The Rap Star

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    "The Rap Star"

    By: Eeric


    Cassie lives with her boyfriend in a house near to where she works.
    She works as a cashier at the local supermarket.

    Her boyfriend Jim works as a salesman in an electronic shop in the city.
    They don't make that much money together, but they still have quite a comfortable life.

    Cassie is a 26 years old brunette.
    She is about 5 foot 5 inches tall.

    Cassie is quite the beautiful woman, she's a real head turner actually.
    She has always had a slender body.
    Her nice C-cup breasts fits excellent with the rest of her body,
    at least according to her boyfriend.

    Her butt is as firm as the rest of her body, though Cassie thinks it's a bit too big.

    But there is one thing that her boyfriend doesn't really get about her.
    That is the fact that Cassie really likes rap music.

    Jim has often asked her how she can like that music,
    but she just tells him that she thinks it's cool.

    One day at the supermarket, as Cassie was getting off from her pass
    at the cash machine, she saw a face that she thought looked familiar.

    Then as another cashier sat down next to the cash machine, it hit her.
    The face that she recognized was Tyreal, her favorite black rap star.

    She couldn't believe that it was him.
    And he was standing in her line.

    "Tess, can I just take this row of people before I go off from my pass."
    Cassie asked the other cashier that had just started.

    "Why." Tess asked.

    "Please Tess, you can take a 5 minute break." Cassie pleaded with Tess.

    "Okay." Tess said as she got up from her chair.

    Cassie then sat down, and she began to go quickly through the customers,
    so that Tyreal would get up to her.

    Cassie saw that Tyreal was arguing with someone in the line.
    She had read that he could be quite rude, but she didn't care about that.

    Then as Tyreal came up to her with his stuff.
    He placed the six pack of beer that he wanted to buy, up on the counter.

    Tyreal looked quite annoyed about something, so Cassie thought that she
    would do something that would make him notice her.

    "How much." Tyreal then asked Cassie.

    "Oh it's on the house." Cassie told him.

    Tyreal looked down at Cassie rather surprised.

    "What." He then said.

    "It's on the house for you Tyreal." Cassie said smiling.

    "Well it seems that there is at least one nice bitch in this place."
    Tyreal then said.

    Cassie knew that that was how he talked, and she didn't really mind it,
    because it was Tyreal.

    "Can I help you with that?" Cassie then asked Tyreal.

    "Sure." Tyreal grinned.

    Cassie then took his six pack and got up.

    "Tess, you can start now." Cassie then told Tess.

    Tess looked a little surprised by what Cassie was doing.

    As Cassie was walking with Tyreal and they got to the exit,
    she noticed that she was still wearing her cashier apron.

    "Oh I'll just take off this cashier apron." Cassie told Tyreal.

    Cassie then took it off, and underneath she was wearing a white T-shirt
    along with a pair of tight jeans.

    Tyreal looked at Cassie with a nasty smile.

    "So you know who I am." Tyreal then said.

    "Oh yes, I have all of your albums." Cassie told him smiling.

    "Wow, I'm helping him and he's actually talking to me."
    Cassie thought to herself.

    "There are not many white girls that know who I am."
    Tyreal then said.

    "Well I do." Cassie said with a smile on her face.

    Then they came up to Tyreals car.

    "Wow, what a beautiful car." Cassie told him.

    "Yeah it's ok." He said.

    It was a brand new black BMW.

    Then as he opened the car.

    "Can I take you somewhere?" Tyreal then asked Cassie.

    "Sure." Cassie smiled.

    "Well, where to." Tyreal asked.

    "Oh, I live just a mile away from here, you can take me there."
    Cassie told him.

    "Okay, jump in." Tyreal told her.

    Tyreal and Cassie then got into the car.

    You could hear the tire marks forming on the street as Tyreal raced out
    from the parking lot.

    "Wow." Cassies heart started racing.

    Tyreal looked over at Cassie and smiled.
    Cassie felt her heart pounding even more as he looked at her.

    A few minutes later, he parked his car outside of Cassies house.

    "This is where I live." Cassie told Tyreal.

    "Alone." Tyreal then asked.

    "Well no, I live here with my boyfriend.
    But he's not home, he won't be home for a couple of hours."
    Cassie couldn't believe that she had actually told him that.

    "Really." Said Tyreal.

    "You want to come inside.
    I could, fix you something to eat to those beers."
    Cassie asked him.

    "Well ok." Tyreal told her.

    Cassie smiled.

    They then got out of the car and walked up to the front door of the house.

    As Cassie was unlocking the door, she felt Tyreals fingers between her butt.
    Cassie gulped.

    "You're one nice white bitch, you know that." Tyreal then said.

    Cassie didn't know what to say to that, but she liked it.
    Although if someone else would have said that to her,
    she would probably get real pissed off.
    But now as it was Tyreal who called her those things,
    she actually got turned on.

    Cassie thought about what Jim would say if he saw her,
    but those thoughts quickly disappeared from her mind.

    They then walked inside.
    Cassie guided Tyreal in to the living room.

    "Make your self at home." Cassie told him.

    Tyreal then sat down on the couch.

    "Get me a beer." Tyreal then told her.

    Cassie was still carrying his beers.
    She put them down and then she opened a beer and gave it to Tyreal.

    "Why don't you put on some music?" Tyreal told her.

    "Okay." Cassie said as she went over to the stereo.

    She put on one of Tyreals cd:s.

    As the music started playing she turned around, Tyreal was smiling at her.

    "Come over here." He told Cassie.

    Cassie walked over to Tyreal.

    "Sit down here." Tyreal told her meaning to sit down in his lap.

    Cassie was a little nervous, but she sat down on his lap.

    "You know, I'm thinking about making a new rap song."
    Tyreal told her.

    "How does it go?" Cassie asked.

    "I don't know yet.
    But it involves me knocking up a white slut."
    Tyreal then told her.

    Cassie knew whom he meant.

    Tyreal then sat down his beer on the table, and then he just reached up and
    planted his big black hand on Cassies right breast.

    Cassie gulped.
    She didn't know how to respond.
    Normally if someone would have done this to her, she would have slapped them hard.
    But even though she had a boyfriend, she didn't want Tyreal to stop.

    It actually felt very hot having his hand squeezing her boobs.

    "Very nice tits." Tyreal then said.

    Cassie smiled.

    Tyreal then reached up and started kissing her mouth.
    He shoved his tongue right inside of her mouth.
    And soon Cassie was sucking on his tongue as well.

    "Why don't you get out off those clothes?" Tyreal then told her.

    Deep inside Cassie knew that she wanted to do what he said,
    so she stood up.

    She then grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt, and then pulled it over her head.
    She had on a white bra underneath.

    Tyreal started drinking his beer again as he watched Cassie strip.

    Cassie then pulled her pants down revealing her matching panties.

    Tyreal nodded his head and smiled.

    Cassie then looked at Tyreal.

    "Take them off." He told her.

    So Cassie reached around her back and unhooked her bra.
    She then let it fall to the ground, exposing her big C-cup breasts.

    Cassie was a bit nervous, she had never in her life stripped in front
    of someone she had just met.
    But this was Tyreal.

    So she then reached down and slowly pulled down her panties.

    "Nice." Tyreal told her as he saw her nice shaved pussy.

    Cassie gave out a little smile.

    Tyreal then motioned her to come over to him.
    So she slowly began to walk towards him.

    As she came up to Tyreal, he reached up and grabbed her tits.
    And then he started sucking on her hard nipples.

    "Ohh." Cassie moaned.

    A few minutes later.

    "Get down on your knees." Tyreal told Cassie.

    As Cassie got down on her knees in between his legs,
    he started to unzip his pants.

    Cassie then helped him pull down his pants.
    As Cassie looked up she saw a huge bulge on his underwear.

    "Wow." Cassie thought to herself.

    "Pull them down." Tyreal told her meaning his underwear.

    Cassie then reached up and slowly began to pull down his underwear.
    Then as she pulled them down, out popped this huge black cock.

    Cassies eyes flew open, she couldn't believe what she saw.

    "Oh god, its soo big." Cassie then said.

    Tyreal grinned.

    "You know what to do bitch." Tyreal then said.

    Cassie looked up at Tyreal, and then she reached over with her hand.
    As she gripped his black cock with her white fingers, she noticed
    that she couldn't even get her fingers around it.

    It was just that fat.

    Then she slowly started to stroke it.

    "It's so much bigger than my boyfriends." Cassie told Tyreal.

    "Have you ever sucked a black man before?" Tyreal asked her.

    "No, I've never even seen a black cock before." Cassie told him.

    "Well, go ahead." Tyreal told her.

    Cassie then slowly leaned forward.
    She then stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of his cock.

    Then she opened her mouth and slowly took his entire cockhead in between her lips.
    She used her tongue as she began to suck on his thick black cock.

    "Yeah, that's a good slut." Tyreal grunted.

    Cassie tried to get as much of it into her mouth as she could.
    And she almost got half of his length inside of her, before she started to gag.

    Then she started to bob her head up and down.

    By this time Tyreal had his hand on her head.

    "Yeah baby, suck that black cock." Tyreal grunted.

    "You like that don't you." Tyreal then asked.

    "Oh yeah, I had no idea that I would love to suck your black cock as much as I do."
    Cassie told him.

    Cassie then went back and slobbered over his cock.

    "Where's your bedroom." Tyreal then asked her.

    "Upstairs." She told him.

    Tyreal then stood and picked up Cassie.

    "Bring my pants."
    Tyreal told her as he lowered her a bit, so that she could pick up his pants.

    Then he carried her up the stairs and into the bedroom.
    As he laid her down on the bed, he then took off his shirt.

    Cassie looked up and saw this huge black man standing in front of her.
    She knew that he was going to fuck her.

    "Turn around." Tyreal told her.

    Cassie turned around, as Tyreal got up behind of her.
    He ran his finger through her wet pussy.

    "Ohh." Cassie moaned to his touch.

    Then she felt something big pressing against her pussy lips.
    Tyreal had his cock up against her, and then without saying a word, he shoved it in.

    "Ahhh." Cassie screamed out.

    "God you're biggg." Cassie had never had anyone that big before.

    Tyreal grabbed her hips and slowly started to move his cock in and out of her.
    But soon he picked up the pace and really started to pound her.

    "Ah...ah...ah." Cassie moaned to each of Tyreals thrusts.

    He squeezed her tits from behind, as he was slamming her hard.
    Then he pulled out of her.

    "Now get up on top of me." Tyreal told Cassie.

    Cassie then quickly got up on top of him, and then she lowered herself
    down onto his stiff hard on.

    "Ohh yeahh." She moaned as she started moving up and down.

    "Yeah bitch, pump that black cock." Tyreal grunted.

    Cassie started to really pump her black rap star.

    Then as Tyreal felt that he was getting closer,
    he grabbed Cassie and flipped her over.

    He started pounding her from between her legs.
    Cassie had her legs around his back as he fucked her hard.

    "Ah yeah, now I'm gonna knock you up." Tyreal told Cassie.

    "Oh yes, cum inside of me." Cassie moaned.

    "Ahhhh." Tyreal then grunted hard as he came.

    He started spurting load after load of sperm deep inside of her.

    "Yesss, fill me up." Cassie moaned.

    Tyreal then made a few last thrusts, as he then began to slow down.

    "Oh Tyreal, you were so incredible."
    Cassie told him as she began to slow down her breathing.

    Tyreal and Cassie then gave each other a long wet kiss.

    A few moments later, Tyreal had gotten up and was getting dressed.

    "Do you really have to go?" Asked Cassie as she laid there all naked.

    "Yes." Tyreal told her.

    He looked at her once more, and then he went out of the bedroom
    and began to walk downstairs.

    As he was walking down, the front door opened.
    It was Cassies boyfriend Jim.

    "Honey I'm ho..." Jim then saw this black man coming down from upstairs.

    "Who are you?" Jim asked concerned.

    "I'm Tyreal." Tyreal told him.

    Then as Tyreal came down.

    "Let me just tell you.
    That is one hot slutty girlfriend you got there." Tyreal told Jim grinning.

    "What..." Jim didn't know what to think, or do.

    Tyreal then walked outside with a big smile on his face.

    Jim stood there for a moment, then he started walking upstairs.
    His mind was flashing with images.

    Then as he opened the bedroom door.

    "Oh my god." Jims biggest fear had come to life.

    He saw his gorgeous wife totally naked in their bed.
    Cassie seemed to be asleep.
    Jim was completely shocked.

    Then as he looked at her, he saw something white oozing out from her pussy.

    Jim then turned around and walked downstairs.

    "She had actually fucked that black guy in our bedroom."
    Jim thought to himself.

    Jim then sat down on the couch.

    As he thought about it, he had all the reasons to leave her.
    But he couldn't leave her, he loved her to much.

    So he then decided to accept it,
    and not tell her that he had come home and seen her in bed like that.

    Jim then thought that it was his own fault.

    "I haven't been paying attention to her lately.
    That must be the reason." Jim told himself.

    As the days past, Jim started to pay much more attention to his girlfriend.
    But then a month later, Cassie told him that she was pregnant.

    And then nine months later, she gave birth to a healthy black baby.
    Of course Jim was humiliated, but he soon accepted it.
    And eventually he raised the baby as his own.

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