The Sex Fetish for Intellectuals

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  1. michael1987

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    In a non-teasing way my wife very knowingly and excitingly plays into my sexual intellectuality and husbandly possessiveness towards her when she and I are alone sometimes and get to musing on my beautiful young buddy, her lover and mine.

    Her insights and explanations occasionally hurt me but I always get off on them hugely when I am alone and reflecting on them, especially when I know she is alone with my buddy and he is almost certainly fucking her.

    The article below is the best explanation of my myriad and intense eroto-intellectual responses to her being claimed and superbly pleasured and fulfilled by my buddy in "competition" with me that I have been able to find anywhere.

    Does any other husband here chime in with this?
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  2. canadianwittol

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    This article is clearly no more than a bunch of pseudo-intellectual garbage. The "Susan Block Institute" is nothing more than a well-marketed phone sex operation. No credible psychologist or psychiatrist would refer a patient to "Dr. Susan Block" and a simple visit to her web site should reveal that to any remotely critical thinker within two minutes of perusing its' supposedly titillating web page.

    In fact, read the wiki page on Susan Block. It reveals that she got a Bachelor Degree from Yale - in theater arts. Her "Doctorates" have come from a mail-order degree mill in California, and an unaccredited "University" for "Erotic Studies" which was established all the way back in the swingin' 70's. Yeah baby!

    Not to be a downer, but if you're going to dress this up as some sort of respectable subject worthy of discussion in the Ivy Leagues, it deserves to be shot down as the misrepresentation that it is.

    My sympathies to anyone who has treated this with any seriousness.
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  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Thanks KS. That's pretty eye-opening. This is my first encounter with Susan Block's work. I will check out her credentials and other writings, and any properly peer-reviewed research she has published.

    In the meantime I assure you and other members here that I have not availed myself of her phone call-in facility. But it could be pretty interesting to do that as a sort of mystery sex shopper and to understake a critricial analysis of the sort of advice/counselling her co-workers offer.
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  4. meco101

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    this was a no-brainer... all pseudo scietific esplanations on cuckoldry, penis size, women/men programmed to have affairs is trash. People develop fetishes based on trauma, or vulnerabilities in their character. some times ther is no plausible explanation. I think, therefore I am.
    It is very rare for women to accept cuckoldry... ( I said rare not impossible)
    Most of what you see and hear here are figments of peoples imaginations... they are like some nice cuckold stories on this site. Its good until you cum... and then it just blows away and has no significance
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  5. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Active Member

    Cuckolding appears to me to be so emotionally challenging that it can ONLY work among like-minded, intelligent folks. It's best a bumpy road with kilometers of pitfalls, and it needs constant nurturing. Cuckolding is not just for fun - it digs much deeper than that.
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  6. tonytigers

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    its a micro niche fetish, that is for sure. We have been into it for many years, but its not well understood by those outside the fetish . but that makes it more exciting!

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