how my status as a man and husband had diminished.Yet I was rock hard. Putting my ear to the door I listened eagerly as the two of them began their love making. I could hear Susan moan familiarly as Anthony entered her. Torn between anxiety and lust, I freed my cock from my pants. I was shaking uncontrollably. Putting my ear closer to the door, I listened with baited breath for the tweny minutes as they fucked. I could hear Anthony moaning as he came into my wifes pussy. To not be allowed to witness this was agonising. I gave three strokes to my hardened cock before cumming onto the rug. The symbolism of this struck me.Another man had just cum deeply into my wifes lovely pussy while I could only spill my worthless load onto the floor. The sensation of cuckolding at it's best I suppose.I slinked away from the door and waited patiently for the two lovers.......... to re enter the living room. After Anthony had left my wife told me how amusing this incident was for her.She loved the power her and Anthony had exerted over me. When I told her I listened as she fucked Anthony .......she said that they both knew I was outside the door and laughed about it. I became flustered and was starting to protest my treatment that evening,when she placed her fingers to my lips and said "shush". Leading me into our bedroom she lay down and told me to do what I had been waiting to do all night. As my mouth moved over her swollen labia in anticipation of my wet reward all
    the complaining in the world might as well flown out the window. Again I apologise for such a lengthy and tedious post, but it helps me deal with the cuck feelings within. Thankyou for your patience.

    Susan's Cuck
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  18. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    My Wife has always used "The Master Bedroom" for her lovers, I do not smoke and detest the smell, my wife smokes occasionaly normally outside, but she always has an ashtray in the bedroom as most of her lovers smoke, when I return to do my duty the Bedroom smells heavy of cigarette smoke which remains a continual reminders of her infidelity.
    When we attend a social function she disapears outside to join the other smokers, many many times she gets picked up by other smokers and will return later carrying my supper.
  19. manotick

    manotick New Member

    My wife and her lover always use the Master Bedroom. Indeed, I have my own room across the hall and have not slept in the MBR for 6 years....the entire time she has been with her lover. He comes for dinner twice a month and they always have a couple of fuck sessions. Sometimes I am allowed to stay home and have dinner with them, but most of the time I am asked to leave the house for the evening. On those evenings that I do stay they do different things with me. They have tied me up in chair and blindfolded my while I sit and listen to them enjoy themselves on the couch across the room. Sometimes I am allowed to stand in the bedroom and watch but not take part; sometimes I am tied to a chair in the corner and allowed to watch; sometimes they close the bedroom door on me and I listen outside; and a couple of times they tied me to my bed and left my door and the MBR door open and so I could listen...but not touch. Indeed most of the time if I am home I am in a position where I cannot touch wife put a cock cage on me when she took up with Sean so that I am often in it, naked, when he comes to our house. He has even slept over a few times with her with the MBR door locked....but because my door is open, I can her them enjoying each other while I can only imagine what they are doing. And then once or twice a year on a special occassion (his birthday or the anniversary of their first fuck, I am allowed to go into the MBR and clean both of them up.:)

    Being denied all the time is such a huge turn on for me.....there is no life like that of the denied, caged cuck.
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  20. gwil1414

    gwil1414 Member

    I guess it depends on the relationship. Maybe she still respects their bedroom and marriage and sets this boundary on her own so as not to confuse things for her marriage or herself. I don’t know of course but just speculating. And if that is the case I think it’s great. Every relationship should have agreed upon boundaries, otherswise it is not s relationship. Whatever works for them so long as it works, good for them!
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