Things your wife has said to you that any cuck would love to hear

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by aacpl, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    Telling me I'm the greatest for allowing her to fuck other people
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  2. mrsmr

    mrsmr Member

    the one that really hit home with me about a month ago, is when she looked at me out of the blue, and said if you were a real man, I'd be carrying your baby instead of... NOW Wouldn't I
  3. Civi

    Civi Member

    Holy shit! That's be biggest snap I could ever think of. lmao! Good on her! xD
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  4. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    Nice so direct, love it
  5. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    I forgot about this thread, which is one of my favorites.

    My wife has a boyfriend who lives several states away. He gives her the best sex she's ever had, but they only see each other every couple months, so she spends a fair amount of each week missing him, anticipating their next get-together. She's told me a few times, "He's the last thing on my mind when I go to bed and the first thing I think about when I wake up."

    We still have a pretty good sex life, but it's pretty obvious he fucks her a lot better than me. His cock is a better size for her, consistently strikes an a-spot that I've never touched, is harder, lasts longer and gives her a lot more cum than mine does. Plus they have more passion. I know she tells him how much better he is than anyone she's ever had, anything she's getting now, and how much more she wants him. She doesn't like to tell me, which is my biggest source of frustration, but every once in a while she throws me a bone.

    They text quite a bit, much of the time about sex, and they also talk by phone and Skype. A week ago we were talking about how often she's thinking about having sex with him, and I said something about her seldom thinking of me that way. She got a surprised look on her face -- maybe because it's so obvious -- and said, "I never think about you that way. Never."
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  6. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    Your wife has her priorities correct, love it:D
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    BRAVEHRT Member

    My wife hasn't said this to me but I would imagine every cuck would like to hear
    "Is it in yet?"
  8. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I logged on this afternoon, and found that someone had "liked" this post since the last time I was here.

    Ironically, she is getting her hair cut by that same woman while I'm typing this.


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  9. boobsman

    boobsman Active Member

    My wife...... "He really loves my big boobs, especially in that new lingerie you bought me for my date with him"
  10. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    Not one my wife has said to me. "You can't send a boy to do a man's job."
  11. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    So true :D
  12. Otdrsmn

    Otdrsmn New Member

    I just heard this for the first time in 18 years. (And ever for that matter)
  13. cookiecut04

    cookiecut04 New Member

    Since my girlfriend doesn't know that I know she's cheating I'll sometimes catch these sly remarks from her that insinuates it but I play dumb. Especially now that she's been seeing someone whose extremely well endowed and that person is actually the only person other than me thats been with her (me and my gf were virgins when we met). She's been getting in the habit of calling my penis peepee and peeney now but it makes sense because its definitely below average. One day we were doing it from the back (she has an amazingly sexy ass) and all of a sudden she started laughing when I was really getting into it. I asked what happened and why she was laughing so much and she kind of looked confused and she asked me if I had known that I had slipped out a couple of minutes ago. I had no idea and that got her to really start laughing and then she said that I reminded her of this rabbit she had when she was younger and how it would try humping things all the time
  14. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    That's my favorite way of doing it too. I love her ass (and I'm an Ass Man). When she lets me do it (not too often) she just lays there. She says a lot of things like

    1. It is in yet? When I reply yes it's all the way in she'll say things like "I can barely feel you" "it's like a finger", "my own fingers make my pussy feel better than your little stick"

    2. I know you are a quick cummer and I don't really need to say it but make sure you hurry up because I'm getting nothing out of this.

    3. Don't cum in me, I don't want your slops in me (she likes to call my cum slops but loves other guys sperm). You can cum but only on my ass, of course then you know what you have to do, you have to lick up every drop, because you're a little dick cum eater.

    She knows all my buttons to get me off, and quickly. Between the feeling of her Wonderful pussy, and it does feel Wonderful to be in it, I think that's why she lets me do her sometimes, just to remind me what I'm missing and what they are feeling wrapped around their bigger more deserving cocks. I pull out and VERY quickly, a lot of times less than a minute (she also calls me Minute man, then adds Minute little boy), I shoot all over her ass while she laughs and giggles at me for coming so quickly. She will then say things like "you're pathetic, simply pathetic" "no wonder I fuck other men", "now lick all that slops up you little dick cum eater".

    But then she lets me cuddle with her with my tiny spent dick between her ass cheeks.
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  15. gatorrdw

    gatorrdw Well-Known Member

    Some of the things she has said.
    1.) Just so you know, your wife has been well-fucked tonight!
    2.) His big cock has stretched me a lot.
    3.) That was a hell-of-a combination, iron bar hard and kept it hard for over an hour both times!
    4.) I'm going to have some of him again.
    5.) That was the blackest cock I've ever had.
    6.) Those 2 sure knew how to show a married woman how to have a great weekend.
    7.) Do you want some of this well-fucked pussy now?
    8.) He wants to take me sailing for a week. It will be just me, him and 2 crew men.
    9.) Yes, I was naked on the boat all week-do you like my all over tan and yes he shared me with the crew.
    10.) His cock was a lot bigger than I guessed it would be.
    11.) It's true your boss has a huge cock.
    12.) Because you asked-my boss has a big, fat 10 inches and he fucked my brains out this week.
    These are just a few of the things my wife has said to me over the years of sharing her married pussy.
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  16. SG.BirdLocked

    SG.BirdLocked New Member

    Our last time playing with a regular guy. I was tied up in the chair beside them, as she was going down on him (she doesn't like giving BJs, which adds to the humiliation).

    While holding his cock in her hand, "This is what a real cock feels like. This is Superman, I like it. You, Super Baby."

    And her head slipped back down his cock ....
  17. anon12

    anon12 New Member

    My wife saw her bull last Wednesday night. On Thursday morning I got a text from her telling me when she got dressed for work, she put her cum filled panties on from the night before.

    He had cum a lot inside her and she was leaking all over the place on the ride home. Very hot!
  18. CaptainCuckold

    CaptainCuckold New Member

    Wife to her husband: Ya know, I'm not really sure it qualifies as sex when you're in me.
  19. small9

    small9 Active Member

    "My pussy has never felt this full with you" said to me yesterday
  20. Zoomy99

    Zoomy99 New Member

    I always hear..."it's none of your business" whenever I ask her about what she is doing with her guy
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