Trianed as a couple

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    We were 17 & 18 when married & moved into a basement apartment. We both were virgins & knew nothing about sex. We had no privacy, the owners would walk in & out at anytime. They were an old couple in their 60’s.. Debbie & I were caught several times naked or changing clothes. They told us don’t mind them they are just an old couple.

    Once Brenda, the Landlady, brought some sex clothes for Debbie & had her try them on in front of me & Bill her husband. Debbie was blushing as she stripped naked & then Brenda stopped her & she dressed Debbie.

    She was telling Debbie how sexy she was as she touched my wife & once dressed posed her for the “MEN” as she said. Brenda told Debbie that it’s ok to be sexy & a whore, as she exposed my wife’s breast to us. She told us there were two types of men in this world, Alpha & Beta men.

    The Alpha men take what they want & the Beta submits to them. Debbie was breathing harder as her tits & then pussy was exposed to us. Brenda told Debbie I will show you how a Beta male acts. She looked at me & told me to show us your hard on. I had been trying to cover it up & was embarrassed about having one.

    Bill spoke up & said “Doug be a “good boy” & show us by removing your clothes.”

    I looked around & everyone was looking at me. Brenda was slowly rubbing my wife’s pussy now, It seemed like I needed to do this. I found myself naked & my dick was dripping.

    Bill spoke up & ask Debbie if I was a good lover & to tell the truth. She said yes at first but when Bill ask her if she had a orgasm yet, she said no. Then your truthful answer is no. Debbie nodded in agreement.

    Then Bill ask ”Why wasn’t I fucking my wife properly?” I hung my head in shame & just mumbled I did not know. Brenda came to my rescue & said

    “Now Bill he’s just a boy, so be kind to him. Doug knows the only way to learn is to watch a Alpha male turn Debbie into a whore.” Debbie gasped at that & Brenda started slowly finger fucking her. Brenda whispered into Debbie’s ear Then Debbie walked over to me & held my hard on & asked if I would “GIVE HER TO BILL TO BE HIS WHORE?” I looked around & told them yes. Brenda said See Debbie your boy husband is a Beta male, always will be. It’s in his nature to submit.

    Brenda told me to present my wife properly to them.

    I undressed my wife the rest of the way & also undressed Bill. I picked up my wife & laid her on our married bed. I put Bills cock in my wife & begged him to take ownership us. Now as Bill made love to my wife, he told us about the Bull & a cuckold lifestyle. He said that we could back out at anytime.

    He told us As the Bull, he gets the pussy in the house, & as a cuckold I get the cleaning up duties. I was to get permission to touch my wife. He had me watch as he gave my wife her first orgasm. After that He explained to me that he would be the father of our first child. Debbie came a second time when he said that. After that Brenda led me upstairs to start training me.
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    Holy shit, surpricingly hot :p
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    Any more to this?
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    Very, very hot!!!
    Please let us know the News!
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    Lovely, but I think it's in the wrong section of the forum.

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    What a story
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    Over the next year, I never got to fuck my wife Debbie. Bill & Brenda would double team her & have me watch. I would sleep in our basement while Debbie moved into their bedroom. Brenda taught me to eat pussy, suck off Bill, how to clean up a dirty cunt (her words) and got both of us hooked on pleasing them.

    We all enjoyed what was happening. Debbie was the one to suggest I lay on my back & lift up so my dick would be jerked off on to my mouth & face.

    Debbie used a strap on me & took my cherry. I was always addressed as “BOY”. Debbie was dressed up & complimented always on her performance & looks. She could eat Brenda out & make her cum in a very short time. Brenda would have us race who could suck off her husband the fastest. Debbie always won.

    Brenda & Debbie took me to a adult store & had me pick out a cock cage, because I was caught jerking off without permission. So after that I had to wear it all the time. My balls would get so blue! The time came for Debbie to get pregnant. I was asked to beg Bill to be the father & I flushed her pills down the toilet. I was ripe for this as I had not cum in 2 months. Brenda jerked me off as I asked Bill. I came hard when he said “yes boy”.

    Debbie had Bill’s son the next year. I started Fucking Brenda’s pussy more regular while Bill got the young pussy of my wife. Brenda did share me a few times with her old friends. Debbie was passed around to some of Bills friends. It was an exciting time for us. We had been trained to be the perfect submissive couple.

    A few years later a teenage boy discovered our submissive side & used it to his advantage. But that’s another adventure.
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    Great story you are a lucky man to have found Bill & Brenda to train you two, especially as you are so young you will have the time to live out your servitude to them to the fullest. Love to hear more!

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