Transformed into cuckold (continued)

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    I was up before Karen the next morning. I was drinking coffee in the living room when she came out of bedroom. She asked "Did you make coffee?" I answered "Yes" She poured herself a cup and came and sit beside me in the living room. She had one of my T-shirts on only as a nightshirt. Karen was a larger woman. 5'-8", her weight fluctuated anywhere from 160 lbs. to 180-185 lbs. Very pale,creamy white skin,she wore glasses and kept her auburn hair short. Big natural tits with big nipples. Thick thighs and a big sexy ass.
    The first thing she said was "I'm so sorry, I understand if you want to divorce me". I replied "No, I don't want a divorce I just don't want to be lied to". She kept apologizing. When I said"Just be honest with me ". She said "Alright,but your're not gonna like it".
    I said "I feel like I don't even know you". She replied "I can't deny what I've done,maybe you don't". I said "There's this whole other side of you, you have a whole other sex life you've hiding from me ?" She hesitated and said "Well, yes Obviously I can't deny that".
    I asked "Why". She said "I can't help it, you know how sexual I am". She said "I love you so much but I need more I can't help it".
    I said "So your're fucking niggers? She hesitated then said " Well you saw it, no point in my denying it". In an accusatory tone I said " So what your're a nigger-lovin whore". She got defensive saying " Well Maybe I fuckin am". I said "How many, tell me the truth". She said "You're not going to like the truth". I said "The truth, how many, lots?". She replied "Lots".
    In anger I asked "Did that nigger cum in you last night". In anger she said "Maybe he did maybe he didn't". There was a brief silence then she said "No he didn't, you kinda interrupted everything". I blurted " I'm so sorry I ruined your fuckin night". She said "I didn't mean it like that".
    I said "I know you hate condoms, he was going to nut in you wasn't he?" She replied "Well you do know me".
    I said ""Did he nut in you or not"?" She quipped "I said fuckin no". She pulled her legs back and spread pulling up her nightshirt barking "Wanna fuckin check?. In anger I did, I got up from my lounger and stuck my finger up her cunt.
    She got pissed as I fingered her, she looked me in the eyes smirking "See, Not last night but plenty others". I was strangely turned on suddenly as I fingered her. She could tell. She squirmed on my finger looking at me with her sultry eyes and whispered " He cums in my mouth, my pussy and my asshole". I said nothing and kept fingering her. She smiled at me saying "Look at you, you're all turned on aren't you sweetie?. I couldn't deny it I said "Your're so fuckin sexy Baby".
    I said "Is he big?" She said "He's very big". I said "You like that?" She said "I love his big black dick, he gets rock hard for me and fills me up completely". I asked "How big is he? She smiled "He's about 10 inches and thick as hell". She smiled coyly saying " You alright with that Sweetie? I just knodded yes.
    She asked "You gonna be alright with me fuckin him". I replied "Yes Baby". She quipped "Good cause I was going to anyway".
    Karen was getting sloppy wet as I fingered her, she pulled her shirt up over her big low hanging tits, her nipples erect. I looked into her eyes and asked "He's not the only one huh? She said "You really want to know?" I said "I already know." She said "Yeah, you do now, you know my dirty little secret". I asked " How long you been ballin niggers Baby".
    She replied "Since about a year before we got married I thought I could stop once we got married but I can't help it, I'm just a horny white nympho". I said "Well, obviously you like being a white slut for them". She hesitated and asked "Do you hate me?" I replied "No baby, I love you, nothing can change that, not even this". She smiled in relief saying "I love you so much, I can't help being who I am". I smiled at her saying "My Baby is just a nigger-lovin whore aren't you? She just smiled saying nothing.
    Karen sat up on the couch and said "Go get the toys Baby".
    I went to the bedroom and got the toys from our nightstand. We had many. I got one of her biggest rubber cocks and her rabbit. The cock was a 12 inch lifelike,veiny big black cock with a big mushroom head. Guess that was a hint huh? Karen had moved to my lounger sitting naked with her big thighs spread rubbing her clit. When she saw the big black cock she said "Good choice"
    I sat on the floor in front of her and put the cockhead on her clit and began rubbing it up and down her big clit. She spread her big thighs wide as I stroked her. She was already sloppy wet and she reached down to grasp the cock and slide it up her cunt. She started fucking it taking nearly every inch up her big pussy. I grasped the phallus by the balls that formed it's base that it sat upright on and began fucking her deep and hard with it.
    Her big clit was engorged and erect as I pounded her cunt. I said " You like that Bitch, you like that big nigger cock up your big cunt." She said "Fuck yeah". I said "You let em all cum in your cunt bitch, don't you?" She said "Fuck yes they do." I said "Do they nut up in your asshole Bitch." She said "Yes baby they nut in my ass." I said "Do you deepthroat them niggers and let em cum down your throat, do you swallow bitch?" Yes baby I swallow their cum". I said your just a nigger-lovin cum slut aren't you
    baby."She didn't answer. I pulled the cock out of her cunt and rubbed the cockhead on her asshole. She squirmed against it and the big mushroom cockhead disappeared up her shithole.
    She scooched to the front edge of the lounger to spread her big fat white ass pulling knees back to her big tits. 10 inches slid up her asshole as she reached for her rabbit and clicked it on . She began buzzing her big throbbing clit as I assfucked her with ten inches of nigger cock. I said "You like that whore, you like it when the niggers assfuck your big fat white ass." Karen moaned "Fuck my ass,fuck my ass." I said "Yeah I bet they love this big asshole of yours, pumpin cum up your big fat stinkin ass, you like that nigger spunk up your shithole whore." She replied " Yes Baby I love it."
    I started fingering her cunt as I assfucked with the other hand. I had three fingers in her and said "You want that cunt fisted Baby". She gasped "Fist me baby, fist my pussy". Her big cunt stretched around my fist then my hand disappeared in her twat. I began fist-fucking her and she squirmed all over the lounger as I pounded her cunt with my fist, she began squirting in orgasm as she took her rabbit off her big,swollen,throbbing clit. I pulled my fist out of her cunt and the cock out of her butthole and started eating her pussy, I licked her clit up ad down. She grabbed me by my ears saying "Eat that pussy Baby." I looked up at her and asked "Have I ever ate your pussy after you been fucked". She said "You want the honest answer." "Yes" I replied. She said " A few times when you come home from work in the morning wanting sex haven't you noticed I try to keep you from eating my pussy and you know I love having my pussy ate? I said "Yeah that did puzzle me?" She said "That's why Baby, When you insisted on eating me I thought surely you were going to figure it out, but it didn't seem to bother you,could'nt you tell." I replied "Now that I think about it I do remember something different about your pussy a few times". She smiled saying "That's why Baby , several times I'd just been fucked hours before you got home and went down on me, didn't you taste his sperm in me?" In dismay I replied "I'm not sure, I love eating you so much." She smiled saying " Sweetie you've been cleaning up after Mama's niggers for years you must like cleaning it out of me you never complained". I just shrugged "Yeah" She chuckled "Good, you're gonna get used to cleaning that big nigger bull cum out of my pussy and asshole sweetie"
    I went back to eating her and I began working my whole hand up her worked three fingers up her asshloe as I did. Mama pushed her ass against my hand until my fist stretched her wide and her butthole swallowed my fist. I sat back on the floor to assfuck her with my fist as she retrieved her rabbit to buzz away on her clit. I worked her slowly as she fucked my fist with her big butthole. I said " You like getting your big nigger-lovin asshole fisted Baby". She gasped "fist that ass, fist me Baby." I began fisting her asshole with my whole hand. I asked "How many different niggers have pumped their spunk up your big fat stinkin whore ass bitch?" She gasped " I don't know 5 or 6 maybe."
    I said "They all know your married" She said "Yes". As I punished her asshole I said"They all know your just a fat ass married white cum dump don't they Baby." As she began to bust off into orgasm she gasped "Fuck yeah, your wife is a Black Cock owned, married fat ass whore" Karen squirted as she pulled herself off my fist. After she rested briefly, she looked at me saying "Now you know the real me"

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