Thoughts on Her Surrender 2 - Giving More of Her

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by don_jetman, Nov 25, 2018.

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    I would add that if you read My Threads you would will get a Pretty good Picture of at least one side of me and a more Limited Picture of one side of my wife. I don't share this side with those in My Life but like you will share it here to strangers. Some how it's Cathartic sharing in the "safety" of Anonymity of the Forum.
    ( I thought I had posted this hours ago but guess I didn't click Post. Will comment on your latest reply, but can't right now)
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    I also diligently and in every delicious detail record my anguished and erotically ecstatic thoughts when I know that my buddy and ex-wife are making love by themselves after politely requesting I leave them to it, often for many hours to a day or more at a time.

    My ultra-vivid imaginings of how gloriously my buddy is fucking her and how beautifully wildly she is responding to him are totally uncontrollable. So are my feelings of total sexual dispossession and and my intense arousal that my imaginings engender in me when I sense that my buddy and my ex are powerfully engaged in the very act. For the solely self-interested erotic purposes of referring back to them---as best as I am able in my dreadful but beautifully wankworthy alonenness---I record my imaginings and other arousing details in real time using the superb voice-to-text facility on my iPhone.

    I recommend you give up your present keyboarding of your similar real-time experiencing of your wife being fucked by her lovers, Don, and try the voice-to-text way of documenting your responses to it. Privacy, in the sense of nearby strangers or friends overhearing my dictation, even when I am travelling, is not an issue in my experience, as the VTT app on my iPhone faultlessly records my whispered voice even in the presence of background noise.

    Often when I am in company and am moved to record my erotic responses to my ex and my buddy so much more freely making love in my absence, I simply lower my voice, shield the microphone with my cupped free hand, and pretend I'm having a phone conversation with a friend. It works a treat.

    I such situations the use of my iPhone (the small but fantastic 4s) leaves my right hand free to discreetly caress my cock through the lining of the side pocket of my jeans or, better still, such as when I'm travelling by myself in a low-lit cabin of a plane, to masturbate my fully bared erection to orgasm under a blanket or even a widespread newspaper. The voicing of my thoughts into my iPhone always produces a much more free-flowing and memorable record of my imaginings and masturbatory responses to them than even my most "spontaneous" two-handed keyboarding ever could.

    Don't knock it if you haven't tried it my dear and esteemed more literary and nerdy brother ;)
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    That's something I've never considered. But the way I work is very slow and thoughtful with lots of pauses, even when I'm in his basement while they're fucking. Plus, there is always the possibility that the phone is hacked, which would be extremely embarrassing. I get a lot of work-related texts and messages on my phone while traveling, so an accidental mistake would be catastrophic. The older special laptop I use when we're at Dave's rarely goes online and isn't used for anything else. A novel idea though, and I think it might be hot for L to hear my notes after we return home.

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    I'm extremely embarrassed to find that I haven't read your entire thread until now. It's quite a saga of your history, and you should be very proud of it. I love the detail you convey concerning the timeline of your exposure of cuckolding, and the various thoughts on how it affected you. My kind of stuff. I found that it reminded me of the movie Blue Sky, with Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones. She's an Army wife instead of Navy, but her uncontrollable infidelity is similar to your story.

    An amusing "note taking" memory just occurred to me after responding to both your and Michael's posts. Twenty years ago I wrote erotic stories for ASSM on Usenet, usually serials that brought in hundreds of emails from readers. I'd often work on them in the air on my laptop during longer flights. On one flight I noticed the woman seated next to me in first class taking sly peeks at my screen. I doubted she could see much from that angle, but apparently she saw enough. In those days we always had a nice meal with wine on the flights into Canada, and while we were eating, she put her hand on my arm and asked me if I was really "him", the writer of the stories. I was flattered enough to admit that I was, and she fell all over herself flattering me. A bit embarrassing, but in first class it wasn't as easy for others to overhear the conversation. Anyway, it was the first and only time I met a story fan in person. She was a MILF as well - a blonde fortyish hottie in an expensive outfit, loaded with a huge diamond ring and jewelry. We were staying at hotels near the airport, and although we mentioned meeting for a drink, my long work hours interfered. We exchanged business cards, but I lost hers long ago. Sooo, you never know who's watching...

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    I know what you mean about about the time commitment to put it down on paper to reveal to the world. Did I do this part justice, did I put too much detail or not enough (in the end you can Never please everyone reading it anyway), did I reveal too much somewhere in it?
    As for L it's Wonderful that she uses her "Power" for Good as they say. She uses to Sexually Tease you and Heighten the experience for both of you. She also uses her Adventures for good, for you, in another way that you pointed out, In Bed. Hope you say "Thank You" a lot.
    As for your stray scrap of paper being your undoing. It reminded me I had at least a close call, and not sure it wasn't more than that. Many years ago I actually wrote out what happened at the beginning of My Cuckold Life. It was on several pages folded up. I did it because I was thinking of sending it to Gallery or Penthouse Letters. It was like decades ago so I forgot about it. I discovered it about where I had hidden it in the house and carried it around for weeks about 15 years ago. Then it fell out of my pocket. When I discovered that I PANICKED because there were people I worked with that I didn't want to find it. A co-worker did find it but he was a shy and good guy and just acted like he just found it and thought it was mine based on some other papers with it and didn't mention the Important Papers.
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    NO need to be embarrassed at all. No way anyone with a Life can read everything here. Thank You for saying what you did about my Thread. I especially wanted to make the recalling of what lead me to where I became a Cuckold and the first years of it's developing more detailed and as you said Introspective. I actually think I recall more of those early years because of the Major Developments that were happening. I actually hoped that in my detail and thoughts/feelings it just might help other Cuckolds and even Hotwifes to better understand their questions about their involvement or potential involvement in the Lifestyle. They might see some of themselves in my experiences.

    I have read ASSM and other Cuckold/Sex Literary sites and have wondered about the writers. So Cool that you were one and I might very well have read some of your submissions. Very Cool about your encounter with the MILF Fan of yours. You never know who might be reading. I just figure it's unlikely anyone I know is.
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    PS: The voice-to-text facility on my phone does not require me to be online for it to work. That would solve the security problem for you, Don. If your VTT does require you to be online, you can simply dictate your material inspired by the sexual heat of the Moment, using a straight audio-recording app and convert it to text using a separate program some time after you're done.

    If L comes to hear of your real-time dictation and is aroused by listening to it (women are much more audio-erotic than we men are), and perhaps your masturbatory exclamations, you can address some of your dictation directly and very explicitly to her in the very act of her being fucked by her lover. Now that WOULD be hot for her :p
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