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    My ex-wife Karen and I lived together for 2 and half years before we married. Being both of our second marriages we wanted to be certain it would work before tying the knot. We had a very loving,strong secure marriage. It was about a year into our marriage when our very vanilla marriage changed overnight.
    I was 50 at the time,she 49. At 50 I was nearly impudent and my failure to perform bothered me but Karen said it wasn't that big of a deal to her. Even Viagra didn't work. The first inkling I had of her cheating was a post-it note with a man's name and phone number.The note was stuck to the console between the drivers seat of her car. I found it while vacuuming her car. I didn't confront her with it.
    I called in sick unbeknownst to her from my job on the midnight shift several times. I'd sit in my truck across the way in our apartment complex out of sight watching her car. The 3rd night I saw her headlights light up. I followed her. She didn't drive far. She pulled into a large parking lot of a bank building just across from our complex. She parked in the very back where it was dark and isolated and turned off her lights. I didn't even have to leave our complex to sit and watch. A few minutes later a car pulled into the lot and parked beside her turning off it's lights.
    I waited about ten minutes then called her on my cell as I often did to say goodnight and tuck her in. She answered as usual telling me she was in bed ready to go "nightynight" We said I love you to each other and hung up. I waited another 15 minutes or so and drove over with my lights out. I drove right up to the car and parked beside it. As I did I could see my wife franticly getting her pants on. I sat there. The passenger side door opened and the dome light came on as she exited his car. I got a good look at him as he sped off in reverse in a panic. Karen just stood there staring at me.
    I rolled down my window and said "Home in bed huh". She said "Well you caught me,happy?" She stormed to her car and I followed her home. As we walked up to our apartment she said "We're getting a divorce" as I followed her. Once inside the name calling began and we screamed at each other and fought for hours. No physical violence neither of us were violent ever.
    When I screamed at her "You're fuckin a nigger" she screamed back in a fit of rage "Yes I'm fuckin a nigger and he ain't the only one". Around 4 am we were both exhausted and she was wanting to just go to bed. That's when she let me have it
    . She said "I've been fucking him for month's and I'm not going to stop, get the fuck out if you don't like it." I said "Baby" and she cut me off saying "Don't Baby me you limp dick bitch I'm sick of your shit" I began to say "I'm sorry that", she cut me off again saying "You're sorry alright,sorry in the sack with your little limp dick". She stopped and asked " Where the fuck were you over there, were you sitting somewhere watching your wife get fucked." I didn't answer. She chuckled "You were weren't you, sitting in the dark watching me ride his big black dick?' I didn't answer. I followed her to bed and she said "Go sleep on the fuckin couch".
    We were both so exhausted I got in bed and we went to sleep.
    Little did I know she had already cucked me.
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    That's why it wasn't a big deal for her. After thinking about it, did you conclude that you should have left the perfect situation alone?

    Did it give you a hard-on? Was the makeup sex fanatic? Please continue.
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    Actually, you should have told your wife that for the sake of her safety and convenience, they could come to your house to fuck her.

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