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They hid in the closet while I ranted and raved.

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by trisumtime, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. trisumtime

    trisumtime New Member

    Living near a military base, there are lots of horny guys for the local women to fuck and suck. It is a buyer's market here.

    Anyway, unbeknownst to me, my horny girlfriend had decided to take herself a military lover. He had apparently the summer before been eyeballing her when she would sunbathe at our apartment's pool. He lived in the same complex as us.

    She had met him later on the following year at the school bus stop when she would drop off her kids and he would drop off his.

    One night, they apparently decided to go together to the local bar for some dancing. My girlfriend brought along a female friend from the apartment complex, while the sailor brought one his shipmates. My girlfriend told me her female friend needed to get out of the house and they were going to go to the bar to blow off some steam. She did not tell me about the sailor.

    That night, I awoke about one a.m. and my girlfriend wasn't home. I went out on the apartment's balcony for a cigarette. I could see across the way to my girlfriend's female friend's apartment. Imagine my surprise when I saw two males through the apartment windows.

    I stewed about it for awhile, smoking about half a pack of cigarettes and finally decided to go over to the apartment and try to get my girlfriend to come back home.

    I got to the apartment and pounded on the door for a few minutes with no response. Finally, Shelly, the female friend, opened the door and let me in. My girlfriend was drunk and hostile. There was fast food on the table. Apparently the squid (sailor) was going to have some fast food before his box lunch.

    The two sailors were not visible. I figured they were hiding in the apartment. I ranted and raved for awhile and finally my girlfriend left with me. I drove her car back over to our apartment where we argued for awhile and she decided to go back to the apartment.

    She did not come home that night and she told me later she sucked and fucked the squid the rest of the night. When she came home later that morning, we had words and she left again. She again told me later she went to the squid's apartment and they spent a few more hours fucking and sucking.

    He was home from his deployed ship on personal leave and left that same day to return to his ship. I guess showing her pussy to the squid and fucking the daylights out of him was my girlfriend's way of helping our servicemen.

    My girlfriend told me the two squids hid in the closet by the front door when I came to the apartment. So I stormed right by them as I tried to get my girlfriend to come home. I can imagine the laughs they all had. On top of it all, my girlfriend goes back to the apartment and the guy gets some beautiful Filipina pussy and gets his dick sucked by her full, sensual lips.

    This happened in May 2003 and looking back on it, I have to say, in retrospect, I like it. At the time, I was coming around to liking my girlfriend stripping naked for other men and spreading her legs, but, at the time, I was still sensitive.
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  2. keithxxx

    keithxxx New Member

    great story
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  3. gwil1414

    gwil1414 Member

    There are gives and takes to this story. Sounds like you’re a man and the sailors are a couple of pussies, hiding in the closet, lol. Sorry it went that way if it’s not what you like, hope things work out for you however you want them too. I’m f didn’t like it, drop her and don’t look back. If you did, take control of situation and discussions of what is acceptable and what is not. And let her know, a man doesn’t cower in a closet.

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