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    I introduced my best buddy to my wife when he was 19. He and I are bisexual and had been been secret lovers since he was 17, meeting up with each other specifically for sex almost daily after his college classes were over for the day, and more often during weekends.

    My buddy is Afro-American, extremely handsome, of slim-athletic build , 6'4" in height, weighs 185 lbs, is as supple as silk and moves like a beautiful young panther. Looks-wise and in his charmingly humble personality he is the total fulfillment of the wildest homosexual wet dreams I have been having since I was 13.

    It was the same for my wife when she first set her lusting eyes on him clothed. Even more so when she beheld him stripped off, standing beside our bed before he got onto it to fuck her for his first time with me lying beside them.

    To put it mildy, my buddy is a spectacularly beautiful straight-acting choice young man and unsurprisingly a real turner of the heads of women of every age and of even straight-looking men with wives and children who pass us on the sidewalk.

    Naturally I was flattered, from the very beginning, by my wife giving his even clothed body, especially his compact and extremely sexy typically Negro high-placed muscular bum, lustful little and often longer glances when she thought I wasn't looking (at her) as he moved around unselfconsciously around our home and in the street and other social settings.

    Quite rightly, I think, I took her very apparent approval and visual enjoyment of his extremely sexy body as an encouraging compliment to me for my choice of him for a lover for her; and for myself too.

    A few months ago, with my full consent and encouragement, my wife divorced me and married my buddy. We are still living full-time and beautifully harmoniously together in the menage-a-trois situation that we set up within a couple of days of that fateful evening when he made love to my wife, at my urging, within an hour of their first meeting.

    Our three-way loving continues as harmoniously---and in several ways much more excitingly, especially in our regular threesomes---than ever.

    But in recent weeks the admiring, lustful looks I first caught my wife giving my buddy's body much earlier on in their relationship have become way more open---even blatant---and frequent and determindly focus more and more on his post-marital beautifully sexercised bum and his enviably prominent genital package bulging at the front in his favorite skinny jeans.

    The increasing frequency and openness now of my wife's lustful oggling of my buddy's way superior sexual assests---including in social situations with even our friends---is now getting to me in ways I never expected they would.

    To put it briefly (!), I have recently been having bouts of uncontrollable envy of the superb recently marriage-toned physique of my buddy as my ex-wife's new husband. I believe have traced the origin of my envy of him to the recent rapid increase in frequency and sexual intensity---not to mention the flagrant openness---of the looks my love- besotted ex-wife is bestowing on precisely those parts of his beautiful young body, including now his magnificent bare chest and six-pack, that turn me on homosexually more powerfully than ever before; almost uncontrollably; even in the presence of my very observant ex-wife.

    It is my present very obvious lack of control over the outward expression of my envy of my buddy's glorious body as reflected in my ex-wife's lusting eyes that is vexing me more and more now. In fact, from being the "cool", perfectly-controlled and lover-accommodating husband that I once was, I see myself becoming a paragon of irrepressible Jealousy directed at both my fantastically-loved buddy and my ex-wife---and worse, in ways that both of them are now noticing and casually commenting on to me, as if I might be capable of putting on a more loving face for them; which at this moment I feel I'm not.

    I have provisionally concluded that it is my ex-wife's increasingly lustful looks at my buddy's incredibly sexy body that are the root-cause of my present increasingly painful plight.

    But what else should I have expected after having thrust my beautiful buddy on my then-wife when he was such a wankworthy and fuckable stripling of 19 and so obviously made in Heaven for her to marry?

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