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Discussion in 'Methods, Techniques and Advice' started by FrankG, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. FrankG

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    I posted my story before about my wife beginning to extramarital activities, and now she is officially cuckolding me and she is actively dominating me. She is going away for awhile (to see her boyfriend) and she is interesting in caging me in a chastity device. I am wondering if there is anyone with experience being caged for several days or more and what it is like, and tips or advice. Just curious to hear what people think and have experienced. Thank you!
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  2. Lambo56

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    She wants to cage you while she is gone visiting the bf or full time? How long is she visiting him, awhile sounds like an extended time away.

    I had a couple stints in a Femdom relationships and was put in chastity for extended periods of time. Finding a cage that I could fit in was a big challenge but once the right cages were in play it worked well for us. I was in it for about 3 months straight for the longest stretch. Over about a year of chastity play I was prob locked for 9 months give or take. I wasn't allowed to handle or know where the keys were and only allowed out when she wanted to play which usually was just to tease me with no cumming for me. Overall I loved the experience and would do it again but it's not easy to get used to and if your mistress doesn't tease you much it can be very rough. Once I was accustomed to it I felt weird being unlocked and really enjoyed the heavy pulling of the steel cages. Plastic cages were worthless as none of them were big enough to get into. Also if you get a steel cage make sure you spend the money so you get a higher quality steel that won't irritate your skin etc.
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  3. christinebitg

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    Disclaimer: I have never been locked up in chastity and have promised myself to never request it.

    Having said that, I suggest that whatever device you choose, that you find a way to have a key available to you in case of emergency. Something along the lines of freezing the key into a block of ice that you leave in the freezer. Or using a numbered "car seal" type connection, one that you can prove to her later that you haven't opened or otherwise tampered with.


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  4. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Can you do a practice run before she leaves town? If you can't I agree that you should have a way to remove the device.
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  5. vladdy

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    Trial runs building up to a time approximately a portion of the desired time duration will be required to get you ready for an extended lock up period.

    Have her perhaps get a lock box and some numbered zip ties. They should sell some sort of security zip tie at the office stores.

    Perhaps, if you have skype or an iPhone have a set supervised time where you can access the key from the box so you can remove the device for cleaning and stretching. Then put yourself back in and put a new tie on the lock box. This idea is for a situation where you might be in a week. If you are in for only three days or something you shouldn't need to be released from the device.
  6. obedientcuck

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    If you haven't worn a chastity cage before, know these three things:

    1) When you're getting started, the ring will hurt your scrotum over time as it rubs against the skin. The colder the temperature outside, the worse the problem as the scrotum contracts to maintain constant temperature. This will increase the skin to ring pressure. Keep a supply of body-safe and device safe lube handy at all times. I find a scrotum bag helps keep them warm and away from the ring during cold weather. Don't keep them warm if you want to get your wife pregnant though.

    2) Daytime erections may be fun because of the constraining feeling and feedback to keep it from getting too big, but nighttime erections really hurt. As your penis pushes outward on the cage, the cage pulls the ring, which pulls your balls - forcefully. The pain will wake you up at night. You may need to try several different sizes / types to find one that doesn't wake you at night.

    3) Ironically, shorter cages are often more comfortable than normal length ones. If you're considering a model that has a normal and a short version (often suffixed "s") unless you're way longer than average start with the "s" version. The reason is it will hold your penis in place snugly whereas the longer one will let your penis move around and change size. This can allow pinching, bunching up of skin, etc.

    I've tried several of the Chinese chastity cages on DHGate. Their quality has improved considerably in the last year or so, and they're very affordable compared to the name brands. Also, DHGate sells what appear to be overstocks of name brands - not knockoffs but real products that the manufacturers overproduced. (They do have knockoffs too, and some of them are actually better quality than the original for example using the same design but metal instead of plastic.)
  7. Mr. Big

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    My advice? Don't! :p
    I don't know why a man would want to lock away his strongest asset...but that's just me. And fine by me, too. Less competition that way. You're frustrated to the point of servitude, and if she's frustrated she makes herself available. :cool:
  8. NewCuck76

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    Im usually always in chastity to my girlfriend. As others have suggested, do a few test runs and progress your time locked. Your skin wil need time to adapt to the cage. It will most likely become irritated at first, but eventually it will get better. spend time researching the right cage for you. Also I can't stress enough, keep your skin lubed/lotioned and cleaned regularly.
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  9. dave leonard

    dave leonard New Member

    I'm also locked 24/7 365
    It's not easy at first so plan small time frames till you can work up to consecutive days
  10. bricbat

    bricbat Well-Known Member

    Do devices show through pants?
    I'm so miserable trying to control myself that I might ask my wife to lock me out of sheer desperation. :( But I cant do that if it would be visible. o_O
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  11. open2it

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    A good, properly sized cage doesn't show unless you're wearing tight clothes. It's a really great way to control your urge to masturbate when your wife's out playing.
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