To Parents. How do you manage this cuckold lifestyle when your kids are in home?

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  1. Well I read this in a forum long back.. In that the parents take their kids to water theme park and let them have fun the whole day. At night the kids would be so tired and have a good sleep while the cuckold calls the bull and they all have a good time.....Pls share your story...
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  2. cumcrazycouple

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    I am surprised there is not more response to this question.It can be a sticky issue for couples with children.In our case, many times I would take our son out while she entertained at home at weekends.We would also arrange for the grandparents to babysit at weekends where we would then really go to town lol.
    She also worked part time only for many years once our son started school, so had time in the mornings for her lovers.manys a time I rushed home at lunch time for a tasty snack of freshly served cream-pie...
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  3. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    We have two boys, and for almost our entire marriage, I would stay home with them on the evenings my wife went out. As they grew, we told them that mom had special friends and liked to go out more than I did. They were never exposed to anything, other than my wife's dates occasionally picking her up here at home, and there were times when the boys saw her kissing them before she left or when she came in.

    They never seemed to think it was at all abnormal until the oldest was about nine, and then he asked one day if we were going to get divorced. My wife and I were shocked because neither of us had been thinking any such thing, let alone talking about it. We assured him we were happy together and there would be no divorce, but we never could get him to tell us exactly why he thought that. We figured that either from school or the media or the culture in general, he got the idea that if parents aren't monogamous, it automatically means trouble. In our experience, the most important thing to children other than love is family stability. If they can be assured of that, they can handle a lot.

    The one big change in the last few months is that my wife's lover comes to the house and occasionally stays the night. Only our youngest son is still at home, but he's only a few months away from college now himself. He's aware of what's happening of course, but both my wife and her lover are discreet around him. When my wife's lover first started coming, we assured him again that this didn't mean his mother and I were planning a separation or anything. Our son's reaction really was a big relief to my wife and me. He said he'd been wondering why we just didn't invite him over a long time ago, meaning my wife's boyfriend. He said it matter-of-factly and with a little humor, so that was one hurdle my wife and I were glad to get over.
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  4. Pathedick

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    Wife never worked so when the kids were young she'd have Afternoon Delights at nap time. Same when the older children were at school and younger were still home. Plus I would babysit often so mom could visit friends. Or take Kids to movies or to get ice cream etc. because mom needs a break. We did play at home with my friends but when the kids were asleep and when it was my, the little dick hubby's job to make sure her and my friends remained undiscovered and undisturbed. You just have to be creative, patient, and willing to play your part in the lifestyle.
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  5. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You have great insight.

    We don't have a child yet (one is on the way), but the two couples who we play with both have children. Sometimes my wife (mostly my wife, but sometimes I) will take advantage of an opportunity to play with one of the four (the women are bi) or the couple alone; we have no rules about prior notice or needing to watch. Most time, however, it's a weekend thing at one of their houses. When the children were very young it was easier. But now when they are not babysat (one daughter is getting too old for that anyway) we simply take turns watching the kids well away, while the others, two or sometimes three, have fun. The children have asked where their parent(s) is/are, and are simply told it is for adults and private.

    They are satisfied with that answer, even the teen daughter, because they see their parents happy, together, sober, and everyone being treated well. It is not much different than what happens in a monogamous relationship with children - sex happens, it is away from the children, but eventually they deduce it.
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  6. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Additionally I would add that as she was home all day with the kids and I worked long hours, it was my time to fatherly bond with my children (even if they didn't originate in my balls). We would do all sorts of things. Like going to the playground in the park, fishing in a pond, canoeing, and
    in the winter sled ridding.Making it a Positive for All involved.
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  7. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    That is what makes honestly facing our non-monogamous human nature in relationships so important. Instead of all the cheating BS and society's expectation of how we are supposed to react, everyone can be happy.
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  8. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    Ha, I can definitely relate. Each of our boys have different interests, and I remember going horseback riding to please one, and a Sci-Fi convention to please the other all in a matter of hours. I wasn't particularly interested in either activity, but I had fun and experienced things I wouldn't have otherwise.
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  9. UK hub 54

    UK hub 54 New Member

    We had never planned that our daughter ever know, but she decided to skip school one day and sneak home...unknown to her my wife had her lover round and even though they were not having full sex, it was very obvious what was going to happen as they lay on the couch. This caused major problems for a while and we had to reassure her that we were not about to split up or divorce. This in turn led to some very frank conversations between wife and daughter about our lifestyle... Thankfully, even though I found that very humiliating, things worked out and our daughter is friends with her mums lover and very used to him being in our house
  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that that it worked out and that there is understanding. Everyone - children, spouses - want a stable home and love. It is a basic need. Beyond that most people can be very accommodating.

    (We're there any consequences for your daughter skipping school?)
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  11. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    Here's how it worked with my first wife. We really didn't hide anything. Ever since the kids were babies there have been guys around so it was just natural if a guy was at the house even if I wasn't home. When the kids were real young my wife and her lover would make love during nap time. If they woke up while they were in bed she just said they were napping too. As the kids got older they thought nothing of another guy being around. There were time when the kids were watching tv and my wife and lover would tell them they were just going to take a nap and they never thought anything of it. As they got to be older we explained to them the situation. We eventually divorced when she got pregnant from her lover.

    Now with my current wife we have no worries about kids although she would love to have a baby with her BF. Her sister and mother know about our lifestyle and are very supportive.
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  12. jjfalcon00

    jjfalcon00 New Member

    We used to make sure that the kids were away for weekends or during holidays, however there were times when they were under 4 that the wife did entertain her lovers in the evenings and while I was working night shifts or during the day while they were at school. loved to come home to find a guy in our bedroom!!!
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  13. marknaughty

    marknaughty Guest

    For many years my wife would have her trysts outside of the house. I was unaware that I was being cuckolded even though I wanted it badly. During this time my wife was coupling with a co worker in our bed one afternoon when our oldest daughter came home early from college. During coitus my wife noticed her watching through a crack in the door. She never said a word but continued watching as her mother was being fucked. They talked and my daughter admitted to masturbating while she watched her mother. It became "their secret". It also came out that my wife introduced one of her men to our daughter and that he had sex with her in her dorm room on several occasions. It was only a few years later that I became aware that my wife was cucking me. My wife informed my daughter that I now knew and that I was OK with it. She is married now and from time to time she has sex with other men besides her husband. The difference is that her husband is aware of it. Our other daughter is still unaware. It is different for everyone.
  14. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    I grew up exposed to open relationships. It was a bit confusing because it's not read you'd see in a Disney cartoon but my mother instilled the beauty and complexity of love into me at a young age. I was angry with her when I was a teenager and she finally settled down with a guy and still saw other men - I wanted the Disney cartoonish view of a family. When I graduated high school I learned to speak better English and went to go live with my father. After sometime there, and exploring love and sexuality, I decided my mother was right.
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  15. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    We have 3 children and it is a little harder to keep our sex life private as they age. But it is still a priority. We use hotels, vacations, weekends at grandparents, school days, or Jeff will keep the kids while I go out. I'll also do the "massage guy" routine, where the guy dresses in shorts and tee shirts and I bring him in like it is no biggie, he is just a massage
  16. Ottotess

    Ottotess Active Member

    First time my wife get fucked by her young bull was during tha day,in a hotel room.We arrange that someone will stay at home to take care of the kids.Was great,but the kids call her on Mobil ,so she had to talk on the phone while she was fucked doggy by her bull.Kind of strange ,but still hot!Since then I take her to her bull just during night when kids are sleeping !
  17. Wife4others

    Wife4others Active Member

    Well since our oldest daughter caught us with some bulls. We have become open with our lifestyle. We sat all 3 of our kids down and had a long and frank conversation. Once they figured our that everything was going to be ok. It has become a non issue. They have met and talked to both of the bulls.
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  18. Hawke82

    Hawke82 Well-Known Member

    Although our kids are adults now, our youngest has temporarily moved back in with us while he saves up for a downpayment on a place of his own. We also have two elderly family members living with us. My wife has been a hotwife since she was 28, shortly after the birth of our first child. Once our kids were old enough to know what was going on around them, we stopped any hotwife activity in the home, and she usually played either at a lover's place, or in a hotel room. Currently, she sees her lover about every other weekend, and they go back to his place to have sex. The reason her going out and staying out late (sometimes all night) over the years has never raised any suspicion with our friends or family, is because her job is the perfect cover for a hotwife. She is a healthcare professional, and she is often on call, and can be called in at any time, and often works long shifts. When she has a date, we just mark on the family calender that mom is "on call" that night, and then have her date call her. She takes the call, announces that she got called in, and then she can leave and stay out as long as she likes without any of our family suspecting anything. If she stays out all night playing, they assume mom "worked" all night, so they don't bother her when she sleeps half the day!
  19. Ilovemywife

    Ilovemywife Member

    Your children are much more observant than most people give them credit for.
    Five years ago my wife and I moved south when we retired for the weather.
    Our daughter came to visit and her visit coincided we my best friend and his daughters staying with us for a few days.
    My friend was also my wifes bull for 5 years when our children were young.
    My daughter took his daughter shopping one afternoon and asked her if she knew that her father used to come to our house late at night and fuck her mom.
    On the drive back north his daughter asked him about it. Of course he denied it.
    The next day he called me to recall the conversation.
    I never told my wife or mentioned it to my daughter.
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  20. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    An interesting subject, yes I am surprised there aren't more posters on this subject,
    We moved house to a rural area to live our two kids were 10 a boy and 8 a daughter, living such a long way out our children were gamers something I wish now I had stopped but as a result they rarely went out or stayed over with friends happy to play games on an evening in their bedrooms we and my wife have rarely ever made love in our bed preferring the downstairs room with one ear out for movement from the kids, another issue being the doors downstairs were all fitted with glass and thus see through.

    They knew my best friend as we used to go out with him, his wife and children he had spent the last 12 months making suggestions about how he would like to seduce my wife and later wouldn't I like to see her being fucked by him? He was a womaniser my wife appeared a normal happy mid 20s wife happy with our family but driven by him I had gained an interest in this and to see if my wife was as he suggested very seducable, and he though he could do her, if I agreed finally, I was keen to see if she would respond but scared it would go badly.

    On the night shortly after he seduced her with ease in front of me, I was fascinated it was a cereal experience but i also kept watch that the kids didn't comedown or that she want too loud as he gave my wife oral then mounted her. Over the next 12 months we repeated this a few times, I knew then I liked this.

    A couple of years later after I had allowed him full access to my wife she told me they had, been having a long term affair my first "watch" certainly wasn't his first time by a couple of years I was rather upset at this and their relationship ended, shortly after replaced by mummy going to business meetings to see with me the occasional man in local hotels.

    When our daughter was about 17 one night drunk at a family party she decided to tell me and a friend in front of her boyfriend that when younger they used to be ushered upstairs by mum when uncle Dave came visiting they found it very amusing listening as shortly after mum would be panting like a dog then screaming followed by her shouting "hush hush" so they knew what her mum was doing. They would also take it turns to comedown for a "drink" to peep through the doors I told her enough! but my friend found it amusing and was very understand it helped that he had also had the pleasures of mums body so at least I knew he was secure. My wife however didn't find it funny when I told her.

    So to answer the question How do you manage this cuckold lifestyle when your kids are in home?

    Some appear to take care other don't...................
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