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The Ultimate Humiliation

Discussion in 'BDSM' started by MsDominique1000, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Believe Me - the ultimate humiliation is being cuckolded by your own cuckold slave!
    And unfortunately at this point in time I have no control over that.
    A very sad state of affairs...
    A Mistress with bad, bad timing xxx
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  2. sensualslave

    sensualslave New Member

    Ms D. I am in Brisbane would love to show you we are not all like that
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  3. sensualslave. According to another site, you are a married boy - are you not?
  4. BedHammer

    BedHammer New Member

    The ultimate is when a Bull just doesn't fuck your wife , but your daughter and/or mother too.

    This is actually much easier than one would think. Cocks usually had weak Gauss's so their mothers crave a real man. And hormones tend to have sexually liberated a cock craving daughters. It works out quite nicely. And seeking the look on the cocks face when you walk out oldish daughters bedroom ten first time is priceless.
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  5. Explore with me

    Explore with me Active Member


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