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The New Order

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by indycucky, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. indycucky

    indycucky New Member

    Now that my wife Karen openly confessed that she had been fucking black men behind my back for years, she became more and more Dominant in our marriage. She began calling me her "Cuck" or "Cucky" in our home.
    The first time I tried to have sex with her after I caught her cheating, I disappointed her yet again.
    She was hot for sex and wanted me to fuck her. After 20 minutes of sucking my dick she stopped and said "Are you gonna get hard?" I didn't answer.
    She laid back on the bed and I got between her legs and stroked my flaccid dick trying to get hard. I kept trying to penetrate her but couldn't being semi-flaccid. Annoyed she barked "Jesus fuckin Christ just stop". She said "Get the fuck off me".
    She got up and went to the living room. I followed her and she sat in the lounger and lit a cigarette. I leaned over to kiss her saying "I'm sorry" and she pulled back
    from me saying "I know,you're always sorry".
    I was standing in front of her naked and she sat back in the lounger raised her bare foot to my cock and said "That's fuckin worthless". "I said "I'm sorry". She barked "Stop it! Stop apologizing your're pathetic". She was frustrated, annoyed and angry. She said "I'm so fuckin horny and you're a little limp dick bitch as always ,fuck you I'm sick of your shit". She said " I guess I just don't turn you on do I?"
    I stammered "Baby that's not true, you're so fuckin sexy". She chuckled "Then get it up sweetie, get it up for me right now, come on stroke your little dick and show me". I stood there stroking my dick in front of her trying to get a hardon.
    She kept taunting me saying "Come on, come on show Mama ". Eventually she shook her head in disgust and said "Aw what's the matter sweetie can't get it up again can you?'" She reached up and grabbed me by my balls and said " Deshawn doesn't have that problem with me, he said he gets his big black cock rock hard just thinking about me, but then he's a real man".
    She pulled me down on my knees by my balls leaned in to my face saying"Maybe I don't want you to fuck me anyway with that pathetic little white dick even if you could get it up". She sat back in the lounger and I started to say something, I said "Baby I" and she cut me off saying "Shut the fuck up" I talk, you listen".
    She started rubbing her clit as she looked down at me on my knees in front of her in the lounger.
    She said"I'm a woman, I need to feel a man inside of me, a real man, a man like Deshawn who can fill this pussy up with that big penis of his". She sighed and said "I can't help it, I crave his big black dick constantly I want him inside of me, my mouth, pussy ,ass anywhere just inside me".
    She said "You don't understand how he makes me feel, he gets so hot for me, everytime I get in his car over there I put my hand on his crouch and I can feel cock is rock hard thru his jeans and it goes all the way down to his fuckin knee. "I can't help it I worship his big black cock, I wish he was here right now I'd fuck him right in front of you and make you watch".
    She said "Would you do that for Mama sweetie, be my good little cucky and sit and watch me with a real man?' I didn't answer. She barked "Fuckin answer me I'm fuckin serious, I'm going to start fuckin him in there in our bed you want to sit and watch or do you want me to make you sit our here by yourself jackin off in the living room while he's ballin me".
    I squeaked "I'll watch". Karen snickered, You're gonna be a good little cucky for Mama aren't you sweetie" I replied "Yes Baby". Karen spread her legs and said"Eat my pussy sweetie,get up here and eat Deshawn's white pussy".

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