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    Standard disclaimer: If you are below 18 or if you are easily offended by material that depicts adult sexual behavior, please refraining from reading the rest of this article. You have been warned. For the rest of you, happy reading, enjoy and if you found this entertaining let me know. My email address is brianfoxcuck at gmail dot com.

    My wife Annie and I have been married little over 13 years. We have been happily married, at least so far. From the first time I laid my eyes on her, I felt like she was an angel. I could never imagine being married to her. To this day I still imagine that I am living a dream. I am an accountant by profession. I got my CPA when I was 35 and she was a temp receptionist at the office where I used to intern. She was only 19 at that time. I was a really shy guy and never imagined I would even get an opportunity to talk to her, but as luck would have it and fate perhaps, I had many opportunities to talk with her. Later I came to know that she already had a baby girl that was five years old and she was struggling to make ends meet. It was a case of teenage love and pregnancy that resulted in bitterness and she resolved to have the baby. The father just disappeared and she had no idea where he was anymore.

    As we got to know each other she talked about her life and I felt great sympathy for her. Somehow we connected and she liked me, mostly because she honestly believed that I was the best thing that happened to her. She believed that she couldn’t find a better person to look after her and the baby. Shortly after I got my degree I proposed and she readily agreed to marry me. It was a small wedding since we were both getting started off with our lives.

    Sex was never an issue with our married life. She often felt guilty that she was not a virgin when we got married, so she always had me believe that she wanted emotional comfort more than sexual pleasure. Our daughter Grace has just turned 18. My wife is almost 32 and I am 48. I am happy with my life and where I am now. I have my own consultant firm and we have a large 5 bedroom house with a pool, jacuzzi and gym.

    Over the course of years my wife has grown out of her depressions and feelings of low self-esteem. Early in our marriage she never showed any signs of sexual frustration, but recently she has started to express more of what she likes and dislikes about our sexual life. One sore point that always comes up is my lack of staying power. I guess I am growing old and like they say, women are at their sexual prime in their thirties. My wife looks better than ever now and she regularly works out at our gym. She is 5’9â€￾ (about 2 inches taller than me), with long blond hair that flows down like a waterfall to the middle of her back. Her skin is alabaster white with no tan lines. She always complained about her breasts which were peach sized. Recently both she and her daughter decided to have breast argumentation surgery. In fact it was our daughters birthday present, Annie just decided to tag along to give our daughter company. A few months before Grace turned 18, they both had surgery and they both have 32 DD breast now. My wife is also very shapely and well proportioned. She has a bubble butt with long legs that seem to go on forever.

    Well given how she looks, it’s not hard to imagine why I don’t last too long in bed. My wife has always been very close with our daughter. She is like her best friend. They talk about everything under the sun and they have no secrets. One night, after our routine lovemaking, my wife seemed to be deep in thought. I asked her what she was thinking about, and she said that it was about our daughter. Ever since she turned 15 my daughter seemed to resent me. The reason was because I was always on her case about the way she dressed, her language and curfew times etc. I figured that when she grew older she would understand that it was all done with good intention. I asked my wife what she was worried about. She said that she was worried about her daughter making the same mistakes that she had made. I agreed with her and said that we have to be very careful and we should be very strict with her. My wife looked at me for second. She seemed about to say something then she turned away lost in thought. I thought I saw a glint of anger in her eyes and I was befuddled. Finally she exploded in tears and said that it was exactly people like me that put her life in jeopardy. Her parents were just like me, very strict in her upbringing, to the point that she could not be open with them anymore. She said that once she started having sex, she liked it so much that she could not stop. The more she was told not to indulge in sex, the deeper she got into it. Instead of preaching to her so much about how bad sex was (when it was so incredibly good), if her parents had told her about protection, she wouldn’t have ended up being pregnant so early in life. I sat stunned not knowing what to say. I told her that we should talk about this instead of jumping to conclusions. She didn’t say anything, instead turned aside from me and went to sleep.

    The next couple of days were spent in relative silence. We made idle banter in front of Grace, but we hardly had any meaningful soul talk, like we used to. On the other hand Annie and Grace were always involved in animated intense conversations. They would hush up whenever they felt my presence. Finally I decided to break the ice, and tried to make amends to our icy relationship. It was hard at first, but soon we were hugging and kissing each other like soulmates. I was horny as hell that day, and ended up cumming in fewer than 3 minutes.

    “Oh no you didn’t!â€￾ I heard my wife say.

    That was the first time in our married life that she expressed disappointment so openly. All the previous times she would simply ask “was it good for you?â€￾ I felt like I had to apologize and said sorry, and that I would make it up next time.

    “Like that would ever happen!â€￾ she retorted.

    I didn’t see that coming from her and asked her what she meant.

    “What do you think it meant Sherlock?â€￾

    I asked about all the times that she said she was satisfied with me.

    “I have lived with you for 13 years now. While you are a great provider for the family, It has left me empty sexually. I haven’t had the pleasure of sex from you, not even once. I am done making fake screams and orgasms. I want to start living life.â€￾

    I didn’t know exactly how to respond to her. She seemed to have this determined look on her face, and I felt a twinge of hatred in her eyes and didn’t know where it was coming from.

    “Honey what can I do to help you?â€￾ “For starters, don’t honey me!â€￾ she paused. “I really don’t know what you can do Brian... really! In fact if it was something that you could help with, I would have asked you. But there is one thing that you can do for our family as a whole. I am not sure if you are up to it thoughâ€￾

    “Tell me, what can I do?"

    Well, first of all, you have to open up your mind. You know our daughter has come of age, she is an adult now. Now more than ever she needs me. I am not going to patronize her with the sex is bad speech. We both know that she will be sexually active soon, if not already. I think its time to condone her and help her become a woman. Even though I have been sexually frustrated ever since I was with you, I have never cheated on you for the sake of my daughter. But I cannot imagine her being sexually frustrated like me. I intend to support her sexual proclivity in any way I can, whether you agree or not.â€￾

    “But honey, don’t you think you are taking this too far? You are assuming this for her...â€￾

    “I said don’t honey me, from now on I am anything but your honey and if my daughter is anything like me she will be head over heels about sex, besides you have no idea what she has been up to lately!â€￾

    This was not the Annie I knew, especially with the terse language she was using. “Let's take this one step at a time; we will talk about Grace later. Tell me, what I can do to better our relationship?â€￾ I saw what appeared to be a harsh snicker grace her lips.

    “Oh boy, you really think you can deliver the goods don’t you? Brian, if I really believed that you could, I would have said something. You can never give me what I really want. I always knew you couldn’t, that’s why I never asked. I have had to play coy with you for so long. What I really want is a good hard fucking, not the three minute excuse that I am used to. I don’t know where to start. â€￾

    Hearing this barrage of disparaging remarks, I almost felt like she hit me in my gut. I have always been reprimanding our daughter when ever she cursed, but now I was at my wits end. As I was fumbling through my head to figure out how to answer her, she continued…

    “First of all you are so small, I can’t even feel when you are in me, to top that, you don’t even get fully hard. I have never told you this before, but to answer your question bluntly, if you must know what it takes to get me going... I need to be fucked hard for at least an hour with a thick and hard long cock. There, I have said it. Now tell me which part of it you are working on. Oh wait a minute, I have an idea, maybe you cant, maybe I should go out and find someone who can really fuck me! That’s right Brian; I want to be fucked by a real man, not making love with a wimp like you. So honey, now that you know what you can do for me, you think you can find someone for me and maybe one for my daughter too? You have no idea how exhilarating casual sex can be.â€￾

    I do not know what happened, but when she said all these things, I had a little tent in my pajamas and it was the first time in a long time that I had gotten so hard. She had a sly smile on her face as she reached for my little peewee. She squeezed on my knob a little hard.

    “You are probably wondering where I am coming up with all of this. Do you remember about 4 months back when you curtailed my daughter from chatting on the net? Well she dug some trash on you when you did that. She knows all your passwords and she has been watching what you have been up to on the computer. She was the one who told me about your cuckold fantasies. Is that true honey? Do you really have fantasies of watching me with another man? You accused Grace of chatting with her boyfriends, while you were actively fantasizing about seeing both me and her being taken by other men. How perverted is that? I guess not that perverted, since you are thinking it’s not really your daughter right?â€￾

    I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how she found out about my fantasies. I was very secretive about it and always made sure that my computer was clean when I logged off. I tried to explain myself off with a few “butsâ€￾ and a “pleaseâ€￾, but that didn’t register anything. She looked at me with kindness, a change I thought from the way she was talking.

    “Honey, is this all true? I could never understand why you have these fantasies that are so abnormal. I had to talk like the way I did just so that I know it was for real. Grace showed me all the stories that you have been collecting, all the sites you visit and your favorite chat sites. From what I have seen, you seem to be obsessed about being cuckolded and humiliated. You can come clean with me; I am not going to judge you. Honey, please don’t hide things from me, that is all I ask of you.â€￾

    I thought about evading her question and changing the topic, but something inside me whispered to go with the flow, so I confessed. She was a little perturbed; her eyes welled with tears realizing the fact that, this was a reality. I tried to make light of the situation by saying that it was just an innocent fantasy but she didn’t seem so convinced.

    “Brian, how long have you been harboring this fantasy?â€￾

    “For a long time now, I lost count of the years.â€￾

    “Do you know what this means?â€￾

    Her face was puffed up now with blood running into her creamy white cheeks. I loved it when she got angry, she would look so beautiful when she was angry.

    “You have been living in your fantasy world and enjoying life while I was stuck here being your loving, innocent faithful wife. Why couldn’t you ever share your fantasies with me? Was it because you thought I would embarrass you or was it because you were too selfish, only concerned about your own pleasure? Brian, when are you going to share your fantasies with me?â€￾

    I feigned innocence and said “Honey, from now on no more secrets.â€￾ She seemed content, did not say a word and went to sleep.

    The next couple of days were peaceful but I noticed lots of changes in attitude from both Annie and Grace. They would always be talking with each other, and when they saw me they would lower their voice, sometimes Grace would have that all knowing smile on her face. Annie would no longer be shy, whenever we watched TV, if she saw some well built actor, she would holler and say something like “Wow, look at that guy's body! He must be something in bed! Too bad I'm married!â€￾ To that Grace would add “Yeah mom, you have no idea what you're missing. It’s a shame that you are so young and there is no one to notice you."

    "Well daddy is there!!!"

    "That’s true, I guess he does notice, but is that enough mom? Even I notice your charms, but what’s the point if you don’t put it to good use? Do you know what I mean mom? â€￾

    “Grace, I am not sure what you mean.â€￾

    “Mom, I am sure Daddy knows what I mean. Isn’t that right daddy? â€￾

    She smiled at me and then stuck out her tongue like a little kid and the next thing she did caught me by surprise. She wiggled her tongue up and down in a very vulgar manner. I felt an instant erection in my trouser, lucky for me that I was small and no one noticed. But my face betrayed me; I was flushed red from the excitement.

    “See what I mean mom, daddy knows exactly what I mean. Daddy wants you to put all of your lovely charms to good use. Mom, trust me; if you play your cards right, you wont be missing anything, in fact you can get every thing that you have been missing with a vengeance.â€￾

    “Oh well its getting late, I have to hit the sack. I have a busy day tomorrow. By the way mom, I think daddy is an expert in the sport of cunnilingus, you should ask him some time. Good night and sweet dreams!â€￾

    “You too sweetie!â€￾ quipped Annie

    “Mom, FYI, I’d rather have the real thing than dream on it.â€￾

    She gave a naughty smile and went up the stairs. Annie looked at me with curiosity.

    I was so bothered by the way Grace taunted me. I felt like I was a mess. I didn’t know what to do. On one hand I was very excited, while on the other I was disturbed. I knew that I was going to be in trouble soon. It was just a question of when and where. We headed upstairs to go to bed. While in bed Annie asked me “Would you like to go down on me? Surely that’s what Grace meant, correct?â€￾ I nodded my head in agreement while feeling my pulse race. “Honey if you really like me then you wouldn’t mind doing that for me, would you? I can give you some encouragement if you need!â€￾ With that, she got on top of me and started straddling my neck. She had this mischievous look in her eyes as she looked down on me. “Come on baby, do your thing, I hear you are the fastest lapper in the westâ€￾ She then stuck her tongue out and started flicking it in a lewd manner. She raised herself a bit and lowered her panties. She was streaming wet. She got into a 69 position. She lowered herself and rubbed her wet pussy lips over my lips.

    “You like licking my pussy don’t you, you big stud? You should have been doing this ever since we got married. Don’t you just love my wet cunt baby? Ooooh that feels so good. Lick my clit hard... just like that...â€￾

    All this horny talk from my innocent wife sent me over the edge. I had a real big hard on. My wife kept playing with my short knob until I couldn’t hold any more.

    “Oh poor baby, you want to cum don’t you? But mommy is just getting started!" As she said that she took hold of both my nuts. At first she played with them for a while, licking and nibbling them. Then as she saw the first strands of precum she squeezed my dick tight, so tight, that I started squirming in pain. My erection dwindled.

    “Now that’s more like the hubby I know. Keep licking sweetie; you know I did that to stop you from cumming so fast, but you liked that didn’t you? I think I should decide from now on when you are allowed to cum. I never knew you could lick it so well. I guess you must be a good pussylicker. You know you could be my personal cuntlapper. Wasn’t that one of your chat handles? Your daughter told me that once. She also said that she has chatted with you on several occasions. She said you love licking cum out of pussies. Is that true? Would you like to help me with that?â€￾

    My erection was back larger than ever as she continued her teasing. I wasn’t thinking straight anymore. “Don’t think with your head, my pussy slave, think with your dickette. Come on, put that tongue of yours to good use and lick my clit harder!â€￾

    It was obvious she was enjoying playing these head games. Her clit was engorged and pulsating. She kept pushing it harder and harder into my mouth. “Do you like being punished? Do you like me talking like this? Answer me baby!â€￾

    I never knew that she could be so authoritative. My whole body was on fire, I was feeling waves of uncontrollable passion going through me. I squirted a few times and I was about to cum fully, when sweet Annie squeezed me again. Hard. She didn’t release me until I was back to my 2 inches. She licked the few drops of cum that I spurted and turned back and looked at me. She turned around and scooted back sitting on my chest and facing me. She gave a few small tight slaps, then she looked intently at my face trying to gauge my reaction. As she looked at me she licked her lips in a very sensual manner while she pinched her nipples with one hand, then she arched her neck and looked up with her eyes closed and let out a small satisfied moan. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she looked breathtaking. Her breasts where so supple and soft, crowned with light pink coin sized areolas and an erect nipple. As I drank her beauty in with my eyes, she bent down and kissed me, letting my cum seep into my mouth, then she got up and placed herself on top of my face, her full 120 pounds squirming into my mouth. She proceeded to rock back and forth without a care in the world. Both her hands were clutched in my hair. She would pull my hair harder when she needed to be licked harder. Finally after about 10 minutes, she came with an earth shattering orgasm. She was screaming so loud I thought the neighbors could hear us not to mention our daughter. She was exhausted, but I felt like she could go for another round or two if she were motivated. As she lay next to me she told me she loved me.

    She kept looking into my face. Finally she broke the ice and asked me if I was hurt. I replied no. She asked me if I would like to try it again some time. I nodded my head in agreement. She playfully pulled my hair hard and smiled seductively and again asked "Do you like me playing head games with you?"


    "Yeah really! You know I am beginning to like it a lot myself. I can be a real mean bitch if you are up for it. Grace has shown me some of your chat transcripts and I must say it is very erotic, especially the part where you like to organize and host houseparties for me and my male and female companions. You thought my daughter is very innocent but she is hardly the type. We have been talking a lot lately. She is dating bigtime. You know she has a whole wardrobe of clothes that you have never seen? She wears them once she leaves the house. I was telling her not to worry about it anymore, because she is an adult now. Don’t you agree with me?â€￾

    “Look she is a kid and she doesn’t know what she is getting into. I suggest you advise her. Also, while I like the head games, it was always a fantasy for me. I really don’t want you to be seeing other men.â€￾

    “But you do get hard thinking about it. Unlike you I can’t be fantasizing about the same thing again and again. I have to have it for real. I am almost thinking of going back to my premarital days. But if you don’t want any of it, then you should stop everything completely. No more fooling around on the net. As far as my daughter is concerned, you can try everything you can. I am not going to stand in your way. But if she is anything like I used to be she is probably out of control when it comes to sex.â€￾

    “What do you mean, anything like I used to be? I thought you were tricked into having the babyâ€￾

    “Honey like I said my parents were very strict, but that didn’t stop me from having all the fun I wanted. My first boyfriend, Steve, was like you. Rather small. That de-mystified every thing about sex for me and I was totally not into it, until I met this guy. He took me to places I never knew. He was a workhorse. His name was Brad I was twotiming both him and my then current boyfriend. Brad was very kinky, he was like an animal. I used to use protection but unfortunately Steve could never fit into any condom. By the time he finished the condom would come off of him because it was too loose. That’s how I ended up getting pregnant. But then he found out about Brad and he left me high and dry on the highway to hellâ€￾

    “Annie, I am truly sorry to hear that.â€￾

    We didn’t talk any further. We were both exhausted as we drifted off to sleep.

    The next morning I was having my cereal. Annie was doing something in the kitchen. Grace walked in unannounced. It was a Thursday. I had to go out of town that day and would be returning the following Saturday evening. Grace sat at the table with her own bowl of cereal. She smiled at me and said “Seems like you were really busy yesterday dad!â€￾ I didn’t respond to her ministration.

    “Mom, come over here, Dad seems a little disappointed. What did you do to him?â€￾

    Annie came over and sat at the table next to Grace.

    “So mom, did you take my advice?â€￾

    Annie just smiled at her.

    “Mom, I could hear the sounds coming from your room, hell the whole neighborhood could hear you two.â€￾

    I corrected Grace and asked her not to use bad words inside the house. She apologized, but she had a twinkle in her eyes as she said “I guess its ok for mom to use bad words. I am sure I heard her call you... what was that? Pussylapper, cuntlapper, pussyslave, oh and not to mention wimp! Is that because she was right dad?"

    "Well that was between me and your mom. It was private."

    "Oh I see, it was private. So mom can use any number of bad words as long as its private, right dad?"

    "You better watch your mouth girl, I am not kidding with you!â€￾ I felt like I was in charge and I should take control of the situation.

    “Oh daddy dearest, I am not a little girl any more. I am an adult too just like mom. Besides mom doesn’t mind me using bad words, in fact she has always encouraged me to use bad words with men. Well I guess you're not a man, are you daddy dearest? You are just a little boy who knows how to...â€￾ And then she did it again, she flicked her tongue at me just like the night before. I was so infuriated I got up and took her by the arm.

    “That’s it; you are not leaving this house for the next 2 days! Get back to your room immediately!â€￾ She wrenched her arm free. I was shocked by her strength. She was a good three inches taller than me.

    “Daddy, you are not the boss of me. I will do whatever I want whenever I want. Now sit down, and you are not my dad any more than that Brian Fox character is. You remember him don’t you, your alias that you use for chatting. Wasn’t it your favorite fantasy to have a rebellious wife and daughter huh? You are such a wuss dad, a pathetic pussy whipped ass wipe. You pervert!!! Mom, you won’t believe it, but he likes what he is hearing. Isn’t that right my faggot daddy?â€￾

    I was in tears, as I looked at my wife. She just smiled at me and then looked at Grace and said “You are right baby; come to think of it he is a wussâ€￾. They both laughed at it hilariously. Then she looked at me and said “Don’t look at me, I already warned you!â€￾
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